THIS Typhon Kills INSTANTLY! War Robots Igniter Mk3 Gameplay WR

How to get steam on xbox one without pchow to borrow steam games from friends WAR ROBOTS game I couldnt maintain it but look at the damage output dude and Pew got him and whoa there you go buddy nice and two okay got him caught him and look at the Flames look at that damage oh my God bro whats up friends after good mood this is Manny and welcome to war robots without drones without pop-up Shields imagine getting black outed by a Typhon and then roasted by four maxed igniters this is gonna be crazy in free fall by the way and also I shouldnt should say that many of you will not know this but the uh igniters are actually one of the weapons with the highest Firepower of all weapons in the game so that lockdown if you get locked and blackouted its gonna be crazy its gonna really really really ruin your gameplay uh because I can kick some serious damage into you of course for this I have to ah dang it I have to connect it okay hes coming in he used two Transcendence three Transcendence getting behind cover here I got him blackouted and hit and thats it thats the full Robin I had no chance man it because he couldnt use his Transcendence anymore and then you see how quickly they drop its so nuts and planning the shots with the Flames is really difficult because they oh oh thats bad I just launched my shot at him okay but here comes the damage and good damage it is nice getting myself a shield and Zang getting myself a heal up and lets keep lets keep going guys this is the igniter four times on a Typhon boom Oh I almost got in the kill dude almost got in the kill that would have been funny oh hes throwing the turret at me I dont like that turret okay blackout and pop there he goes nice uh phase shift oh I cant use phase shift now because Im actually blackouted for the moment Im hiding behind cover face shifting and he keeps dashing left and right dude um blackout nice I got him I caught him with a blackout he cant dash for a little while and boom nice dude typhen for the win here comes the next guy he wants to kill me Im hiding oh yes living legend oh god lets get away from here dude this is free for all like crazy now oh wow they killed each other fast I dont know what they were using but man that went fast okay got him oh the other guy the other guy did it I could have I I had him you saw I caught him with the ability and I would have had him now but unfortunately the other guy shot into my flank these laser weapons are really dangerous man hes doing less damage now lets see if I can get the kill he caught it with those lasers from halfway across the entire freaking map wow that was a that was a lucky kill right there because the damage output I offer is like a kazillion amounts higher than his damage output and he still triggered the kill okay got him blackout oh dude again dude again he caught the kill again hes first with this weapon right now he just caught that kill again dude that is like so Random okay I got him and that means hes probably dead now yeah boom dude this guy is lucky as hell he has he was first how many he must have really gotten all the kills with next to no damage done okay here we go again with uh angler trying to suppress him and boom nice okay I want I dont want to give him this kill Id rather give it to this guy nice okay and I want to stay with the Typhon um Im not using this lame uh freaking Seraph and whatnot and got him again and phase shift and pop nice got the dude Shield break on oh no are you back again Oh Brother come on man seriously you already ruined my game before and now the enemy is flying up with a Titan enemy two oh brother he came in from behind and ruined the next mod match as well all right lets see what I can do this time all right I get Im gonna get him suppressed and locked if I can I dont know this is my Nemesis this is the second place enemy here again what the heck is going on yo guys guys enough okay you all have Titans its great for you yes its wonderful but Im trying to push okay some Typhon gameplay uh without Titans okay he should be suppressed now enemy three killed me with something all right I I guess from this point on its gonna be next to Impossible I could easily win this match now I should swap into a Titan and I kill them but I dont want to I want to showcase this Typhon and the fact that they all just run Titans now really makes this difficult now um I wonder if maybe I can black uh black out him so he cant deal full damage and Im the one getting the kill that would be a very strategic Victory here come on come on yeah nice I locked him and blackouted him okay full Firepower and slow down Adam even when he comes out of this he will be immensely slowed and look at the damage I mean seriously dude were for fighting the most broken Titan in the game right now and uh were doing it in a way where he loses the game where he loses the fight hes on me I think got him locked and blackouted again hes gonna get whooped now by the other guy and that will be a okay that will be okay for me I dont need to get the kill myself I would like to but Im not going to and Im okay with that okay uh oh he cant be blackouted hes got hes got double anti-control you cant catch him but I can deal some damage some major damage to him okay and then I can slow him down like this by standing here right on him and now hes slowed down like crazy okay this guys coming in again okay I wont wont win this uh now I Im afraid I dropped this Minos I did so much damage to the Minos that Im afraid hes probably gonna lose the fight now against um the other player but I think as long as I dont give him one more kill it will be good I just I I may not give him any more kills than that okay I think he got me okay its insanely difficult to uh to hit him with the blackout ability okay got him got him got him got him and boom yo bro oh he shoots a spreading shotgun shell at 300 meters and scores the kill with it whoa four robots man such random stuff thats happening here man the things we see again in this random game so crazy I guess were gonna get hit by him now oh my no that was my last stand oh no okay thats it now were done that was my last turn that last I needed that last stand for the survive for taking down the Titan without that last stand this Titan was not going to be defeated and you see how one well-placed Minos at a certain time in the game how it can completely change the output of the game right again hes doing it again okay lets go for him yes I blocked the damage with my shield did you see that man he couldnt get the kill because I stopped I stealed myself right in between and I got the kill with my uh I I blocked the damage with my shield okay so Im in a trouble spot now I can do a bit of damage to him not so much but once I can see him then I can drop him that was my last stand again wow dude this is nuts Im slowed completely or I will be its crazy you see they dont want to get close to me they dont want to fight me I mean seriously theyre using the most powerful mode beta content in the game theyre using the broken angler theyre using the Aether Titans with the kuga glaive and Lance theyre using the spear capris theyre using whatever it is they can get their hands on that as broken and as overpowered as humanly possible and Im winning this fight with his Typhon with flamethrowers um because Im Im just at that lockdown that that blackout in combination uh with the uh with with the flame damage its just nuts okay I guess this is it now the games over yeah all right so first place easily here well I wouldnt know I wouldnt say easily it was quite intense though but uh yeah it just goes to show how sick the damage output from those flamethrowers are you get blackouted thats it thats it your robot is gone the only thing that would protect you is um um is uh it is Last Stand but not everybody is running with last and some people are running with uh with other things here this guy look he did only 4.5 million damage and he got 10 kills with it it just shows that he was getting every kill with that laser I had like such a massively strong run and uh and I and then I saw I had seven or eight kills and he was first he must have literally gotten every kill but just kill kill kill everybody was his thing that I didnt get everything I didnt get its crazy lets go into Beacon rush and test this there as well and its such a pleasure to play this game without the drones man freaking heck its uh I I just I just hate those freaking drones so much and the Typhon now with flamethrowers what a fun thing to run again such a fun setup already hmm Anglers anything I can maybe early black out this guy possibly dope got him and now hes blackouted and the damage is just rolling in hes gonna walk to the left so Im pre-aiming and look at this damage he just took I mean this is a massive tank right there but there goes the next guy and blackout again saying he gets stationary well wait a minute whats going on oh hes stealth okay he goes into a flight instantly probably a good idea uh whats the enemy doing okay they are coming from up there okay got him nice and then slowing him down on top gotcha buddy oh man hit and flying seraphs really impossible but weve got this under control oh all right we have multiple opponents here in front of us oh nice so perfect lag did you see that lag that he had and oh now hes face shifting I know hes last standing I mean come on enough with the stealth already thats the fourth cells that Im counting on you okay blackout nice unfortunately I cant finish him off because Im reloading uh but uh my buddies are gonna take care of it Typhon here in front of us and getting absolutely super whooped oh ah dang it dude Im taking a lot of damage blackout yes got him as he was going out around the corner just as he was about to get behind the corner I dropped him dude I got him hit with that uh uh with that blackout do you see how awesome blackouts are now when not everybody is immune and uh here this guys not even going to explode okay now hes got stealth unfortunately nope nope got him got him before he could even explode boom next kill all right that Titan blackouted him oh he seems to have anti-control but look at the damage Im doing to him look at that damage brother this is crazy and this is a healing Titan I mean you already healed some of that back disable him yep gotcha I actually wait my ability wasnt ready okay okay uh lets finish him off oh hes going to the right side I thought he was gonna go to the left side yo the Typhon is so much fun now all right blackout gotcha no still whoa wait a minute I didnt do it my ability must have not been ready again or or I pressed the wrong button or something I dont know what just happened because Im sure I pressed but the button for blackout and then I uh I thought I had him because he he wasnt in flight got myself an extra shield here oh I lost two weapons damn it gotcha oh no he must have had the shield ready there even with just two weapons these flamethrowers are devastating look imagine he would be dead now if I had all four but Im also only firing with two so he lives long enough oh thats a Titan ah I dont want to shoot that thing yikes next Titan all right thankfully we have another one of those got him unfortunately hes Landing in cover okay dropping him to Last Stand with my teammates and then finishing off as hes trying to escape nice okay so what else do we have down here a heimdot again with uh with the anti-control it seems like all Titans are running double anti-control now you cant uh catch a single one of them oh nice a slow Behemoth oh suppression lockdown and freeze and and blackout and thats it for you dude Pam killed an entire Behemoth now imagine how long you would have worked on this thing if it wasnt for uh if if they had drone support Im not good no I no Im not capturing the beacon who is it who looting me ah its the Drone yeah the battleship airstrike thingy okay blackout hes locked and look at the grilling look at the grilling were doing oh hes reloading too how many airstrikes are you guys sending on top of me please you guys have enough air strikes now okay trying to black out him nice I think I got him as he was trying to get into flight he was just about to enter his flight ability but uh oh thankfully again an airstrike on me oh my God its the third time within one minute okay hes locked and uh suppressed right now or yeah up there in the air I need to reload my weapons gonna do that now ah fifth airstrike Dutch this is unbelievable okay airstrike on us now bam okay I had some backup but still you see the Firepower from these flamers is unbelievable foreign boy with me nice I love you guys I love you mender maybe youre so cute little healer buddies got him nice dude this is just Perfection I love flamethrowers theyre in my opinion theyre one of the most fun weapons in the game because they are very special and you know theyre realistic too you know Flames dont travel ridiculously fast you would spray that stuff and it will burn as it flies to you and yeah so look at the 6.3 million damage with just two typhons uh after the Drone rework and the thing is with the Typhon you can also play very carefully because you suppress enemies so their Firepower isnt full and then you have a shield so you can survive one-on-ones all the time if you make it time it well and thats why in my opinion hyphen is a pretty good skill robot um and an insanely dangerous youve seen it in this video weve won Free Fall against literally the highest meta you can put together uh and uh and yeah its just that alone means something and the beacon Rush match also showed the performance of the flamethrowers compared combined on the typhoon uh I wish the game would stay without drones uh but at least the new drones coming after will hopefully not have that much of an impact So yeah thank you so much for watching tell me what you think about this in the comments and also keep if you like the videos and subscribe to the channel if you havent done it yet I would appreciate it see you around money signing off bye best free steam games for mac War Robots Mk3 Typhon Igniter Gameplay that Kills INSTANTLY! WRThis video just shows how massive the damage output on those Igniters is. I hope that Pixonic wont touch it and change it - something that happened very badly to Scourge if you remember. Cause those flamers are not very easy to use. 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