NETHER Robot Ability Reveal! New EMP War Robots Test Server Gameplay WR

Pampered chef vegetable steamerhero steam engine WAR ROBOTS gameplay okay lets attack him his ability is gone attack there we go and boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom there goes in height sheet now we have support here disabling his stashes uh the reload came in a bad time but Tommy was still EMP here he probably wants to use his ability now and Zach disabled right just as he comes out of his phase shift probably wants to activate his ability dont work man all right and dashing behind him but he looks the wrong way and he gets taken out what a beast dude this robot is absolutely insane whats up friends of the good mood this is money and welcome to the ability reveal of the new nether robot its now on the test server and it doesnt look broken anymore however some weapon placements are still a little odd if you can see here um so we also now know how the spear works and Im gonna show you the new Titan Aether as well with the new weapon so lets have a look at the ability from the nether robot robot Dash is increasing its damage and shoots the built-in weapon that deals damage and amplifies an EMP effect on the target this ability has 5 charges so I was right you can actually Dash and activate EMP five times in a row um similar to how for example a raker can disable an enemy weapon system and suppress them all the time even though you cant do it so many times in a row you can still apply or try to apply it then the force field the robot protects with which partially blocks receiving damage or receive damage the defense level decreases as the incoming damage is blocked and the force field recharges after nether is taking no more damage for a while so its basically like a passive ability with the force field you dont actually trigger this manually regarding the new weapon you can see here spear it does have a Reload 0.65 per seconds between the shots which is like nothing but the weapon plasma fires a burst of energy it conduct continuous fire there is no reload it says here comes it though due to the heating of the inner core the second shot deals double damage or 1.5 percent Dam at 1.5 times the damage I know the numbers and the third shot deals double damage so normal damage 1.5 damage and then double damage for the last shot and then however for safety reasons after the third shot the core cools down returns to the standard State and the the cycle begins Anew which means you you have a very similar firing pattern to what we know from DK and and blight and Hazard okay so you fire three shots the damage increases per shot after the third shot however theres gonna be some reload between or rather some cooldown and of course dont forget we have a giveaway with 200 angler robots going on right now so check out the top right corner and the description pin comment the link to get you directly to that super powerful giveaway so here we go into the gameplay ladies and gentlemen as you see five Nethers are waiting for us to be tested were starting with the one version that has the new uh claw weapon no yeah claw first and let me show you how the dash works we have an instant Dash coming out and also we apply an empath EMP effect at the Enemy at the end of the dash and that is insane because what it means is you can have this EMP at a range like this see his EMP T cant even use his ability and you can use this five times you can basically EMP every everyone on the map like this boom boom boom he cant use his ability right now but he will be able to use it again any second there we go because you know the EMP is not having effect all the time it has downsides in between or downtime also you see how quickly it recharges right look how quickly chart recharges now the force field ability is a passive as Ive said that when you take damage lets disable his ability oh I was unable to do it in time he got into the ability but we have him here getting a battleship support on me he comes out of the ability and pom pom oh I almost got him and there he goes nice so orochis are coming in and Im gonna EMP them hes emped oh no I have too many enemies here hes EMP for the moment cant use his ability but ah come on I shouldnt be fighting next to the enemy base obviously so next Nether we have to pay attention to how it works with the um with the other thing whats it called here the oh yep he got emped at the end of my run um how does the force field exactly work this is something we need to find out uh but this will be definitely a strong assassin type play style robot because you are fast with your dashes look how fast it re they regenerate too uh and uh yeah again his ability is disabled and there he goes he would have walked on into his phase shift ability but it didnt work because I had a disable it is such a powerful assassin this new robot man unbelievable and so fast too here somehow I think I hadnt been able to disable him uh or his ability uh out okay lets attack him his ability is gone attack there we go and boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom there goes in a high Chi now we have support here disabling his stashes uh the reload came in a bad time but Papi was still emped here he probably wants to use his ability now and Zach disabled right just as he comes out of his phase shift probably wants to activate his ability dont work man all right and dashing behind him oh he looks the wrong way and he gets taken out what a beast dude this robot is absolutely insane Im glad they finally bring a robot thats not flying because normally all robots these days fly uh but this meta robot here is powerful without a flight hes using dashes on the ground which is awesome okay lets see if we can disable him and disable them too and get close Shield myself up and there he goes dashing behind the Scorpion dashing again and I keep dashing so its an offensive and defensive ability already at living legend another scorpion comes in dashing past all of these guys and when my reload finishes I try and drop him down to last and I got EMP now by the Erebus who has a very long reload on his on his uh weapons there comes this guy back oh my Lord am I slow what is going on with dude dude this is the slowest thing Ive ever seen now yeah wow I must have lost all my legs or something all right lets jump into the new weapon uh the new um nether robot with the spear weapon and you see there is now three shots actually wait a minute we keep firing we now have sound effects thats pretty cool wow that was a big boom that I just hear and the Damage should be increasing the more we deal damage to the enemy Bam Bam Bam Bam yep hes down to last and I think the damage increase is actually visible some shots seem to deal more damage than others wow interesting all right lets hop into the next battle immediately see weve been much weve done here and then we use uh the spear weapon primarily because this was basically without spear let me use spear now and show you how this thing is gonna rock alright so this time were jumping into the uh spear version of the nether immediately uh also were gonna run the nether Titan as well uh so stay tuned for this gameplay its coming in just a moment so with this much Dash we can also do long dashes look at this whoop ah I need to get the distance of the dash right but Im sure you can do long dashes with this thing okay were already getting shot by somebody from far away all right this Behemoth there and this guy as well okay shooting back at the behemoth wow were dropping him Im activating healing and Im just taking this battle because it seems like I can win it nice gotten the Behemoth out of the way so trying to disable him doesnt work okay now hes EMP I think bum bum bum and the spear weapon is working fine boom boom Another gameplay coming up in just a second ladies and gentlemen the new nether Titan so these weapons here are really powerful disabling him yep hes EMP now boom boom boom oh oh I have a scorpion on me hes jumping away very nice Im Ian Pete I got him its an Aiming game now dude this is becoming an aim game because people are dashing so fast Shields here come on scorpy boy nice this guy also ah he got into ability before I could disable it ah and he goes immediately into the next I wanted to get him before come on alright so the nether Titan is ready lets hop into this one it is a massive its basically a similar robot like the nether robot but its its a its the counterpart they say all right nether Titan deployed we have a big powerful reflecting ability as well um when we go into flight ability but Im not using it just yet Im waiting for the right opportunity because I think also the nether Titan actually implies an EMP effect to enemies I just dont know exactly how it works but uh lets see if we can make it happen here is he emped no hes not emped oh wait we can kill him through that um I need to figure out how the EMP on the nether Titan Works uh because it said in the description it also applies an EMP effect see if we can get him as he lands starting to fly any second now these guys okay here we go flying up dealing massive damage to the tripods down there Im calling them tripods yes I know not exactly their their real name oh God Im hanging in the balance its bad and the weapon only has 500 meters range this is also something we have to keep in mind these new weapons wow hes DC doing a lot of damage to me you what was that dude did you see how I got drop man okay lets drop him once the reload finishes of course shotguns dont duel damage against um so disabled his ability maybe I dont know so yeah ladies and gentlemen the brand new nether robot now with the ability to reveal uh that you can see glad I was able to show it to you and uh yeah thank you all for have uh for watching have a great weekend and see you in the next video Money signing off bye-bye game keys steam free War Robots Test Server Gameplay & Ability Reveal: New Nether Robot WR200 Angler Robot GIVEAWAY Here: Dash-Charges with built-in EMP and a passive Forcefield? 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