Free open world game on steamsteamed okra recipe WAR ROBOTS gameplay time for a very short notice live stream something i want to test with you i havent done this yet just out of the blue rocking a new video out in form of a live stream lets see how this works welcome aboard everybody probably less people than the usual time because you dont know or you did not know i was going to do this but yeah 15 seconds yeah here we go Music people did not know i was going to do this live stream today just as a short notice whats up friends of the good mood this is manny and welcome with a very short notice live stream right here guys um i saw the brand new uh havoc being sent to the battlerack account uh and i thought hey uh since i wanna bring this as early as possible to you guys with the most deadly scorpion that exists in the game period um i have prepared three of you right right here for you right here all with legendary pilots were gonna jump right into the gameplay without further ado and have some fun with this im telling you right now this is probably the most dangerous and most overpowered scorpion you can run because this thing is you cant repair back the damage that it does to you it jumps behind you and its perfect 200 meter range the weapon has a damn has a has a disadvantage its short range right but the short range does not matter at all when you have a scorpion because you basically jump into that range uh okay here we go um so yeah lets test those fully max brand new havoc scattered weapons on the scorpion also uh see theres already my my enemy that im going for hes gonna try and get onto this beacon and im gonna jump on to him too boom boom boom there we go doing some sweet damage here phase shifting now wait actually oh that was a bad idea that was a bad idea the phase shift because now they can spawn here i forgot that um that phase shifting will allow them to spawn here whoops that was oh see legendary pilot on this on the um on the fender this is something i want i planned for you tomorrow im planning to give you this video tomorrow with a legendary pilot on the fenrir im not sure if tomorrow will be some news on the test server if there is no news what i will do is uh ill bring the the legendary fenrir video for you guys to tomorrow okay if there is no special news that is all right so uh wow three people are hunting down this one dude right there oh hes taking the beacon right now boom boom boom yeah have fun trying to repair this back dude im face shifting again but i can capture this back no problem see this guy didnt stand a chance so lets capture back to speak in here and then jump on whoever this is here we go and boom boom boom its a ravana and three shots later its dead and now what is this oh look boom boom boom we can do so much damage with this setup its unreal hold on boom boom boom boom and none of it is repairable you cannot repair any of it back this is the most crazy thing about this is that you can repair this damage back and we have three of those scorpions all right i dont know why he wants me so much man but uh yeah living legend there you go lets jump into another one with that has full hp because this beacon is currently being attacked all right starting the next living legend streak immediately again and we dont even have overdrive running right now and you see were killing them super quickly oh look theres a dude right in front of me oh and i forgot to equip the different module i just realized lets jump on to this doodly up there hello boom boom boom hes running away he did hes trying to book it look at this look at this guy yeah so ladies and gentlemen tell me what you think about this short notice type of stream um i did not plan this i was literally 20 minutes ago i made a thumbnail i decided to um you know to make this who was that uh to make this a little live stream it must have been this guy he tried to hit me with vortex or aphid lets show him something ah hes a flyer and when overdrive oh hello hey wait wait jump backwards because this is where look i just realized if i jump back i can kill this dude and overdrive is not activated and none of this is repairable so um living legends guess yeah theres a lot of living legend lets jump behind an arthur okay we already suffered some damage okay i got them both on me i think its better to jump away i wanted to get overdrive rocking i i was hoping however that not both of them would recognize or notice me immediately so jumping into the next battle immediately um we have uh yeah we did a lot of damage i suppose the best of course is when you have overdrive running look we just did 2.7 million the next guy did one million that was just crazy jumping into the next battle immediately it will be a very short stream two three matches with you half an hour 40 minutes tops probably not even 40 minutes i just want to um just want to get this gameplay out with you guys right here uh and its faster for me right now to provide a live stream than to really start recording a high quality video as i usually do then cut them together and do all the and then you know re-render it re-upload the whole thing it will take forever and usually this is how long it takes me to make such content in one word forever uh but yeah i i wanted to give you this a little bit sooner this time so lets get this beacon and then were jumping onto this dude here we go oh hes okay i see whats going on boom boom boom theyre gonna fly again arent they jumping backwards or back to the point here we go all right so overdrive is not yet activated we need it to activate these two nightingales in the middle there very annoying eh very annoying boom boom but not for much longer Music oh uh wait that was a bad teleport i should have teleported on to the other dude not this one okay oh hes got freaking stealth thing yeah hes got the uh the the whats it called here the cloaking unit but now overdrive is running as you can tell were doing so much more damage now holy smokes these guys are going down boom boom boom look even a falcon takes a lot of damage from this you think youre safe there man nope you are not neither of you is boom jesus oh yes lets kill them all dude oh no my im suppressed yeah uh oh i messed up oh boy i messed up big time yep i i wanted to teleport back turns out i missed my window of opportunity jumping on him boom boom boom hi he turns around like no okay so lets run all the way over here were a little bit faster due to the oh wait a minute theres a hockey boy hello hockey boy oh yes i will have some fun once you land hi dude oh you know what again i forgot that um that i dont have phase shift on this one but its enough i can still take him down where did he go hold on is that the dude thats the dude right okay lets okay heres the plan were gonna quickly first kill this guy boom boom jump backwards immediately and then try and kill him the plan works bye and then this guy with overdrive running three shots the guy is pretty much dead boom boom boom oh my goodness look at this damage i think i got the legendary pilot so im actually stealth right here hes gonna teleport back now isnt he i would if i were him i dont know why hes not doing this but now hes gone so lets see what we can do ouch somebody hit me really hard oh no im getting hit from behind now okay so we still have one more so thats a good thing good news is no here lets do it differently all right ladies and gentlemen bad news is we just lost two scorpions good news is we have one more yep hello there dude oh youre suppressed too and nothing none of that damage is repairable he cant repair any of this back im actually gonna stay here now oh that hurt he just put a massive hit into me right here so ladies and gents tell me what you think is this not completely nuts and overpowered seriously this thing here completely nuts all right now im behind him and guess what happens now this happens will i get it before he spawns in nope i wont but i can still do some tons of damage trying to make him miss a couple of shots so i can get the kill yep i made it man youre done dude dude this is nuts this is just nuts living legend glasses oh yeah you guys are right i should probably wear my glasses hey whoa whoa whoa i only looked at him for a second my my he just looking at me made him so mad yeah to instantly take me down what is that oh no a nightingale im not gonna waste oh you know what who am i gonna attack im going for the aoming im jumping behind wsr and then going for him look at that holy crap uh oh eel now thats thats not good thats not good all right so um that has been 10 minutes so far really it has only been 10 minutes so far felt longer lets do one more match after this and then were gonna be finished for uh for this for this match uh for this live stream as i again i wasnt supposed to be one hit and he was down to to last stand pretty much did you see that just one hit uh thats a bit of a problem now that he gets yep i killed myself with a repulsor ability or repulsed ability rather not repulsor so match is probably going to be ending over in a two seconds yeah boy yeah boy i just this meme is everywhere in my head man this guys so funny boom boom boom boom yep also quite a powerful setup you dont want to have this thing uh standing next to you and hitting you man i can tell you that much that hurts thats not good boom boom boom boom yeah whatever this is it must be a titan because it kill it really quickly too bad i wasnt there to have some fun with them so uh and ladies and gentlemen by the way if you havent yet subscribed to the channel and you like the content then why have you not subscribed subscribe to the channel uh were getting um also i will evaluate how this was now with the quick live stream here uh i look how we just busted everybody with those things and then maybe ill do this from time to time again tomorrow is probably to be the video with the legendary pilot on the fender where you dont know where youll no longer have an aegis shield but you have 50 more hp i can tell you right now its going to be 470 000 or so 470 000 hp with a 50 resistance that the fan gear has so uh i can tell because i actually have this uh this fender um pilot on my own account uh i replaced them i got from the operation level 16 you only need level 16 on the operation and then you can already get the uh legendary pilot for the fenrir and i insta swapped it for mine and now i have this on my own account and uh turns out this thing has about 470 000 hp or something uh this is it gets towards title level oh dominique is also here hey dominic gotcha gotta got you a bit surprised here with that live stream eh yeah i hope you youre okay um turns out dominic had a bit of an accident recently with a car i hope im okay to say this um and uh yeah hopefully you are youre you know getting back to normal oh wait wait phase shift no ah damn it i messed up again i keep doing it i keep it keeps happening to me that i i run into this um this thing where you know oh man come on boom boom boom yup got him down to last and instantly uh it keeps happening to me that i use phase shift at the wrong time i still havent adjusted to this yet because back in the days this wasnt happening back in the days oh man no he gets another flight ability that sucks all right but as hes trying to get me im just jumping back and i keep helping out right here another hawk wow oh no oh he still has left last hand oh that sucks yeah im done if i had phase shifted just a second later uh then i would have gotten him what okay okay hes now flying lets jump on this dude last match for tonight ah damn it it turned out it was also a scorpion and he just jumped did you see that that looked incredibly weird right there that was the most ridiculous thing ever seriously i jump on him i see him for half a second and like hes gone yep look that storm ravana used to be one of the most powerful things in the game and now im like okay well gotcha buddy uh oh yeah ah this is bad this is bad come on oh now he fl flies oh theres so much action though wait i might did i really just jump into my into my death boom boom this is getting out of control right now guys come on die already boom down to last and with him stalling time and there we go nice and i still havent adjusted oh what he got me instantly locked dude that sucked d d 200 meters range only thats not good okay im suppressed but the suppression is gonna wear out now boom boom boom where is this guy here he is he suppressed me again wait hes still alive he is alive wow wow triple h three had killed the dude and i even captured the beacon away from under their nose oh my god i just deleted everyone come on where are you there you are holy crap we just deleted the entire enemy okay maybe not the entire enemy team but a good part of the enemy team right there with this scorpion boom boom the damage output is incredibly high from these weapons is this the enemy spawn or is this my spawn i cant tell i uh its the enemy spawn so in theory there should be some fun happening anytime soon but nobodys coming that hurt okay i already lost a weapon i guess were going to round up the rest of this match by spawning them yeah oh i dont have a titan here what i dont have the titan on this i wanted to spawn the minos but turns out i dont have any titans bound to this hanger because its hanger number four or whatever and so i dont actually have any titans here okay then so theres a guy up there lets get him boom boom boom boom boom okay hes trying to capture this but hes losing it here we go its what the scorpion does best here on moon just jumping on to people that are usually out of your reach so ladies and gentlemen that is it already extremely short stream uh im gonna evaluate how this worked and tell lets see if you guys want to see more such streams in the future um ill be evaluating reading the comments also i think this serves as a great um example of what this insane scorpion can do an absolute monster beast of a brawler nothing of the damage can be repaired and this in my opinion is too strong its too problematic that you cannot repair any of the damage back you should be able to have reduced a pair repair effectiveness but not zero repair effectiveness because robots like fenrirs other rope that you know tanks usually uh or even titans rely on really um then also the nodens the whole healing of tyr mender the whole support roles nightingales they rely on this now bringing in a weapon that deactivates any of these support type robots is kind of stupid in my opinion it shouldnt be fully deactivated the healing it should be more like um yeah people saying to op and its the best um it should be a little it just be just reduced repair thats my opinion but yeah so here we go three different skins same weapons all with overdrive because you know i like to play high risk high reward so yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you havent yet subscribe to the channel do that here and leave a comment about what you think about this bad boy right there all right and then one last thing guys look at this Music paramotor stuff on my back a little shout out to tucker got who is not only a got in flying paramotor but who who also um has a nice shot where i got this from and since i am a pirate paramount or pilot myself i watch his content and i got his merch so yeah check him out if you want so thanks for watching until next time ladies and gents manny signing off you assetto corsa competizione steam OMG! 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