Buffed Too Much? JAW CLAW TALON Angler War Robots Gameplay WR

Steam deck pccan you get steam games on mobile WAR ROBOTS gameplay so I should be able to hit him now right come on Specter boy nice and then him here too look at this whoa look at this damage holy smokes this is insane dude these weapons are so good now whats up friends after good mood this is money and welcome to the new buffed claw jaw and Talon weapon here on the test server you can see last time I made a video they made 1 700 damage now theyre at 2 300 just for the light version we have the same uh angler robot twice with these weapons and Ive played before and recorded another video and I got absolutely decimated by this setup and I was like wait a minute last time I tested this it wasnt so powerful so I checked the damage numbers and Ive seen a huge buff in damage for these weapons 350 meters range is not exactly a sniper weapon so lets see how well we can use it on the uh Canyon map um but the Homing in ability on these weapons is pretty crazy you can fire over cover the damage output is now really really good um so yeah its a dangerous setup uh and I think some people will be happy to use it once it reaches the live server this guys a sniper and this guy is something else its a Seraph so hes already coming I think we might be able to just shoot over the cover here look at this were not even exposing ourselves to him this is so crazy look how much damage we can do the entire Behemoth gets oh no he would be getting ah hes done okay so hes coming in with a damnator shield and I can just do this also this damage has been buffed from these he does more damage now with the ability both of them lose their target lock now pop there he goes he had his ability use and hes also going down look at this guys this is activating an extra shield which Ive already gotten also this seems to have been fixed remember last time we did the live server at the test server it seemed to take forever to charge up the ability um the battleship ability that goes really quickly now too we already did six kills its nuts I dont even need to lose my ability here not yet anyways okay and now were using it against the scorpy boy hes jumping on me so hes gonna take the full damage and his targeting system gets disabled at the end of the ability here look what were doing to that man this is just nuts look how these weapons have been buffed No One Is Safe from you I can shoot over cover and hit everybody look at the damage that Seraph is taking dude what the heck now hes flying again Im not surprised going into ability here dealing damage hiding behind him so that the Seraph cant hit me his targeting system gets disabled once I come out of my ability charge he comes out of his ability and hes pup gone activating healing here and activating next ability charge oh no I freak I apparently didnt do it but its okay we dont need to all right hes unloading what hes got Im still in good shape activating ability now and look at the damage hes taking going just down from my ability and pop living legend shield on me Im just absolutely bum rushing their base dude what is going on with this setup this is gonna be a meta bomber why can I hit him Im actually out of my weapons range I shouldnt be hitting him now I can look going into ability now weve lost some damage output because uh yeah turns out we lost a weapon and of course its the heavy weapon ugh of course its the heavy weapon here shooting around cover look at this shooting over the obstacles uh hes shooting back behind cover coming in with ability charge coming out of it pop healing if possible okay yo ladies and gentlemen this is Canyon its not even a brawling map its a freaking sniper map and Im hanging in their spawn continuously ruining their day so we get uh damage from the Titan hes not safe behind this cover this guy is not safe behind his cover either the enemy Titan is using his reflector now Im playing a little more careful weapons are so good okay using the ability here hes going down from it and pop there he goes bye bye scorpion they cant even deal damage to me ah hey hey hey hey how are you still curving shots at me dude all right we have to get a little closer enemy Titans is spawning in remember there is also some kind of um rust effect thats something we always forget about in these weapons they also have some kind of rust effect that makes it so yeah that you deal you deal damage that you know over time or you reduce their enemy maximum HP pool basically in some way activating my ability here look at this hes trying to escape and when I come out of it his targeting system is going to be disabled activating healing air shield on me I have the hopefully it comes in time pop yes but Titan is also here I already lost the weapon and guess what weapon it is its the heavy weapon again dude what the heck War robots are you trolling me come on every time I lose a weapon I lose the one heavy weapon I have the game is trolling me like so much right now man okay I think were done here 26. 26 versus 13. look at this leech his ability is absolutely worthless here he might be able to inflict a lot of damage to me too because his weapons deal a lot of damage uh but uh yeah oh Im disabling both of these guys abilities and lets start to finish off shield on me shoot on him shoot on everybody of course keep firing and blinding him Blinded by the Light watch Im getting copyright strikes now because Im singing this so often behind cover here and Titan gone gone too stupid blinding weapons in my opinion you know what these blinding weapons need to be balanced they need a lock on if they had a lock on time like cataclysm and Cyclone these weapons would be fair because you couldnt instantly switch targets and do all these crazy uh yeah crazy things alright so back in the hangar here you can see weve done 4.3 million damage with this its completely insane and I just realized I have many gaming in my random pilot idea on the test server kaching lets jump into one more battle with this crazy Mitha setup that we will soon see on the live server and ladies and gentlemen if you enjoy staying up to date and you like the video content then please subscribe to this YouTube channel if you havent done it yet I would appreciate it alright so were on the second map laser gentlemen carrier Beacon Rush uh lets go and have some fun with the new angler weapons um theres a Loki on that Beacon Here Comes an enemy Angler hes gonna be too far away to make use of his ability against us I can I could deal damage to the uh Loki but I want to keep my ability against him here um hes going to use this ability again and after the end of it I can use mine like basically like now see and Im dealing damage to him underneath me and puppys gone very nice heres a scorpy boy hes gonna teleport back yep there it is but hes still in range of my weapons and I can drop him shield on me and pop there he goes I dude I love these weapons the quick aiming theyre not no lock on quick aiming perfect accuracy shooting over cover its just generally very effective and and and and useful all right and here he comes out of his ability and we uh The Last Stand and pop there he goes wow that is really fun we have a specter it was going to jump now in his stealth his ion didnt hit me because I saw his eye on already shooting over cover Im not even using my ability Im just Gathering Shields and uh yeah I can finish him off maybe no he I cant actually but him I can hit when he comes up I can hit him hes not coming up dude come up hes not coming now some is blocking the damage so I should be able to hit him now right come on inspector boy nice and then him here too look at this whoa look at this damage holy smokes this is insane dude these weapons are so good now they have been buffed so heavily theyre really powerful now remember how how weak they were on the last test server session I just deleted a behemoth from here without even showing myself so uh the harpy has meanwhile disabled my weapons and my my physical Shields hes still on me its very annoying shoot on me keep shooting him hes timed out by a sharinga nice job sharinga um I dont know why he timed him out there was no reason to do that but this guy hes a threat we need to take care of him and see his cover is not working his cover doesnt work against us and I I must admit I dont quite understand how the effect uh works with the um with the rust the rust effect I dont quite understand how it works okay Im going into cover now Im Gonna Lose My Last Stand probably no I keep my last stand and from here I can heal up and shoot over cover uh enemy arming is already gone this Titan look at this hes not safe there I can completely unload all the Rockets from here shield on me wow these weapons are so good still taking damage hes still getting hit pop next guy almost gotten him killed so that is the enemy angler we just gotten our Max damage from the uh uh from the nuclear amplifier fully maxed theres a Typhon robot he wanted to disable me I dont allow this Im just coming in disabling both of these peoples targeting system like this pop kill him pop kill him shoot for Titan at me again absolute meta carry this thing an absolute meta carry shooting over cover as if it was nothing youre always able to shoot no matter where you are no matter where the enemy is look this guy youre always able to shoot and look at the damage too sharinga timeout man wow this is really impressive this this weapon is going to be very effective its going to be extremely popular too hes lit hes really in safety there man unreal all right we actually found a spot to hide behind again with the four minute wait time oh my God what oh this test server is horrible oh no okay it worked so how much damage was it this at this time thankfully I didnt have to wait four minutes this time uh 2.4 million uh we did not have first place this time but yo it was just one robot we used from the beginning till the end and its so good wow um this is what pixonic does they test server things weapons on the test server and the feedback was a weapon wasnt powerful enough and now its been buffed and its really powerful now is it too powerful its always hard to say how it performs on the live server at Mark 3 for example but these weapons are insane theyre really good now and uh I think we will see them on the live server for sure once uh once theyre released so yeah for now thanks for watching everybody have a good one catch you in the next video and yeah thanks for watching bye last oasis steam charts War Robots Test Server Gameplay: Jaw Claw Talon Too Much Buff? WR35% Damage Increase for these weapons seems quite excessive! They never miss, they dont have a lock-on, they hit behind cover and ignore physical shields, plus they have this weird Rust-Effect that I dont even understand fully. It seems like they become too effective now. 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