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Gift a steam gamehide and seek steam games WAR ROBOTS gameplay whats up friends of the good mood this is money and welcome my dear War robots community that you and me we know each other for five or six years now and I can make a big announcement the biggest one yet possibly War robots future I can tell you how it looks like and how it feels because its going to be called War robots Frontiers and it will be a game for consoles and PC in the unreal 5 engine were talking Triple A Graphics effects physics destructible terrain were talking wonderful effects and atmosphere in the game perfect smoothness and gameplay with up-to-date engine and mechanics ladies and gentlemen this is going to be huge this is and they all this combined with our known war robots universe that we all have come to know and love so much I cant wait to get my hands on this Im gonna watch the official announcement trailer with you now and then Im gonna show you all the robots that will be in the alpha at 24th of November okay Im just saying enabling the music were going to swap over to the trailer lets have a one look where I try to hold myself back and not stop the video as much okay and then we have a second look at the at the trailer where I stop a couple of times and show you things because you and I were War robots experts and we can draw a lot of information from war robots gameplay even if its from a new game alright so lets go for it first time try not to interrupt as much lets go for it here Boom the gameplay dude unreal five engine yeah is an online multiplayer shooter where you pilot a gentleman and battle other pilots in six versus six team based PVP match sounds like our war of us doesnt it customize your robot is where you construct your Fleet of robots weapons modules chassis bodies Pilots Titans battleships to fit your play style all the different parts affect how you play what is this legs different legs too signature abilities for instance weapons eras body can cover itself with a wide barrier that stops incoming projectiles but the barriers fixed to the ground gives your robot access to bombardments of missiles wait wait bulgazari doesnt get Dash it will have a bombardment of missiles what all right defines how fast your robot moves how much equipment it can carry shoulder hardpoints give you additional weapon slots and further Define your robots silhouette ah cool wide frame can be both helpful and detrimental depends you are the easier to hit a lot to consider but again feel free to experiment and find well do that by the way boom shotgun farmer it might be a good idea to aim for the weakest parts to do the most damage we have armor mechanics now we dont have this in the current world are very destructible by tactically using the environment yeah thats what I told you to cover new Vantage Parts smash into hidden passages and generally shape the battlefield all right its beautiful it looks so beautiful you fight the more your Alpha meter feels oh yeah Alphas are titles they call it Alpha the most powerful robot in Your Arsenal to crush your enemies but when you play it well no one can stop you other than the other Alpha perhaps yeah obviously built with Community more to see in war robots Frontiers and we are excited to finally invite you to explore the wild Channel with us weve got a lot of work ahead of us and wed love to hear from you whether or not we are going in the right direction if you allow us we will help you were launching War robots Frontiers closed beta this November it will come out with one map 8 full sets of robot details plus plethora of weapons and utility for customizing your playstyle even further one map eight robots to gradually introduce weapons abilities and Maps while polishing everything else according to your feedback you hear that gradually implementing more war robots weapons Maps modules abilities things we know from war robots will be added more and more to this game as well so certain visit WR to grab the Pioneer pack with the exclusive access to the closed face Ill explain that in a minute on the official launch also Unreal Engine and dont forget to join worlds frontiers Discord and follow our social media to stay in touch well be posting regular updates on how the development is going we cant wait to hear from you hi we cant wait to play this man see you later alright so that was the first go without much Interruption again this trailer link is also in the description pin comment for you to check it out from the official Channel and now I want to really draw some information out of it because Im sure we can recognize a lot Im actually going to start the music and lower the volume a little bit here from the trailer now just to enjoy the gameplay and stop of a couple of times one thing I immediately notice is that something that other games have also done already is that putting weapon state reload and things like that actually in the user interface and behind the weapon rather than in the user interface actually yeah its in the game itself on on your robot behind is like a a hologram of your ammo and state its very interesting and cool made The Shield looks awesome the explosions uh and also the floating the flying combat text the damage you do the numbers pop out of your enemy when you shoot them it looks so satisfying man heres a big Shield some air strikes coming in or something I like how the fury walks and feels bulky and heavy man all right lets have a look at the equipment that they have right weapons modules yeah yeah yeah lets have a look at this so we have a griffin ball Gap bulborg Aries Raven tear Lancelot Typhon Griffin bulgazari Vitas and fury and weve already learned the bulgazari actually doesnt get a dash uh the the hull it has an airstrike ability or some something like that interesting so we have completely new mechanics also very interesting you can see here I think you can see it energy capacity and weight capacity so robots uh will have a certain uh limits uh or or something like this and maybe it prevents you from putting the most crazy stuff on it it will keep you in certain ways balanced uh by by having certain energy requirements and consumptions and capacities you can also see it here to the right Health armor theres an armor mechanic and energy level as well as well as weight interesting also what is this look its like a an added a a sorry or something from a Lancelot you can build a Griffin with a part from a Lancelot or something to make something different from it bulgazaris shoulder light weapon light weapon has certain armor and health its super interesting so you can basically make the legs from a griffin on a Lancelot apart and then maybe the Lancelot can jump so cool heres the legs you can see it here uh yeah the bulb work leg will Dash and floating jet pack is no no thats the Griffin the Griffin legs have Dash and floating jet pack but they lose health and armor wow this is awesome dude also very interesting is that you see here we have the weapon Shredder Scourge whether or not it has a lock on we will see I dont know um a Tusk is is called here but its the the Tsar rocket from the Titans Titans are called Alpha here in uh War robots Frontiers and what I find interesting is if maybe this is actually a Titan weapon still but they dont care anymore theres no differentiation maybe between light medium heavy maybe every weapon simply has its weapon consumption its energy consumption maybe you can slap a freaking Titan weapon on a robot too but it will just take off all remaining slots and you have no more capacity for something else because you put this massive weapon on it right so it has it opens up a lot of added customization options that was previously Limited in the light medium and heavy slot differentiation maybe they dont have this anymore scatter norikum Zenith slug shooter Vortex missile I would assume this is like Glory or Corona and this I dont even know with a wide barrier that stops yeah the wild bear the barrier but look this Shield is actually a stationary Shield I dont think what were seeing here is actually the Aries Shield I think this might be the shield from something else a shield that was placed on the ground and look at the floating combat text when they shoot the popping up numbers it looks awesome its so satisfying to see the Mummers pop up look at this also uh take a look at the lower left you see hes taking structural damage so hes his health isnt going down yet but his armor is going down hes losing armor on the main body part and his right shoulder is starting to take damage right so maybe once that middle part falls out the robot is destroyed or its just the armor uh in front of it and then the armor a robot gets destroyed its a very interesting mechanics because remember in War of us there is no no armor at all it doesnt even make a difference whether or not you shoot into the enemy from behind or from the front I think it will matter here further defines your robots ceiling having a white frame that looked like an airstrike and wow boom boom boom look at this man by the way okay boom wow what the frick did he just shoot aim for the weakest parts Im pretty sure youll be able to actually shoot off body parts you can probably maybe heres an idea maybe you can use the bulgazari uh you know Battleship no air this is rocket more uh Battleship barrage or whatever Rockets from from space um and you shoot off legs of the enemy robot and you just shoot them with that uh with that Battleship support from high up or whatever I dont know if its battleships maybe its just a a a bombardment ability they call it bombardment so you shoot off the legs and then you hit them with a bombardment and they cant walk away from it that sounds good yeah destructible terrain here imagine how the map will look like at the end of our team deathmatch round everythings gonna be broken when its ready Elsa meter yeah boom look at these look how many parts there are its like the robot is flying and just exploding into a Million Parts its an unreal five engine ladies and gentlemen this is it well Triple A Graphics engine now other than the other Alpha perhaps what a great choice built with community and directions is what they say now about the directions and I I want to say a few things here uh first off I think War robots uh one problem we have with it is obviously its a mobile game and we have more legs I hope we dont have to worry about lags as much in the Frontiers version because were playing it on console and PC with a more stable connection um but of course the servers need to be good enough to handle the load so Im hoping thats going to be taken care of because one of the problems we had with war robots mobile was the lags and really didnt like them much um and the next thing is um that I hope that the game will be more like more of us as we used to know it back in the days more than more simply stick play style right um Im not meaning the bad simplistic I mean the good one the that easy to get into and fun to play part of some simplistic thing right where the game is not so overflooded with effects and and uh not effects but mechanics like Shields these pop-up Shields that just obstruct the gameplay so much as we know know it for more I hope theyre theyre going easy on this and making it really a little more easy to get in and just Clash away like War robots how it used to be remember um so simplistic in my in my my book this looks like a Galahad by the way um and yeah so I I Im so hyped and hyped for this I want to play this with you and I will this no November 24th so very soon uh the um the war of the Juarez Frontiers Alpha is being in Early Access release and we will be able to play them together um and I will be doing this with you of course you get all the content here you need to tell me um how much you like it how what do you think about the idea and then also also were gonna figure out if this becomes a regular thing how much War robots content you want to see and how much Warbucks Frontiers content you want to see maybe two to five two Frontiers video five regular War robots videos per week or something like this were gonna find this out together its an exciting time and Im really slightly stoked for it man this looks like it could be the hanger uh this would must be the alpha up there super high powerful heres an Aries I think bulb work this I dont know uh I dont know uh and typhen this might be the Typhon this could be a VTS maybe lets have a look we have this robot here it is actually the oh no no before we go this could be a Lancelot here this could be a Lancelot because it looks so much like it in my opinion it has a face in the middle too uh this could be the Raven here flying up so lets go into into some pictures we see the Aries this is how it actually says it Aries here so I know its the Aries um it will be having a frontal Shield uh similar to what we know but in this case they used all of the Aries parts right remember you can use Griffin legs on an Aries or something it sounds insane but um yeah then this I dont know what it is it doesnt say the name it just says art but it looks brutal its like orc four Orchid rockets and one of them is open and had been fired you can also see a person sitting on top and I feel like the robots might be a tiny bit smaller than the robots we know from war robots mobile uh judging by the size of a person I dont know it could be wrong though this looks like a Natasha no wait it says bull gazari in the top left so yeah its a bull gazari remember our bulgas are in moravas Mobile has the physical shield on the left side and this one does not it has uh four weapons two light and four medium but maybe every robot can have four weapons depending on how you equip it right bulgazari Black Edition also exists here yep wait black alpha they say is it an alpha Titan version of the bugazari maybe I dont know um or heres the chromatic Alpha oh no no mid okay with Alpha they mean the state of the game its an alpha game game in Alpha State and this is just the bulgazari black and this is the chromatic version okay bulwark here we can recognize him in war robots mobile he has a physical shield and a big energy barrier around him and two and two heavy weapons and here maybe he has the same or maybe not well were gonna see uh Black Edition as well then we have a in Orange apparently yeah theres an orange version too this again could be a Lancelot and just not see you know whats interesting here the Lancelot has a medium or something weapon on the outer side and a big one here similar to our Lancelot but to the upper right is nothing when we go back to the original picture uh there was an extra weapon here its the same robot but theres two weapons here the big one here and on top was a big shoulder Cannon fire hawk maybe its cold I dont know theres this picture um it looks like theres an extra weapon mounted to the Lancelot something thats not on uh on this Lancelot right so there are so many ways to equip these things differently super cool this could be a griffin flying or boosting here this is the Typhon yeah I can recognize it immediately it looks cool the chromatic version of the Typhon here awesome and then this is varangian this thing is called varangian maybe its the Alpha maybe its just a robot but because I dont know varangian is but it looks powerful varangian big powerful thing also a little bit like a Natasha but it has also other elements just a weapon layout looks a little bit natasha-like so um what they were talking about by the way before it was um here um the uh the startup packs theres an iron steel titanium Platinum I think this one is 15 or something this one is 99 they all have Early Access for playing at 24th of November and I think it will be available on PC um mg launcher and uh Steam and for consoles I was told it comes up a little later and the the bigger the package the more like currency and pilot and extra benefits youll get Im not going to tell anybody to get anything you can wait if you want to because youre definitely going to get the gameplay from me but if you want to get playing earlier then um I think from starting 24th its possible with these uh with these bonuses here and um yeah I think the videos already long enough again I want to really hear what you think ladies and gents about this game uh and uh if youre also excited as much as I am about it I cant really write to get my hands on this and start playing away it will require a much higher performance than uh the war robots did but on the PCS it should be doable and um yeah really share with me your thoughts because I really want to know okay and um thanks for watching everybody have a good one and catch you in the next video Manny signing off bye-bye and also check out the original Channel with the original video if you would right see you around steam games 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