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Best steam winter sale games 2021god of war steam memory leak WAR ROBOTS gameplay whats up friends of the good mood this is money and welcome back to the next test server session here in war robots as promised with the new robot harpy as you can see in three different versions we have the uh version with scorcher and incinerator we have the version with scotty and hill and we have the version with scourge and calamity and we have the um also the repair amplifier equipped and on all of those robots we have the new drone delete but what is it called here iron heart thats right it now has been reworked and has a f slot uh and a 2c slot so uh yeah more absorber power as well on the thing so lets jump into the test server session and finally test this new robot harpy that can fly up unleash a firestorm on the ground with its built-in weapon and then the added weapons you mounted on it as well of course and then you can teleport back down i dont know how this is going to look like never tested it but as promised heres the gameplay to the video of the news lock that ive made very recently the only thing that needs to work now is that some people are there on the test server so we can play that thing awesome so here we go lets start with uh with this thing okay the test server the gameplay is already raging all right so you can see 130 000 hp that is not a lot of health ah so it starts to fly like this okay hold on okay hes starting to fly now but wait a minute shouldnt we be able with these absorber yeah with look with these weapons oh hold on fly flying up okay wheres my my my firestorm that i can unleash okay i dont know okay ive just been flying up forward wow dude the walking animation is awesome in this robot dude what the heck pixonic you really outdone yourself on the walking animation here holy smokes oh god were we need to fly and but i can kill him look because those weapons have the bump effect dude this is awesome but wheres the built-in weapon that im supposed to be able to use uh-oh oh no i made a mistake thank goodness i have last stand uh i made a mistake dude i didnt teleport back which i should have done why am i going forward like this okay how does this work yeah look hes taking damage shes taking a lot of damage this is interesting i dont see i have to make the music a little quieter i actually dont see myself firing built in rockets i wonder if something oh here we go oh hes in cover but this guy isnt oh look at him look at him oh youre going down friend teleport back okay whoa i made it back in safety for the moment anyways so this guy has oh i just killed my own last stand hey dude dude dude dude go away wait why am i killing myself ah no okay here we go haha full fire power in your face thats right oh okay full firepower in your face teleport saying dude this is wait im suppressed but i have anti-control why is my team getting destroyed so much okay here we go firepower coming in yep starting to fly okay so are we firing some added weapons i dont because i dont see oh wait there is a yeah there is another weapon yeah i just realized that there actually is another weapon its just disabled by default but when we fly you see here to the right theres another weapon slot i have to re-lock i hate that come on man ah here we go oh come on man with that enough with the cover already dude he stays behind cover like a god okay good how am i getting hit here dude i should be safe could i please reload my weapons you cant reload those weapons unless you have something to shoot at its so stupid man okay so here we go fire so i guess we already fired the built-in weapon then huh okay reloading hello kill okay im dead all right so that was not particularly effective because my team got completely destroyed and deleted yeah hit me hit me with everything youve got all right were jumping into another session immediately ladies and gentlemen if you like the content you havent yet subscribed to the channel which i would never understand why you havent yet at this point after such a long time then consider subscribing now i would really appreciate it guys lets jump right into the next session and what that was a quick load time yes awesome alrighty harpy um i think really the best harpy to use in this specific test server where everyone is having harpies is this one this is by far the best harpy you can use why because although the reflector cannot be mitigated um the bump effect ignores the reflector so yeah but look at the walking animation dude they really outdone themselves this feels so much like here look look at this look how much damage were able to do to him oh yeah bump effect has hit him and now lets wait for it wait for it here we go oh hello oh you think youre safe there friend no youre not no youre not oh hey hey harpy hows it going bro hes right next to me this is awesome dude i like the the harpy plays really well uh you can teleport back to where you came from and you have this awesome forward la um forward jump that you do and then you hover up in the air with a reflector being near impossible to kill unless of course somebody hits you like this guy um as you fall down here we go fall fly and boom dude theres another harpy dude direct in front directly in front of me i dont you know what one thing we need to figure out is what does the built-in weapon do because i havent yet been able to figure this out look at that guy ah he teleported back already so let me see what the built-in weapon can do Music wow dude this guys going down yeah so im not going to fire now uh i will only fire one shot and its gonna be the harpy built-in shot okay are you ready for it lets wait for the right opportunity to shoot at something thats going to be without a shield or anything this guy when he lands maybe is he going to land can we trigger a landing on him come on man land already well if youre not landing youre gonna die all right have fun okay so this hasnt worked im gonna just fire only one shot and its the one built-in shot that the robot has could you teleport back there friend please okay here we go yeah are you ready for it okay fire okay its like one tiny little mini rocket but it seems to be doing a over overtime damage did you see that there was like one boom bam that we sent over there one rocket and that rocket made not very big of a radius of explosion there was no visual effect on it um but you could tell that he was taking a lot of damage for a long time and uh here fire i also launched it to him down there and i think hes got the same problem hes like currently probably taking overtime damage or something i believe whats going to happen here ladies and gentlemen remember this is an early test server gameplay which means that everything you see right here is work in progress and will of course change and as a result i believe that the robot isnt yet fully like there arent the weapons arent yet fully working here look at this boom rock it out so he should be taking that extra damage right now for the whole time you see him taking some overtime damage and i believe this is the built-in uh firestorm rocket thingy that we sent which is pretty awesome dude yeah and i believe whats going to happen is there will be a massive visual effect later when the when the the thing is finished there will be a massive visual effect here we go oh i cant aim at him but i can aim at him see we had the targeting issue where i couldnt aim down on him so hes suppressed now for a few seconds anyways uh hes gonna hurt me big time isnt he he hasnt even dropped gotcha dude he hasnt even gotten my last stand yet what the heck dude where were you firing at because this robot does not have a lot of health you can you can tell this thing does not have a lot of health here okay hes using both of his abilities now see if we can catch him there actually wait a minute fly this way and build in rocket boom oh yes holy smokes man hes did you see how fast he went down i think again this was the firestorm rocket he was continuously losing a lot of health cool man this robot plays insanely well man this is fun thankfully im re re okay fly this way and fire built in rocket boom the firestorm rocket has made it on to him i got him yeah and you dont have to teleport back you can also fall down from the spot where you are and i did kill him with a firestorm did you see that on the ground i actually did get him killed with the firestorm rocket okay fly up yep hello and firestorm rocket boom i believe that there will be an awesome physical effect a visual effect coming in later uh to to visualize this firestorm this is probably one of the most powerful area effects that we have and except maybe titans with um with their stove ability and such they will probably do more damage but aside from that i think this is going to be one hell of a of an ability here Music yo this is pretty cool now im not gonna teleport back im just gonna let myself fall if there is another robot see this is what will happen you lose the reflector immediately and then you fall down this is so cool yeah i really like the harpy man it plays exceptionally well um it has a very short amount of hp or low so i think it can be killed really quickly any scorpion will just delete him as soon as its like you came out of your ability um but during the ability youre relatively safe except the bomb effect thing oh and remember that the ability firestorm also adds bump effect to your uh to the enemy thats another thing it does it adds bump effect and it has like an area effect where apparently the enemy is continuously taking damage its pretty awesome dude tell me what you think that next week we might be testing the siren another robot that is from the same strike team here uh strike squad or something they call it theres two robots the harpy and the siren and the siren we might be testing in next weeks test server oh and dont forget we currently also have a giveaway going on with 200 megalodon orochis super powerful meta robots if you havent yet checked out the giveaway ladies and gentlemen top right corner or the videos description link right there go ahead check out the uh build yo the the giveaway right so yeah have a go have a great weekend everybody see you around in the next videos money gaming gaming signing off bye-bye se puede jugar ark steam con epic games War Robots Test Server Gameplay: New Harpy Robot - First Flight - WRJoin this channel to get access to special perks & rewards like: Extra Coop Live-Streams or Join my WR Clan or Early Video Access, too Emojis & Badges, etc: 🡒Join our WR Discord Community Server - a huge War Robots Server - here and easily find people to play and talk with: 🡒My 2nd Gaming Channel: 🡒Become a Patron of my Work & Get Early Video Access & More: 🡒OR Support me with a Donation if you like: 🡒My Best-Of-War Robots Playlist: 🡒All War Robots Test Server Videos: 🡒Our Twitch Channel for Live-Streaming: 🡒Our Facebook 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