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Steam drifting gamessteam game banners WAR ROBOTS gameplay whats up friends with this money and welcome to an unknown skirmish right here I just saw that theres a skirmish going on and I havent done one in a while and I dont know what robots we can expect from this so lets lock into the skirmish and see what it is alright maybe they came up with something really interesting and fun against something really you know creative okay we have raker raker we have an invader leyland and another invader I think Im going with the right invader here first and then we have the the next one is gonna be the raker with though the one to the left it had a lot of firepower if I saw this right alright so hello sir lets use these arachnid invaders or whatever theyre called and theyre coming from air all over the place aha okay its sadly its lagging so hard that I can very hard hit it hit him I mean I cant hit him very well thats what Im trying to say okay we have a blitz robot there boom and now Ive gate gave him the thing so that he takes more damage but you see here see the energy there record that hes running around Metin and Mamet in the background the wood for his nameis hes running this invader with this raker with with sweet machine guns and stuff such this is one that will be very fun to play the one to our left thats the one that were gonna that we want to play okay and boom uh uh he also suppressed me now so we suppress each other here okay Im hammering right into that little Loki I didnt even see a Loki there Im surprised that there is a Loki and there is an owl shouldnt - what the heck oh whoa the game was stuck there for a bit okay here we go follow full fire power Im inside his shield he cant go away and there he goes nice so we have the rhyme twice and the cryo once the firepower is not necessarily super good here on this one but its okay to surprise a little Loki from behind and we are absolutely winning this match and s/o held on I want to catch that how it should maybe if possible alright here we go having him suppress now both of them are suppressed and I also made thief the other thing happened on him so that hes you know taking more damage and there is we got it why are you face shifting I dont know alright lets jump into this raker that I want to run here this one is gonna do some damage man this is the damage dealer of this of this setup of course there is the other in the enemy team somehow had an hour shown right the out shown is very dangerous too but this thing here believe it or not its going to deal some real damage way more than the invader just did so I need to find out what this is okay its a phantom I think we have him suppressed hes also locked and now hes face shifting okay Im waiting five seconds until I can suppress him again because he has suppression resistance for a little bit whit and now weve got him suppressed again and lets fire one more shot and see how quickly this guy goes down he also has locked hes going to use his mode I think I would if I was him okay here hes now using it were suppressed we have to wait out his his mode there okay and fire and oops see I told you this is the damage dealer here this guy deals some real damage Oh another one is coming in okay we have him locked but we are suppressed good moment to go back because his suppression mode is gone and my suppression comes up right now see I can suppress him again if once again hes not doing damage and this is how an raker defeats a blitz robot or even multiple blitz robots in a really quick time so lets see what we have here its a fender I think we have him suppressed and were hammering right into the guy all right and Im trying to dodge his flames oh hes really good doing a good job dude hes hes really doing a great job at aiming did you see that he would not let me a fool him when it comes to to the flames he would perfectly aim them nice nice job there a Russian name from thoughts in German means something all right we have an out shown there another out shown very dangerous robot a robot that we really dont want to have against us here okay lets get the out shouldnt destroy it first and then lets try and go for this guy okay Im going to face shift now because we we are a bit of in trouble here we have multiple enemies against us one of them is the Blitz robot and Im going to wanna Im gonna want to jump on the Blitz robot right there in a second okay and it didnt work because this this other cover was right in front of us and I couldnt do it so now hes going to get me Im gonna get suppressed here but we are in the lead and we still have some decent robots to jump into well actually no we dont we only have snipers now but its a good moment for a sniper because there is this right this nitrogen this I would shown over in the distance now I have to be really careful now because this now is a sniper setup its not a brawler and in order to win this match we have to be super careful now okay okay Ive suppressed the enemy and Im hammering right in and we have lost another player I dont know man the enemy hangar seems better without shuns and stuff seriously when the enemy has our tunes and everything how are we supposed to beat that with these invaders not really okay hammering right in and also suppressing him but I am black ooh I am lacking firepower as significantly here oh no I I mess it up and I couldnt suppress him but I think he was suppressed anyways yeah oh man we are we are getting in problems here with this guy Im gonna have to help this dude here is he suppressed I dont think so no hes not now he is suppressed I the only way how we can beat this vendor is by teaming up against him thats the only chance weve got at this point but they also realized that we are in a two-on-one situation and they come in together on us now and seaweed we dont stand a chance we just dont have this night that the brawler robots they have the Phantoms and they have the our Choni they have the complete meta on their side how are we supposed and now look what I have next the next robot I have is a Weyland with no weapons theres no way our our our team can beat them unless they really play very bad how are they still having our invaders can we respawn an invaders no right sea urchins another one is coming in Im trying to help him out but I dont think its going to work very well here with this Im trying to heal him up as best as I can Im sitting right between these two guys which is good but my position obviously is not a very smart one Im gonna phase shift and try and get into cover not sure if its going to work but trying to make it happen getting here and activating the healing mode now its the best I can do at this point yeah hes getting hit but so this is actually pretty okay right now this is working Im drawing the fire power in I do have a decent amount of health and with the teamwork we can we can do a quite a bit here come on dude hit him Jesus dude hes walking away with like one HPs running away gotta be kidding me dude but there he is oh man we are in the lead still but man its its over in one minute and basically whats going to happen now is theres just gonna theres just gonna eat us Im gonna face shift here okay I think he needs to reload sometime soon still healing up this is the best I can do at this point forty seconds thats it theres no respawning we even we even got more damage in he needs to survive for forty seconds which i dont think hes going to do but we have a second player now much good you have a second player coming in but they need to survive for 30 seconds and they are not playing it for the survival I dont think they realize that they need to survive for 20 more seconds if they die now then we will have lost this match 16 oh no we dont we still have another player somewhere how did he die so fast so 10 seconds surviving 10 seconds and we will won the match we actually made it Wow against this hanger fan gear out shown phantom blitz this is Meeta bata meetha meetha meetha vs. raker and and what else we had a raker and okay we have invaders invaders are really powerful too lets lets give him that the invaders are good to put against the out shootin with double flamethrower no chance weve done two million 12.1 million damage here 12 kills and the enemy had a had a decent performance too but this guy down there hasnt really done much I expect he may have loop and exited the battle really soon because look 40,000 damage I dont think he actually played the match till the end but that was an interesting finish let me know if you want to make me to make a skirmish videos from time to time I havent done them in a while because pick sonic hasnt created one of those super creative ones we had ones where there is lava on the ground and you ya can only move on on the roofs of buildings and there was one where you had one shot weapons where you fire one shot and you kill everybody in one hit but people had physical shields that they could held and they would break and you know keep one hit away and such that was so creative cool ideas that picks on ehat but they havent brought them back in a while I wouldnt I would be okay if even if they repeat once they already had that would be cool to just a bit more create creativity here in these skirmishes would be cool and thats why I havent done that in a while but if you guys want me to I could make some more skirmishes from time to time no problem right and the interesting part is that I never know what robots do we have and what robots do the enemy have because they sometimes that differs all right so um thats it for now Im gonna now go make the video that Ive wanted to make here a shock train Ravana and third you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video leave a like and comment down below and if you havent already hit subscribe as brutal as a man can it for more thanks bear with you guys awesome as always money gaming signing off judgment game steam 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