OUCH! Craziest Alpha Weapon (Veyron) Setup On The Sharanga War Robots WR

5 dollar games steamsteam replay 2022 how to see WAR ROBOTS come on we gotta get him full power mode hes looking around he doesnt know where its coming from oh my gosh okay so a pretty crazy build in todays video the charanga with the new Veyron weapons now these weapons have a range of up to 600 meters 8 second reload time um they are considered Sonic weapons so they do a lot of damage and remember when Im using this on the shuranga I have the full power mode so when you use this it increases the weapon damage by up to 50 percent so it says here I do have three Onslaught reactors I was debating on using uh four of them but then I thought you know what uh the shiranga is kind of slow so Im going to use the Titan accelerator generally when you use any kind of shotgun build for the shuranga its always a good idea to have the Titan accelerator so were gonna run a game and afterwards some extra gameplay footage so you can see just how ruthless this build is okay so Ive just dropped in on a burst map and I have started with the Emoji first Im hoping we can get this Beacon really trying to charge up that Titan bar as quickly as possible though it looks like we have two emojis here so we should be able to get this Beacon I think Im taking a lot of damage here lets move forward and maybe put pressure on their home I figured if I put pressure on the home maybe they might kind of fall back lets see if that strategy Works Maybe lets get rid of this Behemoth here we go and this guy you know what Im gonna fall back and go to this Beacon of uh yeah lets go here lets go here try to link these two uh beacons maybe we can uh cap this one let me just reload oh man I fired into this guys Shield I didnt realize that that was a favnia that was a big mistake okay let me just go into flight yep there we go oh my gosh I totally stop I mean teamwork like the last bullet the last shot of my uh my cudgels okay so it looks like they are pushing that side yeah Im gonna have to uh go to the bottom there and see if I can try to get those two uh beacons maybe maybe push the home yeah I think that guy has the same idea oh weve got a got a hawk here lets get rid of this guy lets use the heel here we go Im gonna go into flight man so many beacons are changing here its kind of crazy lets get rid of this guy um theres a player on that side Im gonna see if I can try to stop him with the hiranga got him yes and I can activate my North light make sure that we get that Shield you know what Im just gonna fight all my shots here because I want to have a full Salvo when I teleport through there because that side is kind of crazy okay lets go full power mode the Skype he didnt even see me there we go Titan Slayer I think this is an angler yeah thats got to be an angler now he went into stealth wait what Im gonna face X on him so he cant use his ability on my teammate or power mode oh come on I didnt have enough ammo this guys linking me perfect you know what if these guys drop in with like a ether here we could end up doing a lot of damage to them right over here lets try to get that guy this one drop my North light Basics out this guy that should help a bit yep there we go maybe I can get him now there we go Godlike Im trying to hit there the mirror myths he he was looking around to see where it was yeah I got to be careful of him he might have seen me um I think that might be a Luchador yeah I gotta be careful here a couple of ethers this guys looking around um I have to be very careful theres an ether top and a luchiro over here with the mirror myths way back there somewhere um yeah I cant even reach that guy you know whats funny with these weapons they say its 600 meters this guys 519 and I cant hit him oh we got a Titan Slayer you know what maybe I should go through the through the teleport here because I think there might be a player on the other side lets try this guy thats the mirror mitz I call him off God and this guy uh uh common reload reload what is this guy in is that an angler we got to get this guy before he uh he goes in a flight got him basic saw this guy I think theyre gonna drop in over here though thats a bad part he might have an angle or something here no he doesnt here we go oh come on teleport teleport quick if he goes through I can Ambush him lets see man this game is actually getting really close guys I mean look at the look at the Beacon bars the beacon bars and the players left trying to hit that player man the stealth the stealth is saving them we have a Loki though so thats uh thats gonna help us if I can get this Angler nice lets use the heel lets get this guy maybe that one oh come on lets do that we need to get this other Beacon back here but you know what I think I might push I might push this side lets get that guy and this one Rampage I have to be careful of the Anglers the Anglers are going to be a problem they have two of them too this guy has a double loss stand lets try to get this one Im gonna phase X how him I cant hit that player Im trying to survive here I think Im gonna end up going down because theres like two or three Anglers around me if I can get a kill yep there we go and I got hit by gravity amp by content got a 10 got a turn must turn around lets do that Im gonna see if I can maybe start changing this Beacon man this games pretty wild oh he got me theres another player on this side I still have quite a few Bots left well this is awkward Im trying to get him down to his last stand the thing is he has a law stand I dont have a law stand thats the bad part man this guys not taking any damage let me just use my heel hes not taking any damage this player here in front of me look at this hes taking them a little bit of damage but uh theres something fishy about that player Im gonna go over to this Beacon here he might be doing a saddle cheat who knows well Im gonna have to push those beacons were gonna get you know what this Loki is probably running a lot of beacons here hes hes doing a really good job he just has to keep on doing that okay now Im on this one hopefully this guy uses oh you know whats happening I think I have a ghost spot so Im gonna have to kill this because of that ghost spot thats why Im not doing any damage anyways uh victory for this game that was a pretty intense game yeah I think what was happening was my last body it was a ghost spot that thats why I wasnt doing any damage but 19 kills three beacons 6.2 mil and this is how we stacked up lets do this lets do that because that guy yep and now I can focus him down oh my gosh he just got totally wiped out we have an angler here though this is going to be a bit of a problem let me move this way I face exiled him thats funny lets do that I wonder if I can use this as cover because now theyre gonna yep theres a uh I think thats a Minos he doesnt see me yes lets do that this guy oh my gosh Im hitting him yes did he get locked down he wasnt moving oh wait here we go this Sriracha is going to get totally smoked hold on Im gonna move forward lets move forward now nows our chance okay lets do that this guys gonna move around the corner I think yeah lets get him with that and this guy oh come on almost almost I used my I use my Mothership is using his ability now Im gonna see if I can try to but hes X on him so he cant he cant get me and were gonna do this get him yes Charlie outplayed what I need is a heel we need a heel bad um I wonder if I can maybe make my way over here to this side this would be good because then I can fight until they spawn actually you know what I should go all the way around the other way uh well actually wait hold on a second theyre kind of pushing to a home here maybe I should let them get our home yeah thats a good idea let them get our home so that they spawn closer okay wait hold on a second I didnt actually think this was gonna kill him that quick I should have let him get that though through hitting me with all those strikes and stuff now lets get that guy Rampage guys I need help yep oh if this guy goes into flight wait can I kill him before he does Im gonna use that the phase XL hes flying away now hes gonna be dead yep hes dead God like this guy is looking around he doesnt know where the damage is coming from meanwhile um Im over here with my shiranga come on we gotta get him full power mode hes looking around he doesnt know where its coming from oh my gosh he sees now oh man yikes yikes thats hurting were gonna get him maybe the other guy too the truth is how to fix game not launching on steam War Robots Gameplay of the craziest setup for the Sharanga currently in WR – that is the Sharanga with Veyron weapons. These weapons are insanely good and when paired with the Sharanga’s Full Power Mode, you can imagine the damage output. This is by far the best close range Sharanga build in the game currently.Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:10 Sharanga Veyron Setup 1:00 Going Full Power Mode with Veyrons on Abyss map 10:10 More Sharanga Veyron Destruction! Share this War Robots video with your friends: Enjoyed this video? Here’s more videos on the Sharanga! 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