How Mesa Broke Warframe

Interactive story games steambattlefield 4 steam charts Warframe follow me Im standing on the border of everything is messages Music Applause Music Applause Music Music the Gunslinger Mesa wields both power and style to overcome her foes in a rapid shower of ballistic Ordnance Mesa shot first in update 15.5 Mesa is warframes most notorious character its also a bit ironic considering Warframe even has a gunslinger class even though tenorr stated to be the masters of gun and blade we have guns dual pistols snipers and shoddies but I guess having a class dedicated to Just Guns is an interesting idea although considering how the weapons are it wouldnt be anything crazy right maybe a kid oriented around damage boosting guns or fast hand perks something along those lines to keep things very traditional however despite these ideas and themes being very grounded with traditional history behind them Warframe is not a traditional game using a game where you play as space ninjas committing Mass genocide on a daily basis has time to slow down of course not digital extreme as being digital extremes takes things to the next level usually each Warframe that releases always makes the roster more and more interesting with different abilities and styles of gameplay being formed each character is distinctly unique there really werent two of the same frames being released at the time sometimes characters become really good and other times they may need some Buffs or tweaks to finalize their kid none however were really overpowered the strongest at the time being low-key but that was because the games meta was completely different back then with melee and CeCe taking the front while DPS coexisted with crowd control he usually never stopping its boundary this is mainly due to the fact that the level creep wasnt a big deal defense missions were the meta and the games Pace was relatively slower than what it is today also just a lot of weapons were not that strong and most frames didnt have a fully Decked Out kit Amber was a low-level DPS machine Excalibur didnt get his exalted blade and only relied on his radio blind for End Game Vault was very mediocre even with speed and mag was a corpus one-trick Pony very few frames at the time really pushed the meta but even then no single character was able to shake the game from its foundations there were many DPS setups but the key word here being setups usually in a four-man Squad Matt couldnt just nuke the map alone she needed Buffs from Rhino and worked in mostly Corpus tile sets Banshee Sonic Quake had its limits and needed energy for uptime from Trinity excaliburs radial Javelin was slow and costed too much to cast but when working together with multiple supporting frames you can really push your DPS further and further this was to some extent a perfect balance nothing was out of line and people had to work together in order to achieve higher DPS and faster grind mind this was a very fundamental rule only a tiny fraction of the roster could really break through those being Nova and Loki but even then it wasnt anything too extreme well not as Extreme as Mesa but to understand how Mesa is the way she is we need to take a deep dive into the history of mesas release thank you Mesa broke Warframe soon after her release she dominated the entire game Mesa became the strongest Warframe and the competition wasnt even close Mesa made a huge shift in power all of a sudden you had this Gunslinger that out dpsed every Warframe in the entire game having a complete Aimbot ability any enemy that entered the line of sight of Mesa herself was shot on site soon after Mesa got an even stronger buff to her peacemakers allowing her to keep her regulator ramp up at Max fire rate even when all nearby enemies were killed meaning new enemies entering mesas site were slaughtered in the blink of an eye it also helped that mesas shatter Shield gave her free damage reduction against range attacks Shooting Gallery also boosted her regulator damage now all of a sudden in One update he went from a relatively standard set of characters to Mesa who just upped alliterated the entire meta had an Aimbot ability had free damage reduction alongside a damage boost all while sniping enemies before they can even see you and even Ashs bladestone can decimate early waves of Defense missions with absolute ease so its not limited to just sour and all Masa but right now these two are probably the most used for spamming their ultimate abilities on certain missions Mesa was everywhere literally and with the release of Nova Prime shortly after these two destroyed almost any Mission they were in mesos dominating Draco series obliterated void defenses and was great for satura Pluto Mesa was so so strong that she was able to become one of the very few warframes that could solo defense missions past Wave 40. I know nowadays solo defense is not a hard achievement but back then that was a pretty big deal even shatter Shield bills are still pretty solid as being able to reflect bullets and minor CC enemies was extremely useful at the time Mesa was a cold calculated killer a fast trigger a beacon of death and destruction she had range tank options damage and style Mesa became the best Warframe well she was the best Warframe until the Nerfs as per usual When de makes something too nice that thing is going to stop being too nice when it comes to Nerfs nowadays I think de has got it sort of under control but back then when you heard something was getting nerfed that was it whatever weapon or frame that got nerfed was basically nerfed into the ground and Mesa was no exception unfortunately the range was way too powerful and de didnt want players just sitting in one spot on the map aimbotting so now Mesa has given this reticle ring enemies under this ring sight would be shot with Regulators now you had to aim peacemakers to actually kill things unfortunately this hit may serve really hard as peacemakers damage back then was not as high as it is now so when Mesa had that huge Aimbot bonus with Regulators it offset the lower DPS but now you had to aim and each second in Peacemaker drained energy so the aim requirement hit Mesa pretty hard so now you couldnt really nuke the entire map with Mesa and the DPS was above average at best it wasnt until update 18.13 where Mesa started to become relevant again Peacemaker now skilled with secondary weapon mods so the DPS was higher however the issue of the ring and drain werent really addressed until the Energy Efficiency drain changes soon over the years Mesa got more and more Buffs with new Arcane updates more damage options and boosting abilities as well as a general power creep to the game until eventually players were given the new choice of now modding exalted weapons which did boost Mass is actual regulator damage although the Dual tox has stopped working which was a slight Nerf albeit a niche Nerf and after the introduction of Mesa Prime she found her Spotlight once again although not as game-defying as she once was on release Mesa to this day is a very strong Warframe that has a very high damage per second output but after mesas release it really did feel like a huge shift in the games power and tone things just got stronger and stronger from then on out although this was happening even before maces release it just felt as if Mesa pushed the ball even further and here we are today so lets talk about Mesa in 2022 Mesa actually has two passives but Ill get to the second one when we discuss her ultimate but her first passive is very simple Mesa has improved proficiency with secondary weapons and gains a health bonus at the expense of not having a melee weapon equipped the following are passive bonuses available to Mesa 15 fire a bonus with dual wielded pistols a 25 reload speed buff for single-handed sidearms and she gains 50 extra Health if the player has no melee weapon equipped his health doesnt scale with mods so its a flat 50 increase usually not worth it since the Manos are very strong to have in all loadouts regardless mesas first ability is ballistic battery its also the most replaced ability from the helmet system its that bad even on release I find it very bizarre that one of the most meta-defining warframes had such a terrible first ability but to be fair most first abilities outside of pole were pretty trash back then ballistic battery allows power to be stored when causing damage with guns when triggering the ability again the damage is channeled into the next shot this ability sounds interesting for a more thematic perspective but in practice it just sucks why boost one shot in 99 of scenarios youre not going to take the time to build up damage for one shot if this ability function like a damage bonus for the entire magazine that would be a different story but as is ballistic battery remains pretty useless even with its augment the new 50 crit chance is nice but its still very niche mesas second ability is much better thankfully Shooting Gallery allows Mesa to increase her gun damage enemies caught nearby the lasso will have their weapons gen for a short duration thus giving a pretty nice CC mechanic disability melee units will just be stunned in place the damage bonus is affected by ability strength and the lasso is affected by range mods if youre on a squad Shooting Gallery will remain permanent for Mesa until its the race is over but will cycle between Squad meets over time based off the total duration of shooting gallery its a bit weird how the buff just doesnt apply to all allies at once but instead it rotates if you are however playing with only one other person that playroll also received the full duration though so I guess its fine in Duo play but for three to four main squads the Buffalo cycle the cool part is is that shooting gallery boosts peacemakers DPS and shooting gallery is also a sub ZOOM meaning every other their Warframe can use its ability muzzle flash is also a super strong augment for squads as if an ally assists in 6 kills mesas next shot will blind enemies in a radius for X duration getting these assists from allies is also pretty easy so this augment can be worth the saw sometimes if you want some decent CC options mesas third ability is shatter Shield Mesa envelops herself with an energy shield for a duration which reduces incoming damage from enemy gunfire The Shield reflects hit scan bolts back to the attacker with infinite range but any projectiles get deflected up to 45 degrees of the impact affected gunfire also diverts to random mobs within 11 meters and up to 90 degrees from the point of impact shatter Shield also has a max cap of 95 damage reduction projectile based knockdowns like hooks from specters or scorpions are resisted but hard knockdowns will bypass the shatter Shield this means that shatter Shield only protects Mesa from gunshots AOE or melee attacks will be dealt as normal damage this ability on its own is pretty solid as if you move in position smartly you will avoid most melee attackers peacemakers also takes care of that anyway the augment further increases the utility of this ability as staggering Shield has a 50 chance to stagger enemies with reflected gunfire and this scales with power strength so the CC option is still pretty solid although in many cases it can be hard to justify due to how much damage Mesa can do in a large area anyways but its also just absurd that Mesa gets a 95 damage reduction against most ranged enemies and this increases her survivability by a huge mile and finally mesas trademark Peacemaker is mesas Grand Finale this ability is by far the most broken and overpowered ability that Ive seen in this game especially on release as we mentioned earlier with intense Focus Mesa draws a regulator shooting down her foes in Rapid succession Mesa draws her Regulators as a secondary exalted weapon while Peacemaker is active a new reticle appears on screen and enemies found inside this aim marker will quite literally die on sight Mesa will auto-target the mobs inside this ring until its field of view is reduced to 15 degrees the max shooting distance is 50 meters and is not affected by range the ring resets when Peacemaker is deactivated or expires so you can reset the ring on repeated casts The Regulators also inflict 50 damage per shot but this is only affected by the mods on Regulators not power strength peacemakers already sounds like a very crazy ability well let me tell you it gets better Peacemaker for some magical reason just has a built-in damage buff its base damage will increase up to 150 percent and this buff is affected by power strength this buff also Stacks additively with damage mods and also for some magical reason Mesa upon just holstering to Regulators gains another 150 percent damage buff and this buff also is affected by power strength and stacks additively with damage mods and again for some third magical reason when Peacemaker is fired it gets another damage buff which increases up to a maximum of 450 percent times ability strength plus another 150 percent this bonus is also applied additively the max damage bonus and damage per burst are affected by strength mods the damage mods are also apply to multiplicatively to the 150 component but this bonus resets when peacemakers over or recasted wait hold on so let me get this straight Mesa gets one damage buff for using the regulators and then she gets another one for using the regulators and then she gets another one for using the regulators that is three boosts for just pressing four how on Earth Can someone say that other warframes need balancing when Mesa receives free damage bonuses for just pressing four how is that justifiable as if peacemakers werent strong enough it also receives benefits from arcanes like Awakening and velocity although you can no longer double stack velocity due to the Arcane rework its still very strong and if you saw it couldnt get even more wild gunshots from Regulators have a 300 percent crit multiplier with a 25 crit chance and a 10 status chance although these values can be increased with mods Regulators also just have a 100 accuracy so you dont need to be precise at all the ramp up is also very quick as it takes just 3.5 seconds to get to the max fire rate when holding the trigger the only downside is that Regulators have a heavier impact weighting but thats the only downside some Keen viewers might say hey mesas always rooted in place the ability isnt that mobile yeah yeah no just no and thats an exos mod by the way like people knew how strong Mesa was but when you really break your kit down like this it just screams broken and thanks to the Buffs and power creep over the years Mesa is in a very very very comfortable place sure big deal you now have to aim with this reticle that one downside Mesa used to have is basically a minor setback now if anything just Spam your camera around and keep reset casting your DPS is just astronomical and sure there is a bit of scaling problems when it comes to high steel path but on regular steel path missions Mesa will get the job done and anything under level 100 its just a funeral on site Mesa is the most notorious Warframe she literally shook the game to its core from Wrecking complete havoc and destruction on day one to dominating 70 of the roster in todays era Mesa gets the job done she doesnt miss and also 5 in fact did you know that Mesa is actually blindfolded yeah according to the creator of Mesa they gave her a blindfold because apparently she was too bored of shooting with eyesight so she challenges herself to gunsling blindfolded what a flex Mesa is just incredible if you dont have her already I highly recommend farming for her if you enjoy content like this and want to see more in the future then be sure to like And subscribe your support is greatly appreciated leave your comments down below what are your thoughts on Mesa if you also want to see a specific Warframe being covered on this channel then also let me know in the comments the most requested frame will be next thats going to be it for me and I will see you guys next time peace foreign Music steam platformer #warframe #warframegameplay #warframegame The fast and furious gunslinger shot her way into warframe and boy did she leave a bang. 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