Wayfinder: NEW MMO With Huge Potential! (Gameplay, Open World, Dungeons)

How to keep steam free weekend games forever20 cent steam games Warframe gameplay what if you took the gameplay Loop grinding character and progression systems of Warframe combine that with some MMO light open Zone elements of say something like Destiny and topped it all off with the visual stylings of games like WildStar Fable or World of Warcraft well wayfinder is what you would get and that more or less in an oversimplified nutshell is exactly what this game is now last week I got the chance to go Hands-On with wayfinder playing roughly 25 hours of this upcoming action combat character based MMO and uh Ive Come Away mostly impressed Beyond a few notable issues with performance concerns about the overall scope of the game and a gameplay Loop that likely wont resonate with everyone you better like procedural dungeon grinding fortunately I do and thanks to a really well executed combat system that feels fun to play along with what looks to be thus far some great encounter variety and design Ive enjoyed just about every minute of my time with wayfinder in fact I I found that the more I kept playing the game the more I was enjoying it and wanted to just keep on playing which is a really good sign in my book as I tend to feel so many games start to lose their luster around the 15 to 20 hour mark but I have come away just enjoying the game more and more so today I want to talk with you about wayfinder I want to talk about its structure the various systems and mechanics what there is to do in the game like what you can expect in any given session and then also go over some of what I think they are doing right and what could use some improvement based on my time with it so far first of all lets briefly touch on this genre thing so they are calling wayfinder and MMO and it is an MMO in the same way some might consider Destiny or Warframe and MMO personally I would classify this as a shared World game or MMO light gets used sometimes as well dont come to wayfinder thinking youre getting an experience similar to World of Warcraft Elder Scroll online or Guild Wars 2. it is not that kind of a game wayfinder isnt made up of like massive continents that are broken up into large zones that you can seamlessly explore with like tens or hundreds of other players potentially running around no its structure is a lot more like a smaller scale fantasy version of Destiny basically the game is broken up into two main parts the Overland open zone areas of which there are just a couple and then the instanced dungeons where you are likely to be spending most of your time in the open world you will be seeing a handful of other players at a time dungeons will include groups of up to three and youll see the highest concentration of other people I think around like 20 or 30 maybe in the games major towns but Call It Whatever You Like honestly it doesnt really matter I just kind of wanted to set expectations for what sort of a multiplayer shared World game wayfinder is and speaking of which lets get into it what is wayfinder like so things start out with you playing through a brief tutorial you will pick a starting character not class by the way they are going with the Warframe route here where you play as a pre-established character that has a set identity a name a personality and then its own unique traits and skills much of what theyre doing actually with the design and structure of this game aligns very much so with Warframe which will become more evident as we go along here so you pick a character then you get introduced to the basics of movement and combat this is an action combat game through and through with everything you might expect it to have there are light and heavy attacks combos where you can chain or alternate between those and then theres things like jumping and dashing attacks there is blocking and dodging although its not as deep of a melee combat system as say Souls games with all of the attacks Combos and then contextual variations that those have wayfinder does at least cover most of the basics and the combat in general it all feels really good so after the tutorial you are brought into the first major town this is called Skylight this is where youre going to pick up a lot of your main inside Quest along with having access to a bunch of different vendors as well as the crafting stations well get into that stuff later but I just want to say outright how much I was like immediately impressed with the appearance of this game visually the towns look and design reminds me of a combination of World of Warcraft and WildStar the buildings and the setting have this real strong Nordic Vibe along with everything being ridiculously oversized that really reminded me of Wows Wrath of the Lich King expansion in particular like it all feels very reminiscent of various areas and towns within the howling Fjord specifically and I just absolutely love it but then theres also this like mix of the funky sci-fi Tech of WildStar in parts of the city like in the crafting station areas youve got all these neon signs and flashing lights kind of like funky looking I dont know I just think this game looks real good aesthetically I know it might be a little cartoonish for some people but I personally find it very appealing and I definitely think it is one of wayfinders strong suits on several occasions while playing the game I would just go damn this all looks real real good so when you first arrive in town the game takes you through on a series of quests walking you through the different major areas introducing you to the NPCs and stations and then you go on a brief romp through your very first lost zone mini dungeon you clear a few rooms fight back a large wave of enemies finish the dungeon and then they set you off into the first open Zone area so lets talk a little bit about the open world in wayfinder all throughout your time playing this game you will regularly be directed to these open zones either through a main story Quest some side mission that you pick up or just because there are things that you want to do or Farm in these areas I would say that the open areas are decently sized and fully open to seamlessly explore once you initially load in the open Zone that you were first introduced to is called the high lens and its basically like this fantasy wood lens area so what what things are there to do in the open world well youll go around exploring different points of interest theres lots of really cool bespoke areas to see here theres things like the pit and the crossroads Foundry the blood Works Ironstone keep lower Skylight a lot of highlights a lot of areas to see and then all throughout you will of course come across plenty of enemies to fight youre going to see things like goblins and bandits there are mutants and various Elementals as well as Wildlife like bears and deer and things along those lines and every single enemy has a set level so when you first start out um therell be some safe spots for you to explore where everything is around your level but then you will come across places that are too dangerous because the enemies are way stronger than you now as you play you level up you get stronger and then all of a sudden those low level enemies can be dealt with in one or two hits and then you naturally progress to being able to access the higher level areas but yes it does appear like there is no scaling of enemies within the open Zone area there are public events to do scattered all throughout there will be small ones like you come across these locked chests that can only be opened once you kill all of the enemies surrounding it and those enemies will also have chains wrapped around them which I thought was a neat little touch then there are much larger difficult events like say the summoning rituals where you have to eliminate the Summoner goblins and a few of their minions before a timer runs out youll also encounter these portals where creatures will spawn in from other dimensions and theres a variety of other just open world events that youll come across including some massive World bosses that will roam around in particular areas you will pick up side quests from the various NPCs found in town as well as some open World quest hubs that are found in the world also some objects found in the world will grant you side quests and these ask you to do the typical RPG side questing fare collect some items eliminate targets gather resources there are also a variety of Collectibles and resources to pick up so youll find ore nodes scattered all around you hit these they automatically vacuum up there will be chests that have loot in them some of these will be obvious others are hidden or even buried like youll find locations where theres some rubble and debris on the ground and then by interacting with it the chest will reveal or sometimes enemies will spawn in instead and then also there are these memory fragments these are these glowing yellow orbs youll find these all over the place both in the open world and in Dungeons and theyre used for a lot of the games progression systems specifically for unlocking new weapon masteries for crafting new wayfinders and then for upgrading your Echoes which are kind of like the games version of gems so when I first got into the highlands I actually had the impression that it was kind of a small space like as I first ventured out and pulling up the map it seemed like a relatively tiny area compared to a like typical MMO open world Zone but I gotta say as I spent more time playing and exploring I have come to find that its all rather dense I think this is largely due to their use of layering the environment like this isnt just some flat terrain for you to walk over there are multiple levels to the entire thing so youll find castles and ruins Towers Hills and Rocky formations that tend to expand upward words and then there will be tunnels caves and low valleys that go low and even in some cases underneath parts of the map and then lots of paths and interconnected access points between all of this there will be lots of spots where youre actually required to do some sort of navigation on your part in order to get through theyll be like jumping puzzles to get up to or across an area or youll have to use some of the games various traversal tools that are in the environment which include things like zipline locations various ladders and even elevators now I wouldnt call these open zones massive though in fact just out of curiosity I wanted to test how long it took to get from one point to the other so I ran from the Tiffany top of the map where you first spawn in at the elevator all the way down to the southernmost point and it clocked in at roughly five minutes which even included some checking the map and uh getting lost briefly and having to wait for my stamina to regenerate so the total surface area here not exactly huge but I will say it is designed and layered in a way that does make it feel pretty dense and interesting to explore also you wouldnt ever really just run straight from one end to the other theres no reason to it doesnt make sense theres no purpose behind it usually when youre in the open world you are there to do something be that farming enemies collecting orbs participating in events or doing any of your main or side quests so just running across the map is something youll never actually want or need to do especially since the game has fast travel locations these signal fires that once you unlock you can just instantly teleport to between the Zone with no loading screens now remember they did go as far as to make the distinction and call this game an MMO and as such you will be running into other players youll see them engaged in combat with a pack of enemies traversing the environment collecting orbs or doing any of the public events or side quests of their own all of which by the way you can join up with them at any given time the game does look to incentivize team play by having instance drops like just being next to someone who kills an enemy or opens a chest would actually drop loot for me to collect as well so theres no sense of competition when it comes to fighting enemies and engaging with the open World stuff now in terms of how many players youre going to see in the world well Ill tell you the most I would ever come across at any one time I think was like three people although the entire Zone does hold more than that Ive never actually seen large groups of players all in a single spot at any given time they are there but its just youre gonna occasionally run across them there arent really a lot of instances where theyre all going to be gathered most likely unless you are specifically coordinating gathering with the people in your particular instance um all in all I will say I do feel like theyve done a fairly solid job in executing their version of this open shared World these areas do feel pretty enjoyable to explore unfortunately theres only two of them like I said the zone that you are initially introduced to is called the highlands now after progressing through several hours of the main story Quest along with doing a bit of grinding and leveling up you will eventually be brought to the second Zone called reavers Woods this is like the snow swept region it is an entirely new area filled with all new things to do new Landscapes to explore enemies to fight and resources to collect but from what I understand these two zones are the only two zones that the game is planning to launch with into Early Access and if that is true I do feel like that is far too few I would have guessed or helped for I dont know like five or six zones if not 10 or 15 but the idea that theyre releasing with only two I think may very well leave some people feeling like theres not enough open world content now at the same time none of that may matter because the open zones um you are not going to be spending a majority of your time there most of your time I would guess somewhere between 70 and 80 percent will be in the Lost zones now these are instanced procedurally structured dungeons that you will be running over and over and over again for the sake of gathering resources currencies and the games loot like mentioned earlier after the tutorial you were brought through a brief roughly five minute dungeon run the main quest Giver called Omen asks you to step into your first lost Zone at the Gloom gate which is this massive like dimensional portal sitting just on the edge of town so you spawn into these ruins and are asked to find the Codex Ember you make your way from one hallway to the next with rooms connected in between fighting back goblins and spiders opening chest and collecting resources along the way and then there is this giant purple barrier you break through with your dagger which opens up access to some more hallways and rooms full of enemies you keep on going until you reach the final room which is like this wide open arena there a large group of enemies spawn in and an ambush defeating them lets you open up the Gloom anchor where you collect your bonus rewards complete the dungeon and zone out now structurally this is the basic experience of running a dungeon it of course gets much more varied in layout and appearance and there is a wide variety of different side objectives how hazards and puzzles for you to solve but the general flow is the same Zone in move through the dungeon navigating hallways rooms and some bespoke areas here and there all placed and laid out in a procedural fashion until you finally make your way to this final room where you fight back an ambush or a boss and then the dungeon is complete now to help keep things fresh though the game has multiple zones or locations or tile sets if you want to call it where these dungeons take place and this adds a lot of variety to how the dungeons look to the things that youll encounter and even the enemies that you will fight this isnt just a coat of paint either each dungeon location is rather distinct in not only its appearance but also the structure and layout and design of the rooms that you move through so after that initial mini dungeon Youre brought out into the open world and you have to complete a few tasks and then youre asked to find the entrance to Whats called the Codex Halls now this is an actual physical location in the highlands open zone so youll have to go there in order to gain access youll make your way over maybe youll do some of the open world activities that we talked about earlier while enroute and then once you arrive you go through you complete the dungeon at which point the Codex Halls then becomes available as a new option to open up and run from within town at that big portal called the Gloom anchor and that is how the sort of main story progression is tied into the dungeon farming in this game there will be various steps in between some of the main story quests but essentially once you reach a dungeon and then clear it in the main story Quest that dungeon and that kind of tile sets is then unlocked back in town at which point you can just keep running it over and over and over again and itll all be slightly different each time thanks to how this whole procedural placement of rooms Works which if youre wondering structurally its more or less like a variation in the combination of rooms and then the connecting pieces so youll have hallways that lead into a small room maybe and then maybe that small room has multiple hallways branching off of it in different directions so you go down one hallway and then maybe theres a big room that has multiple levels there could be some stuff in between that maybe some side quest or boss or groups of enemies to fight but then that big room also has some hallways branching off of it or maybe it doesnt and then you head back in the other direction you go down some other hallways and maybe you find a room with a puzzle and then maybe you have to go back to the main area or maybe that puzzle room now has a branching path leading you further and deeper into the dungeon and then maybe you come across a little event and maybe you find a room with a side quest and NPCs theres so many possibilities because they just basically take this entire collection of rooms with it within each one of the dungeon locations and they just piece them together differently every time you run through the dungeon I think the best way to think of it is that every dungeon location has a set number of building blocks and then how theyre connected and laid out will change from one run to the next you will not always be seeing the exact same rooms every single run but yes it is the case that as the more you play and say you keep running the Codex hauls over and over and over again Youre Gonna Keep saying the same room types they will just be presented in a different fashion but it will get repetitive because that is simply how this sort of procedural dungeon structure works in these kind of a game but again each dungeon location has its own separate building blocks so in total the build that I played had nine base dungeon locations the first one you unlocked was the Codex Halls you kept on playing eventually you unlocked the undercroft as well as the repository and then there were three separate mine locations each with which had a different layout and looked to them and there are three additional locations within the Reaver Woods which is that second kind of snow themed zones so there are nine dungeon stylings more or less each with their own distinct bespoke layout and presentation and enemies and things and puzzles to do within them which all combined together does add a lot of variety and theres a lot of other things to keep things fresh and mix it up further so everything that Ive been describing thus far would fall under the category of an expedition but on top of that every dungeon location also has hunts that you can go on which are basically like single room boss fights youll have to craft a special key every time you want to go on a hunt and then that key unlocks access to a fight of that particular Associated boss then on top of that there is the difficulty scaling so whenever you complete successfully a dungeon run you unlock the next tier of difficulty for that dungeon so you start off at level one if you do that successfully you unlock level 2 which will scale everything up to be tankier and deal more damage with each one of these levels there is an Associated recommended gear score basically and this keeps on progressing forward I personally saw as much as five difficulty tiers for the dungeons although there may be more Im just unsure I simply didnt progress that far in the time that I played now on top of that there is also this imbuement system and this adds another layer of difficulty by enhancing enemies in the dungeons with affixes so for example the shadow imbuement will make it so that every enemy that died eyes will then blow up after a few seconds now there are multiple Elemental imbuement types and each one of these will do something different adding an imbuement to your run of course makes everything harder because of the affix and the enhanced enemies but then also gives you better rewards and eventually as you progress you will unlock the ability to apply multiple imbuements to a single run which also as it turns out is a good way to farm for unlocking the various pieces required to craft new wayfinders because you start the game with one and you have to make the rest very similar to how it works in Warframe I will say while there is absolutely a lot of repetition to the process of running dungeons since it is a large part of what youre going to be doing and what you will likely be spending most of your time for progressing your character as well as progressing your weapons and you will be seeing the same areas over and over again coming across the same rooms the same hallways the same path types at run after run after run I do feel like the way they do procedural placement really does help mix things up and keep it varied that in conjunction function with the fact that theyve got these nine different dungeon locations and I assume and as far as we know they will be adding more of these kind of tile sets of these dungeon locations between now and release an average dungeon run would take me somewhere in the ballpark of 10 to 15 minutes and just so you know if you want to get a general idea for like what the flow is of any particular play session personally I found that it would look like this I would log in and probably run a dungeon like two to three times and then maybe I would go on a couple of Boss hunts and then after that I would head out into the open world I would do some side quests and events Id collect some things and then Id take all of the stuff that I gathered in that process and I would use it to level up my character power up my gear and start the loop over again just continuously progressing and getting more and more powerful leveling and getting stronger as I keep doing this Loop over and over and over speaking of which lets dive into the talk about how characters work how the customization is and the games various progression systems so as mentioned earlier in wayfinder you are playing as a character these are not classes like a lot of MMOs do it is way more akin to how warframes frames work every single character has a name they have a backstory and they come with four default abilities along with a few passives and all of this all of these things while they can be modified they never completely change your character is your character your four default abilities are your four default abilities so the game will be launching with six characters or wayfinders in total there is windrave who is kind of the tank and healer hybrid Silo who throws a variety of bombs and can summon decoys this is like a rogue character with a lot of Dash attacks dealing Shadow damage senja is the brawler or Gladiator with melee punches and grapple Hooks and then theres Kairos the war Mage with a variety of ranged and spell attacks the game is also launching with a sixth wave finder but that has as of yet not been revealed I think the rumor is that it is going to be another healer potentially the character that you first select when going through the tutorial that is the one that you will be playing for the foreseeable future they are pretty upfront with this they give you like a big warning after you play through the tutorial and before you finalize your decision saying hey this is the character that you are going to be stuck with for the time being because yes if like me you pick windrave but then decide you want to play niss for example uh youre gonna have to do some grinding because all additional characters beyond the first one you select have to be crafted now crafting characters involves basically grinding for these rare materials to create three memories of the wayfinder that youre wanting to play you combine that with a little bit of gold and that is how you unlock every additional wayfinder beyond your first now it is expected that this is going to be a bit of a grind or very likely that you will be able to purchase the wayfinders because this game is free to play and they have been pretty upfront with the fact that theyre going to be modeling the monetization after Warframe and Warframe is a similar game where you start off with one and then everything beyond that has to be crafted which will take some time and be a grind or you can choose to purchase it which is the other option we are assuming it is going to be exactly the same here and I will just say in the 25 hours that I played I was unable to craft another wayfinder now to be fair I wasnt particularly go aiming for that I wasnt grinding specifically to unlock a particular one but just in my casual play I was nowhere near having the resources to craft a single additional wayfinder now the wayfinder you pick is only one part of the equation though because then there is the weapon system so at the moment there are four weapon types or classes in the game there are the sword and shield the two-handed melee weapons the two-handed range weapons and then dual daggers so every character will start out using their signature weapon so for me on windrave I automatically had the one-handed sword and shield now weapons beyond having their own particular types of attacks and combos they also come with their own ability so my starter sword and shield was called the van guard and its ability was power bash where basically I could do a shield bash for a massive impact damage and guard break damage in combat I would build up charges and then the more charges I have the harder hitting it was but whats interesting is that is just one version of the sword and shield weapon type there are others in the game and every single one of them come with their own unique skill so in the build that we played for the different weapon classes there were four variations of the sword and shield two variations of two-handed melee weapons five ranged weapons and three variations of the dual daggers every one of these variations has their own unique ability so your weapons that you use arent only like that like sword and shield attack Combos and lights and Heavies but also depending on the one that you use will give you a completely different fifth skill for your character now they have said that this list will be expanded upon with time I do believe by the time we get Early Access released there should be even more than the ones that we saw in the build that Im played and whats even more interesting though is that while your character does start off with one particular weapon type you can use any weapon in the game like halfway through my Play Time on wingrave I decided to swap into using two-handed melee weapons so I still had my four base abilities they stayed the same and I now had access to a completely new light and heavy attack chain combo as well as all of the different attack variations like the jumping attack and the dodging attack but then I also had a brand new fifth ability so the two-handed ax that I was using was called typhoon its a heavy hitting weapon deals high damage to health and resilience and then it has this different a passive system where engaging in combat builds momentum adding additional damage to the attacks that I do and its ability was called shatter where I would then consume all of my momentum and perform the strong overhead slam and if I land a direct hit that would Sunder the targets causing them to take increased damage for 10 seconds so the weapon system it cannot be understated how it is almost like the other half of your your character yes your four abilities will never change for the character that you play but there is some distinguishing of your play style and your build as we go into the other parts of progression but combat changes drastically once you switch your weapons because while I started with a sword and shield I swapped to a two-handed ax I could then also if I wanted to try the two-handed sword thats in the game or I could try one of the five ranged weapons or I could switch and try one of the three dual daggers and if they can stay on top and continuously add not only new versions of these four weapon classes but I want to see more weapon classes because theres so much more than swords and shields two-handed melee range and dual daggers that they could go with I mean in particular off the top of my head wheres the Caster stuff where are the stabs and the wands like that opens up a whole new range of possibilities and it is really exciting the the potential here if they continue to expand on the system but even just with the system that they currently have in place now theres much more progression in the form of accessories echoes uh the Affinity system and the abilities and masteries so lets dive into that so first up youve got accessories this is essentially your gear slots in the game you will not be finding Helms and chess pieces and pants uh youre a wayfinder appearance is mostly cosmetic besides changing out your weapon but the gear comes from these accessories theyre basically relics that you find theyll drop from enemies youll find them in chest but then you can also craft them basically theyre like stat sticks it is a pretty straightforward system they will have levels and come in various Rarities you will equip the best version and the highest level Relic that you have that also has the particular stats that you are looking to enhance now beyond the fact that every Relic has a stat boost to it they will also come in sets as so if you have two or three of these set accessories then you get the bonuses associated with that in addition to this there is the echo system this is basically like gems you will collect these and they provide stat boost increasing your health weapon and ability damage things like crit or other offensive and defensive stats um there are also classes of Echoes that will add an ability modifier so some modifiers include if you use your weapon ability you can then drop a bomb that deals magic and Brake damage or if you lose half of your guard break all of a sudden it summons a damage Shield equal to 25 percent of your health or there was one that I found where any melee combo finishers which is just basically the end of an attack chain uh once you reach that it then summons a large AOE blast and these are just three examples of this class of Echoes that will modify your attacks or your abilities or give you some sort of passive enhancement I assume there are way more beyond the three that Ive seen so these Echoes will be slotted onto your character but also into your weapon and the accessories that you have and each one of those character weapon and accessories will have an echo capacity so The Echoes themselves will have a type and Rarity and level and then also an Associated cost and the system works very similar to Warframe where you try to match the echo type to the the proper slots on your character weapon or accessories and if you do so that will actually cut its cost in half which then lets you fit more and more powerful Echoes In its just a matching game which gives you access to more potential capacity to put more or stronger stronger Echoes on your character and then outside of whatever condition Echoes are found when they drop for you they can then further be upgraded by feeding other Echoes into them which increases their star rating which increases their power the other form of power progression comes through this system of affinity basically there are three lines of affinity that you can progress down there is Instinct discipline and focus now this progression can be done for both your character and the weapon that youre using each one of these categories will just enhance a particular combination of stats so your basic stats include your max Health resilience weapon and ability power crit rating and power brake power and then physical and Magic defense so depending on the character the accessories and the weapon that youre using the particular combination of stats that you get from going down the Instinct discipline and focused trees may change at the bottom its just another form of power progression where you move through this leveling it up and spending resources which makes you stronger in whatever attributes youre looking to enhance on top of this there are perks that you will unlock as you progress further down each individual path and these provide some further specialization by giving you a passive boost enhancing your character now as I talked about earlier the abilities that you get for your characters are static you know every single windrave has the four same abilities for example those are locked in and they never change however as you level up your character you are granted points to enhance those abilities but theres no choice here theres no like branching tree basically every ability has three tiers of upgrade and then as you upgrade it it just makes it stronger giving it you know additional percentage damage or healing or whatever just making it better it is a pretty bare bone system and Im actually a little disappointed that they they havent expanded further upon it I dont know why there arent at least like eight options like if we can only have four active skills at least have like multiple variations of those if nothing else what I would love to see so that you take the four base abilities of my windrave and then once I level it up youve had a branching path where I can change and pick from one of two options or maybe I keep the original core option so maybe every ability has three potential variations the core and then two two alternates that then turns out to be 12 potential skills that players can choose from but right now if Im windrave I have four abilities its the same four abilities as every other wind grave except maybe theirs are just modified differently than mine um its pretty Bare Bones and honestly something that I think needs to be improved Im astonished that this is what theyre going with but it is what it is and then finally for power progression theres the Mastery system so your character is going to start out with the Mastery of your weapon class like my wingrave had the sword and shield Mastery but you can then unlock the other weapon class masteries by spending some memory fragments and those were those yellow glowing or herbs scattered around the game that I talked about earlier it does look from this build like they intend at some point to add a Mastery perk system but right now nothings in the game that is probably just coming later in development so that is the power progression now you might be wondering well how does visual progression work um well there is none is basically how it works or doesnt work from what I saw the visual appearance of your character is entirely 100 cosmetic like if I wanted my characters look to change I would have to change the weapon that Im using or go into the Cosmetic Tab and swap things around now in the build that I was playing I dont know if I had access to like a collectors edition variation of the game I couldnt tell you but I did have a few options to start so I was able to change up to my on my appearance at no point did I ever find or unlock any new Cosmetics to swap out my character there was no changing of my visual appearance unless I stepped in the customization tab or like I said unless I swapped the weapon that I was you using and I found that pretty darn disappointing I mean I do wish that they went with a traditional gear system for the games power progression because then that would give the variation of gear swapping out and changing as you find New pieces but no that is not what theyve gone with and visual changes do appear to be 100 cosmetic I am of course hoping that by the time the game comes out there will be Cosmetics for you to unlock while playing and it is not entirely tied to monetization Ill give them the benefit of the doubt but also its a free-to-play game so maybe cosmetics only change by buying new skins I dont know yet but in the build that I played I never found a new cosmetic besides the ones that I started with so there you go which brings us into discussion of monetization now in the build that we played there was no monetization to be seen there was no cash shop not even like a work in progress coming soon tab but it is absolutely going to be there at release of course it is because this is a free to play game and they have explicitly said theyre going to be modeling it after what Warframe does so what is that well if youre not familiar a lot of warframes progression actually centers around the use of these kind of long build timers so youll need to construct various parts for your weapons or the frames that you want to build and those will come with a build time for the higher value stuff for the better stuff sometimes that build time can be very very long many many hours I mean its been a long time since I played but I recall build times of over a day potentially so you can wait that time or by spending a little in-game currency they let you pay real money to skip those wait timers now I should say from what I saw there were no timers and for the building for the crafting systems in this game but that could change because they have said theyre going to be modeling after Warframe so so its certainly possible now other things that Warframe has available for sale in the cash shop include of course there are cosmetic skins there are the characters or the warframes themselves there are weapons that you can buy you can purchase various equipment and boosters enhancing boosters percentage boosters XP boosters currency boosters and there are also companions available for sale now because wayfinder has said this heres the exact quote actually they stated that the game will be quote embracing the free and fair digital extremes monetization philosophy now in terms of wayfinder like I mentioned I didnt see any build timers but at the same time I also couldnt find a cash shop not even a tentative spot for the cash shop it will be there though at the very least if nothing else they will be selling skins and like I said the built-in cosmetic customization and progression was pretty much non-existent from what I saw well have to see where all of this lands once the game officially comes out now as for my overall Impressions I really like the game and I yeah like I said I really found that as I kept playing more I was enjoying the game more and more and I wanted to keep on playing on the good side I think the gameplay and combat in general feels really solid I absolutely love the visuals the design the aesthetic the way the world is built the Overworld area how its structured and how it is to explore and even the progression system I thought felt pretty good although I think it could use a little more variety in particular I would love to see more wayfinder skill variety as for the bad well unfortunately performance was pretty rough Ive got a pretty high-end rig and even I struggled to maintain a consistent frame rate in the open World The Dungeons it was much smoother but while I was in the open Zone play Space it was a little choppy uh it was even worse for my friend who has a 2080 and he just I mean he said he would go down into the teens like the FPS drops were pretty substantial and it was almost unplayable for him so whatever the issues are hopefully they can iron out performance before release I also want to say that lots of the world felt a little stiff this is a preview build so there were things like t-posing NPCs and characters that kind of just felt like plopped in place obviously the T posing is going to be swapped out um but I do hope that they can add some more animation to the environment and the NPCs within it because I did feel like a lot of it felt static almost like I was walking through a diorama instead of like a living world so I feel like they they should do something to breathe a little more life into the game and and just make it feel a little more alive that would go a long way um I also really hope that they launch with more than just two open world zones I hope Im misunderstanding or was misinformed and that they will be releasing with like four or five if not I feel like some people are gonna feel its just not enough and theres not enough to this game even with the fact that you are spending most of your time in the dungeons it would be a shame if that is going to drag the game down but overall though yeah I really like this game I had a lot of fun and I think its got a ton of potential so when are we gonna be able to play it they are looking to go into Early Access at some point in May there will be play tests between now and then and the game is slated for a full release later in this calendar year now remember it is a free to play game and with that they are going to have not only a cash shop but also a season system so they said the seasons will be released every three months and with each season they will be including a brand new wayfinder brand new weapons as well as new open world events and dungeon challenges now I do believe that they will occasionally with these Seasons also be introducing new zones and new dungeon templates are those dungeon locations that we talked about but that is not going to be coming with every season they have not said as much its not expected I think wayfinder is really cool I really had a good time with it Im looking forward to playing more its definitely not going to be everyones cup of tea and it isnt a traditional MMO if we still want to argue about the genre classification of this game but in my experience it is nevertheless a fun loot game it is a fun grinding game if they can nail performance if they can work on more combat variety please for the love of God make it so that we dont just have those four skills make branching paths if you can whatever Im not Im not a game developer but man it seems like a shame that theres four abilities that never change for our wayfinders yeah whatever were supposed to play different wayfinders I get it what if I dont want to play different wayfinders well then the games not for me anyways thats it for me today thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed this video it is very long but I hope it was informative and helpful for you Im looking forward to wayfinder cant wait to play Ill see you guys later take it easy thanks for watching steam won't connect Wayfinder is a new third person, action MMO, thats like a mashup of Warframe and Destiny, the game looks to have loads of potential. After roughly 40 hours of playtime, heres an overview of the game, what there is to do, and my thoughts so far. cranberry steam pudding did i win a steam deck free limited games steam steam deck resolution docked steam how to get trading cards