Phenmor Build 2022 (Guide) - After The Fix (Warframe Gameplay)

Play steam games on the gosteam wrapped Warframe gameplay the angels of zaraman update brought with it a whole lot of exciting things we got brand new warframe brand new missions and brand new weapons as well now unfortunately the update also shipped with a whole lot of bugs making things a bit confusing as some weapons were performing better or worse than they were supposed to thankfully those bugs have been squashed now and its finally time to check out the headline weapon defendmore the brand new evolving rifle now normally i have a new player friendly approach but this is anything but a new player friendly weapon as you need to jump through a whole lot of hurdles to actually get said weapon and unlock its full potential so were going to be showcasing a end game set up some people prime mods galvanized mods were going to be taking it to steel path im going to be showing you variations on the build because the good news is this is a very powerful primary weapon and no matter how you build it it will perform so without further ado as always my name is lazar and this is the fenmore first thing we got to do is understand how to open functions so we know exactly what were getting from our evolution perks so lets have a look at that with a couple of free shots in primary fire mode or primary fire form the fenmore is a simple semi-automatic rifle with a projectile based attack the projectile has travel speed and a ever so slight drop off to it so depending on the distance uh between you and your target you might want to aim slightly above enemies heads because you do want to get head shots take a look at my crosshairs when you go full aim mode it does that whole animation thing its got a little bit of a jiggle to it but more importantly right underneath the crosses you have a bar which loads when you get headshots it glows blue right now the color will depend on your weapon energy color so you can make it more visible in game when you got any bar charge whatsoever the weapon can go to secondary mode or incarnate form by pressing your secondary fire button that is your middle mouse button or your controller right analog stick if youre playing on console or with a controller and this my friends is the full incarnate form of the fenmore essentially its a minigun and as you fire youll see you will drain that bar underneath your crosshairs take a look at that when that bar is full it represents 408 ammunition theres no reload no nothing essentially youre gonna drain the whole thing then switch back automatically to primary form in this form theres no recoil whatsoever almost at full fire mode take a look steady as a rock and yes you do kind of pepper the screen and you will have to go for headshots only if you choose to build a weapon for critical chance if you dont you can simply go for body shots if you choose to go back to normal form at any given point when you still have a little bit of bar then you will lose whatever bar you had remaining and you got to charge up again usability for primary fire mode is pretty decent its got a little recoil on it honestly not all that much now i fully understand that if youre playing with a controller youre on console or you simply enjoy the controller more for some reason this might be an issue so you might want to go for a specific perk which we will talk about later but honestly even for a player like me that im not the best at aiming this recall is more than manageable its really a preference thing now were going to have a quick look at stats before we jump over to the chrysalis and whats his face to see the incarnate bonuses or the evolutions accuracy is going to be 28.6 on primary fire mode its pretty good as you saw there you should have no problem getting headshots whatsoever the fire rate is free magazine is 30 by default but as you saw there mine has 45 hey what gives im using a talent that a evolution that increases the magazine capacity by 50 the problem is even though the bugs have been squished you still got a couple of visual bugs when it comes to the fenmore and the stat screen it only shows magazine of 30. it does have 45. noise alarming because you know big projectile rifle or that thing reload of 2.8 seconds thats a tad on the lengthy side now if you go for reload speed mods such as prime fats hands this will also increase the animation speed of transitioning between normal fenmore and incarnate fern furthermore honestly the animation is kind of cool but it does take a hot second so you might want to go for this one for me personally i never really felt the need to riven this position is going to be one of the five i dont recommend revenge for this bow one weapons because its not that they cant be good they can be good but you got to be either very lucky or very rich to get one and believe it or not minus critical chance driven for fenmores are actually a thing not necessarily the best thing but a thing damage you got 20 critical chance and 20 status chance with a 2.0 base critical multiplier we can manipulate this using evolutions as well its not bad its not fantastic either now the damage you see here applies to the primary fire mode you got puncture and slash you got a whole lot more slash than you do puncture so you will be getting yourself some procs even if you are not using hunter munitions lets see here accuracy of 14.3 were looking at the secondary fire mode right now where the incarnation for massive fire rate of 13.43 thats huge magazine of 30. this is false the magazine will depend on how many how much bar you got a single headshot should get you about 34 bullets in incarnate form and a full bar should get you a 408 thats going to be after 12 headshots and yes multishot does that does count so piling on the multi shot will mean a faster charge noise alarming punch for three meters by default that is absolutely bloody fantastic now you can go prime thread for example and further increase that but honestly its not really needed three meters is more than plenty especially if youre going to be using some clumping up ability abilities like bow ban or nidus reload on two seconds no this is basically the animation speed ribbon this position the same as you might have guessed damage critical chance critical damage is the same but the damage layout differs you got slash which is propriety number one and radiation damage on the incarnate form so essentially you already see a trend with the sun right you can build viral youre gonna be having plenty of viral and slash you can even use an ips mod to increase the property of slash but that would be wasteful considering its already proc priority number one in the excellent slot well the thing is you can go on this weapon for some evolutions that help you complement your mods and for that lets hop on over to whats his face oh yeah cavaliero is his name and i guess evolving weapons game but thats not important what is important at level one youre gonna be unlocking the incarnate form but at level two you get a choice of free evolution check this one out void guidance fifty percent accuracy and fifty percent less recall while aiming if you choose this one while aiming the weapon becomes dead still so if youre playing gun controller if youre on console if youre not fine with the recall of the weapon go for this one honestly on a personal level i never really had issue with getting headshots with this weapon but if you do go for this one complimentary if you choose this evolution in the weapon xl slot you can go for plus pfs plus projectile flight speed you can get 70 percent or what you can do is get 80 from the salad with swift deliverance and in the excellent slot of the weapon simply mod for minus recall weapon stabilizer 60 and forget about voids guidance now granted stabilizer doesnt make the weapon completely still this one however does these are usability talents essentially the plus pfs means less leading your targets yes because the projectile simply travels faster and this is better aiming if you have trouble aiming use void guidance but the best in slot dps wise is obviously rapid raf and you will go for rapid wrath if you are fine with the usability aspects of the weapon this is my choice as i dont really have an issue getting headshots next at level three another fantastic choice check this one out retributions vessel the 50 magazine capacity simply because the other two are freaking underwhelming the weapon goes to 45 magazine capacity but only on primary fire mode it doesnt affect the secondary fire mode you know what else doesnt affect the secondary fire mode these two so do we even talk about him ready retaliation on reload from empty 100 reload speed for six seconds yay executioners fortitude on headshot kill 20 chance for instantly reload youre not supposed to kill targets with the primary fire mode unless you enjoy it more for some reason this is the obvious way to go unless of course i dont know what thats it just go for that one at level four evolution four this is a great choice check this one out these two were bugged up until recently and they are still semi-bugged the developer fixed some functionality wise but not visual wise and i will explain did you notice earlier how magazine capacity did not show 45 in the stat screen but it is actually 45 in gameplay its the same thing with these bloody two first one survivors edge 10 critical chance and 10 status chance no new essentially this does not modify the base critical chance or status chance of the weapon it simply adds 10 and 10. this is a bonus additive after so simply doesnt care about the base of the weapon right so if my base is 30 it doesnt mean it will add free and free right its gonna add its gonna go to 40 and 40. this is not worth it this on the other hand elemental excess is worth it 20 status chance and minus 10 critical chance now with this one your status chance is going to be going to 50 while critical chance is going to be going to 20 without any additional mod so do bear that one in mind its fantastic if youre going to be coupling it with the last evolution called devouring attrition 50 chance to deal 2000 damage on non-critical hits you get the gist of it yes no more crits we built for raw damage yay fantastic especially if you got a minus cc ribbon and the last option i will say this is the smart form incarnate efficiency headshot build 50 more in current transmutation charge essentially you want to use this weapon in its secondary fire mode its in current form and to build charge faster is vital to the weapon so if you just want to be safe and chill you go with incarnate efficiency and especially if you have trouble getting those head shots if not elemental access and you try the final one called devouring attrition lets talk about the last two options at evolution five spiteful defilement enemies suffering fewer than three status effects will receive plus 100 critical damage no no i mean free status is really that thats it free stat youre gonna get more than that from just the fenmore alone free status effects fewer than three status effects you know fewer than that means two no chance in hell and also the bonus just 100 critical damage the e that should have been at least 400 if you wanted us to actually twitch and instead of three make it five if not six and the last one is lingering judgment the judgment which lingers onto headshots within 250 headshot damage for eight seconds aha i see what you did here if youre the sharpshooter and if youre gonna be building the weapon for critical chance keep in mind you get bonus uh damage on critical headshots yes if you dont know how critical chance the critical damage still applies in warframe and all the hidden multipliers and all whatnot look at the cards right now its an old vid but it still applies today if youre gonna be building the weapon for crit and you just enjoy going for headshots go with lingering judgment but the obvious choice of course is going to be devouring attrition and at this level either elemental access or incarnate efficiency depending on how comfortable you are with the weapon now lets take a look at a crit build first and then were gonna go for a raw damage approach for a crit build im gonna be using incarnate efficiency instead of survivors edge because again its only ten percent in the percent it doesnt really matter all that much even if it is bonus additive after as for the last one were gonna go with lingering judgment and then were gonna switch to devouring attrition and a belt should look something like well this multi shuttle galvanized chamber critical chance and critical damage for the use of critical delay vital since of course hunter munitions needs to be here since you know yay critical build and of course we also got galvanized aptitude on the weapon this is not an explosive weapon so galvanized aptitude does actually function and since most of our targets are going to be dying under the effects of bleeds were going to be using primary merciless as well keep in mind that primary merciless also gives you the following benefit plus 100 ammo maximum and 30 reload speed and reload speed does help with the animation honestly its kind of best in slot for this weapon we got a bane mod ew disgusting gross i know and if you dont want to use a bane mod by all means my friends use serration instead its still going to be better up until level 500 600 so do wear that one in mind now this is the look of the build you notice something im assuming i did not use maxed out 6060 mods why is that rhyme rounds and malignant force are unupgraded thats because i want to increase the proc priority of slash and reduce the proc priority of viral i only really need 10 viral procs on my target and considering how many bullets i put into my target how fast using the incarnate form i dont really need the full 60 60s instead im going to be getting more slash procs 100 munitions got a 30 chance on crit but also we can get slashes from the weapons innate value and status chance so were gonna be testing out the weapon like so make sure that we dont skew the test results with any outside influences were gonna be using another one instead of moderate so we dont get extra damage so you can see what the weapon is capable of on its own two feet on level 165 corrupted heavy goons because honestly using this on 120s is a bloody joke only free targets eight targets and of course were gonna go for headshots im gonna put a couple of headshots into my targets then switch to incarnate form and essentially destroy absolutely everything that stands before me now the more i shoot the more i get my buffs from the galvanized mod and of course the arcane as well take a look im just gonna lightly touch my button it just bloody disappears its unfreaking believable how powerful this weapon is and how flexible it is as well did you notice the increase in speed on that transition absolutely freaking sensational and because of the added mole cd shot its gonna be a lot easier for you to charge your incarnation form as well im gonna switch im gonna do a single shot boom look at all that charge just from a single shot more than enough to absolutely annihilate a high pack of corrupted heavy goons 77 000 bleed without even trying and i still have plenty of charge no problem whatsoever this is the kind of build you would go for if you prefer a more critical approach with hunter munitions volunteers and purposes and not necessarily the best way to go about it but it is a way that was three shots and my bar is almost full one more shot full bar full 408 ammunition on this absolutely sensational now thats pretty much it for simulacrum performance but what about steel path welcome to the void my friends and this is steel path and look how easy it is to actually build bar its already full and im already going incarnate for no problem whatsoever and of course the weapon needs a couple of stacks and then boom absolutely outstanding take a look at that now you see him now get down theres really not a whole lot of commentary i can add to this section other than the fact that the weapon is extremely powerful as is it has one big issue and you guys probably noticed it by now but im gonna save it for the conclusion if you want to do steel path whatever the weapon is more than capable of take a look at that fantastic and i havent even showcased the raw damage build yet now if you do prefer something different lets assume that youre tired of the same hunter munitions approach then your talents need to change that is your evolution oh look one of those new fancy eczemas is the arson guy that knocks you back in this thing and a whole lot of slashes i didnt die thats pretty much it now about that raw damage build this is one of my problems with the evolution weapons every single time i gotta go down to the chrysalis and talk to whats his face and change my talents its not exactly ideal ideally we would change it from our arsenal so were just going to look at the final level were going to switch from lingering judgment over to devouring attrition just like you would for the latem and of course at level four were no longer going for incarnate efficiency were gonna be going for the plus 20 status chance minus 10 critical chance elemental excess while it doesnt show correctly in the stat screen it does actually apply the box currently is only a visual thing one note though i still think the smarter thing to do is to go for incarnate efficiency but dps wise elemental access would be better in this case if you die i got dibs on your stuff damage restoration multi-shot with galvanized chamber as well as vigilante armaments no critical chance no critical damage whatsoever the same unranked rhyme rounds and malignant force bane of the disgusting galvanized aptitude and vile acceleration for fire rate now it also takes away minus fifty percent of your damage but its damage added by serration so it doesnt really matter all that much keep in mind my friends that you shouldnt really overdo it with fire rate because ammo is a thing in incarnate form yes so to wear that one in mind now you can go with primary deadhead because considering how many bullets youre gonna be putting you into your target theyre probably gonna die from the impact alone but if your targets still die mostly under the effects of procs you switch back to merciless this one also minus 50 weapon recoil if you have trouble with that and 30 to headshot multiplier were going to be testing out the weapon like sue on the same corrupted heavy goons level 165 and then were gonna go back to the path of steel one three four youre almost full five shots for a full bar no problem whatsoever switch to incarnate form and of course were gonna have oh this is what it is its like a broom essentially it swepts up all the targets absolutely bloody fantastic man this is one hell of a weapon i love it it performs with a crit build it performs with a raw damage approach you can take it to essentially anywhere in the game the weapon will still perform now let me take it slow so you see what the projectile thats one two its gone one shot from a single bullet did you see the amount of damage from the slash you didnt see it 92 000 on that one how about this one 121 000 on that one a single bullet out of the weapon which is why i said its important not to overdo it with fire rate so do wear that one in mind also the weapon in incarnate form has that three meters which were for puncher which is more than significant so you can do it there it goes there it bloody goes its simply that powerful what more do you want obviously this is the build you want to go for and it does fall off at a certain level definitely past level two three thousand i wouldnt necessarily use it without any additional warframe buffs effects or synergies steel path gameplay and im gonna do a little bit uncut unedited just so you can see an actual gameplay how hard it is to get that charge up right so i got a drone over here completely destroyed i want to get that headshot already got a headshot on my target no problem whatsoever now these targets are affected by crowd control thanks to revenant but as you can see im already at full charge no problem whatsoever this my friends is an absolutely stellar weapon absolutely incredible at single target damage heres the capture target and if you didnt know the capture target is basically buffed a little bit in terms of survivability heres a corrupted heavy buy nothing absolutely nothing can stand before this weapon its gloriously good fun if you want a bullet hose because in essence this is what it is its an absolutely outstanding bullet hose now we can take it even further than this in case it wasnt enough for you how about some warriors lady mirage prime at her outstanding buffs if you know what i mean corrosive projection against heavy armored targets yes absolutely but honestly dont feel forced into this one whatever your bill calls for will be fine because the fenmore as you saw doesnt actually need any buffs arcane adventure only if youre going for a critical build were not going to be going for a critical build realistically speaking this is where your energize or something like that would be you want to overdo it with fire rate of course you do because theres no kill like oversea kill and you can go to critical velocity and youre going to say hold up dude its on critical chance it doesnt matter it doesnt matter the weapon still has a little bit of critical chance and you will still be getting this one up all the time unless of course you went for a minus critical ribbon in that case no cigar more raw damage sure why not arcane rage but honestly as i mentioned before it doesnt really need any warframe buffs for a companion buff if youre going for critical mode you should be going for a sentinel and on that sentinels weapon make sure you have the vigilante mods if not go for the panzer vulpa viola and the vital procs that she will offer to you keep in mind that if youre getting vital pros from the full profile you can build a weapon for something else corrosive heat why not definitely not a bad idea same target says before why i mean i was one bullet shotting them before what do you think is gonna happen now even more garbage but this outlines the one issue the weapon no matter how good it is and jesus its hella good its still a single target and it cannot match something like the brahma or the superstar but you know what not everything needs to be bloody well there you go look at look at this still go theyre still going its like theres a big room bob thank you this is fun Laughter for no reason whatsoever my friends for no reason whatsoever defendmore is an absolutely outstanding weapon one that everybody should go out and farm right now especially considering that most of the bugs have been fixed but still fenmore is something unimportant which is essential visual things but the effects are 100 there the one problem with the fan more its still a single target weapon and you know what this may be a subjective thing but its a little bit plain jane in the sense that this is still just a bullet hose at the end of the day a beautiful fantastic and highly satisfying bullet hose but just a bullet hose now the secondary incarnate weapon or the evolving weapon the latem ah now that one is a little bit more interesting and hella powerful my friends youve gotta get that one as well full and detail build guide in the cards right now as always my name is lazar thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoy the content if you got any sorts of feedback for me i would love to read it in the comment section down below and let me know what is your favorite part to the angels of zaraman update you can also find me on twitch facebook twitter all the usual places and if you love the content consider supporting us via patreon link the cards right now until next time my friends bye Music Music Music you steam deck game pass pc Phenmor Build 2022 (Guide) - After The Fix (Warframe Gameplay)Today we have a the full and detailed guide for the New Evolving Primary, The Phenmor! The guide is done after the bug fixes of 31.5.7 and the weapon functions correctly. Well do a full overview of how the weapon functions and its mechanics after which will have a through look at what are the best evolutions and what to pick of the best build. Showcasing two builds in Steel Path both for Raw Damage and Critical Slash. Because the Incarnon weapon is very complex and the guide takes a while to cover all relevant aspects well make an exception and add chapters. 0:00 Intro 01:02 Mechanics & Functionality 03:08 Base Stats Analysis 06:22 Inacrnon Evolutions 11:46 Crit Build Overview Lingering Judgement Build 13:26 Crit Build Performance 15:58 Raw Damage Build Evolutions 16:33 Raw Damage Build Overview Overwhelming Attrition Build 17:29 Raw Damage Build Performance 19:48 Warframe Buffs/Synergies 21:05 Conclusions This will cover everything you need to know about the Phenmor Warframe Build Warframe is a free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed and published by Digital Extremes. LeyzarGamingViews : Patreon: Discord Community : Donation: Twitch Page: Facebook: Twitter: #Warframe #Phenmor #BuildGuide cracked games opening steam fix herbal facial steam microwave steam milk american steam locomotive pc game controller for steam