DREAD vs LVL 9999 | Steel Path Build Guide WARFRAME

Seafood steam pot near mezoo tycoon steam Warframe gameplay this is Paradise Music since the jewelry Paradox is coming soon and the incanon adapters are probably going to shake out Warframe endgame Im not gonna lie the fact that we are getting incanon bows got me Ultra hyped the possibility to get some natural Vibes on my dread or Paris is gonna feel awesome I decided to start to prepare for it as there is nothing to fancy going on right now got my ends on this dread ribbon and how to do a level cap the goal of my Loadout going into this run was to try out ivara at the same time as I actually never played her for a disruption yet and I knew she would work perfectly with the dread as its a salon on precise weapon that will be able to keep me stealth while shooting and fully benefit from the overall at shot damage bonus keep in mind that we are always priming the demo list using a secondary weapon with Arcane secondary encumber and super secrets and we almost tripped them using caustic strike from the unaru operator School grenius clone flash is vulnerable to slash under dread as a ton of critical chance so I built my dread around and termination we did a Greener Mission so I modded Prime band of cranial I primed the target with my cubanico it guarantees 5 unique statuses or more so galvanized aptitude is mandatory I further scale my multi-shot modding galvanized chamber and vigilanti armaments if you got a Riven just replace a vigilante armaments with it we need fire rate on both so I modded vile acceleration we further scaled our critical damage with critical delay Vital Signs and vigilante supplies finally as we only had shot I use Arcane primary dead for my prolifera build I didnt go for the usual efficiency strength build as we require duration to be able to use utilize raw element ability so instead of efficiency I scale my duration which will also give me a manageable energy drain on my abilities modding Prime continuity and narrow-minded then we want as much strength as possible to enhance our Pro and raw damage increase modding a blind rage transient fortitude intensify and I can multi granted my aura of choice is ultra hump as we swap from our secondary to primary weapon every time we engage the demo list as we are permaproll during the Run we need rain flow and I can energize to replenish our energy and finally as usual Prime show footage on rolling world if you want to try out this build let me warn you about the fact that Pro consumes more energy while walking taking damage and paramily attack hits so forget using a melee to farm Keys youll have to shoot your red subscribe how to add a ubisoft game to steam JOIN MY DISCORD 😈 | - Check out my Streaming Channel and come Chat with us --- I hope you enjoyed, if you have any question feel free to drop a comment below! Time codes 0:00 Gameplay 0:25 Explanation 0:42 Riven 1:21 Dread Build 1:53 Ivara Build 2:34 Extra Advice --- Twitter : Tiktok : Instagram : --- #warframe #dread #2023 pizza tower steam deck steam tug boat add custom amount to steam wallet ninjaripper steam handheld steam cleaner couch