Hildryn Overview

Philips avent 3 in 1 electric steam sterilizersteam repair game files WARFRAME: HILDRYN PRIME ACCESS - BALEFIRE PACK steam so like the title of the video says Im just going to be basically showcasing what Im working on right now what Im kind of doing for you guys I was requested by one of the viewers of one of my other videos that I could work on hildren so thats what Ive been doing thats why this video is a little late Im still not completely through all of my testing for hildren just be patient I am so far pleasantly surprised by some of her kit but I am really disappointed and the the reason why Im disappointed and I this is gonna be more video talking about hildren in general rather than specifics so if you guys dont want to hear any of this just know I am working on her Im gonna be releasing a video for all of her stuff including her passive so catch those videos if you dont want to hear my thoughts and opinions right now but this is gonna be kind of an overarching view of what she is and Im also gonna showcase one little thing and you guys have probably seen this if you looked up hildren at all its kind of cheesy but cool nonetheless so in any case back to my thoughts and opinions about hildren so hildren is an incredibly interesting design but her skills and her her general feel dont really jive some of her skills feel very interesting and then other skills kind of feel I dont even know Im not 100% sure if theyre tacked on or they just they like the premise but then they didnt know how to balance it and push it together cuz her kid just doesnt have any synergy lets go ahead and take a look at abilities Im gonna skip her passive her passive has a bunch of stuff in it just keep in mind its there it has a lot of stuff the most important thing about it is that if you have over shields you worry you were immune effectively to status procs now theres a lot of problems with that but were going to get into the passive section when we go into it specifically I really just want to do an overview of this the other big thing about her is that she becomes invulnerable for a short amount of time which well showcase in this video is just sort of like a teaser moving on we have balefire its an exalted weapon you summon it you have one in your hand if you look in the video or in the little image in the background you up to this occurs whenever you go into each a storm your ultimate it doesnt fire faster it doesnt deal any more damage it doesnt do anything special when you pull out - and I think that sums up kind of the problem with hildren is that she has like a lot of interesting things a lot of good things and then they just dont capitalize on those moments to make you feel really good and I think theres a lot of ways that they could improve this and fix it and some of them are really small changes that I would recommend that would probably fix it outright when I get done with this Im probably gonna do a recommendations video for hildren I think shes in a state where its shes sort of very close to being amazing very close just with a few tweaks here and there and I would I would make one major change as well like I said before but lets go ahead and jump through the rest of the abilities and then were gonna go into that little sneak peak and then look out for my videos in the coming weeks so we have pillage pillage a percentage of shields and armor of nearby enemies this removes status effects from hildren and her allies so this is a good way to remove statuses however you have a very low health pool on hildren and a single slash or a single gas proc can kill you very fast at high levels so youre not unless youre like a competitive gamer youre not gonna be able to pillage most of the time in time unless youre spamming it and if youre spamming it youre kind of being a support frame at that point and thats another thing that Im gonna get to in her overall design - of her skills feel very supportive - of her skills feel very offensive and then everything built into her stats and her passive is sort of meant to be tanky so none of her it kind of works together in jives and youre gonna start seeing this as we go through everything Haven you create a shield aura around allies now this has a fairly small range for a support ability now any of those allies theyre also going to project that aura out and deal damage to enemies nearby as radiation were not going to get into the nitty-gritty of this but this thing is very costly if you have a large number of enemies leading to you leading you to certain design choices some of which are very poor in implementation they dont really work well for what theyre doing and you kind of have to make a lot of concessions and were gonna get into a lot of this stuff as we keep going Aegis storm you fly up in the air you have a bubble around you that CCs enemies as you can see there they have a higher chance to drop energy orbs every few seconds I dont even think you have to kill them from what Ive seen so far they just theyll just drop them I dont know what the chances are exactly it is very often the problem is you dont get a lot of utility out of energy orbs because you dont have energy thats one of the biggest things about hildren is you dont have energy you have shields instead and dropping energy orbs is I guess okay but again its sort of like a weird cockamamie support skill if if allies want to run over there and grab them it produces a lot of them so if its good its opie if its not good then its useless thats kind of the vibe of this skill the second part of the skill is you can fly around now if you look it says take the skies etc etc etc it its not really take to this guys you can get up I think 10 meters off the ground if you go any higher it will govern you itll push you back down if you fly over a hole you actually fall very quickly its not super fast but you do fall very its not good you do not feel like youre in an air superiority position and I feel like thats a shame because this is probably her most iconic sort of thing so the final aspect of Aegis storm is the fact that you cant actually shoot guns when youre an aegis storm the only thing you can actually fire is bail fire itself so any build using aegis storm is more than likely going to use bail fire and were going to talk about some of those design flaws when we get to each of these notes so now that Ive kind of went over the overview and Ive kind of set the mood for these videos these this series of videos anyway I kind of want to show a kind of a shred of a short of light so what Im gonna do is Im gonna spawn a bunch of HEPA Gunners notice the AI is off invincibility is off I have arcane Aegis proct on my character and youre gonna see that I have become literally immortal so if you guys have looked up hildren and all and figured out how she sort of works youre gonna kind of know about this build were gonna cover it and when we cover certain aspects of her probably her passive but just know that you can be absolutely completely invulnerable pretty much 100% of the time and theres only one real way you can die and thats again to slash or toxin procs but even then youre gonna do it very slowly over time with the ability to recover so that all being said thats all I have for this video but I did want to show you guys at least something because I havent really gotten into the nitty-gritty of the numbers I just wanted you guys to know where Ive been and that I am working on stuff I am looking into numbers and such its just taking me a while because I do not have the expertise on hildren that I did on vauban so it is just gonna take me a little bit of time but like always I really want to put out something thats deep and meaningful alright I mean not deep but you know a deep dive into the numbers so that we can actually learn every single aspect the skill at least whats possible but that being said I think thats going to be it for this video thanks for watching guys calories steamed crabs Just an introduction to her. 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