Garuda Prime Build Overview! Prime Blood Mom Is Here!

How to steam little neck clamsgame controller for steam WARFRAME: HILDRYN PRIME ACCESS - PILLAGE PACK hey everyone popskir here today in warframe were going over garuda prime the latest prime warframe to be released like a week or so ago right well go over her abilities take a look at her build her talons and then quickly just throw her into a game to see how she works overall i think shes a really fun warframe that kind of works in any high level mission but is just good at murder so i mean you cant be mad at that right so lets take a look first at her abilities her passive is great garudas damage temporarily increases with each skill she kills to a maximum of 100 slashes with her talons if no melee weapon is equipped so unequip your melee weapon and thats how you unlock the talons first ability tldr is this its a shield that also can rip life force from the enemy and then you throw it to do more damage its pretty great rip the life force from an enemy and use it as a shield that captures damage this kills significantly weakened enemies instantly charge to channel the capture damage into an explosive projectile and you can also run into enemies using it and like push them away i have an augment mod for this and it makes me invulnerable for 12 seconds after i think killing someone with dread ward i think its kind of worded like that so as you can see the damage capture multiplier is really good with some strength bases too and upgraded i have it at 4.9 times so i like it overall does a lot of damage murders a ton of enemies and you know what if you upgrade the aoe it has good range so im not mad i like it blood alter is very simple you stab the enemy siphon health from them and its a little aoe blood heal right and it heals base at max level 25 health per second and by 25 i mean 25 health so its really good it heals me fully in two seconds so yeah with my uh strength on it third ability is bloodletting pretty much you lose health but you gain energy overall this is good its great cant be mad you pretty much never run out of energy as you use this with blood altar and its an energy and or an infinite energy siphon sorry words are hard and last but not least seeking talons charged to expand the targeting area released to send gruders talons careening towards each target in the arena or area surviving enemies are prone to bleeding so it does damage increases bleed chance and it lasts a decent amount overall this is cool and it gives you invulnerability when you use it so that is good to go the tips for her are pretty decent overall if you ever want to look through those right yeah damage bonus is both weapons and abilities right a lot of things like that its where you learn like her dread mirror you can use it as a literal shield and push enemies aside yeah its pretty cool like that and these are her talons ah this is generally garuda primes build that im using naturally steel charged for more melee damage i guess uh the corrosive uh one would also do wonders but either or steel charge right now instead of corrosive projections as v is default polarity i wanted pretty much strength with some range and then duration right range just so that my abilities can hit them a little better and then strength for all of the damage duration for less casting of abilities right simple so i have blind rage still need to max that out transient fortitude these two naturally straight for strength sadly you lose some duration with transient fortitude but what can you do auger message just because i wasnt really too sure what to put here if anything this is what i would swap out with everything prime continuity for that sweet ability duration streamline because i do like to have some efficiency just so its less annoying at casting everything but i would also say streamline isnt really necessary or needed if you want to swap that out dread ward because i love being invulnerable and unkillable when killing an enemy using dread ward right remember it does have to kills target by ripping its life force so it has to kill them by ripping their life force so yeah remember that okay and then you have stretch for more range and rolling guard so that if you goof around as always rolling guard is pretty much on every warframe you can just you know be invulnerable for a little bit right it helps so that you dont die as much arcane energize and bodyguard just because i dont really care about my arcanes right now eventually ill probably put real things on when i start farming for them but i literally put arcane grace on everything and then throw on whatever so thats my general build for garuda you can always throw on blending talons if you like that or you can throw on blood blood forge if you want to make a build around that but i think this is my decent enough bill that i like running everywhere with garuda so here are her talons by default theyre not too bad i just hate the red text there not too bad right 35 crit two time script multiplier 36 status its very heavy slash and does overall decent damage 2.2 range and all of this is pretty normal yeah pretty normal overall this is what i have on my you know build vermilion storm because v polarity condition overload because more damage on status goes burn since this does a lot of status instantly you want this organ shatter for crit damage berserker fury for more attack speed primed fever strike for that sweet primed toxin damage i have a volcanic edge and voltaic strike here i would say for this build you can swap it out after i have true steel here and then i have primed reach here if you want to do a higher damage build right just swap out like volcanic edge and primed reach for blood rush and weeping wounds you can swap out true steel for where its it sacrificial steel if you want but if you have blood rush on you dont truly need something like true steel so hey you could throw on anything else you could throw on another crit mod a gladiator mod or another status mod right all up to you but this is my non-combo build for it that i like using just to quickly kill enemies right so that overall is garuda prime the lady herself all the damage 10 out of 10 would recommend so im just gonna quickly jump into im gonna say yeah we usually just run void mod but i also love running the saris gabby survival just for like five minutes but if im solo this one should be pretty decent just to show how easily garuda kills everything its nice going to the big squishy health targets so that her bleeds do more and its just more fun that way naturally since garuda prime is great you can use her on honestly any sort of enemy mission tile etc you shouldnt have problems okay you just shouldnt have problems as you can see now that shes level 30 she does have a lot of energy so you dont really need to mod too hard for that right and then you just hit three bloodletting yeah this is the general rotation of her abilities and then i can just melee everyone around here with my talons and then you can charge your first ability like this kill them all like that uh its a good uh its a generally good ability rotation i like her abilities okay grew to prime 10 out of 10 and then you go in invincible if you kill enemies with uh the dread mirror uh poke really i dont know if i care too much about any of her augmented mods none of them are amazing none of them are terrible theyre all pretty decent enough for what you want to do dreadmere adds more uh survivability i dont think it might be necessary though so hey maybe i will throw on the blending talons after but it is really fun just seeing her go around murder everything with her claws like youre getting pretty high damage numbers pretty easily right 34 thousands whatever pretty easy crits not with like high combo weeping wounds blood rush but you dont really need it right this sort of mission is really easy because its all infested but thats her general rotation right youre invulnerable on that ability so you can always just do that a lot of your abilities just make you invulnerable right you use your fourth ability you jump around like that you can uh bloodlet enemies use that you can hold your third ability or your first ability but the annoying thing about that one is as you can see holding your first ability doesnt make you invincible the damn toxin killed me though realistically cause uh there we go you gotta kill an enemy like that right and then youre good to go oh uh but yeah my build is still a work in progress thats why its never truly truly something i care too much about i swap them around whenever i feel like uh swapping them around right but she seems to do pretty good blending talons the augment mod for that doesnt seem to be too bad either though so it might be worth oh uh might be worth using that might be worth it but at least you can always go invincible with your fourth ability to heal in your blood well and then you can stack up your uh first ability if you need to so yeah overall groot is a good a good frame and then you just roll and guard heal right fourth ability being vulnerable for years and then as you can see youre invincible when you kill someone with your blood well you can just jump between enemies and blood well to stay uh alive as well since you have the invulnerability proc so really got a lot of options here oh god im trying not to die okay i can still die by being goofy but that is garuda prime everyone let me know what you think about her shes honestly uh shes a lot of fun that is garuda primes as always like favorite rate sub follow on twitch use twitch prime if you want to support the channel creator code pupsker right general youtube things its been fun just messing around with garuda prime on twitch anyways because she is a fun frame i dont know if im gonna be playing her constantly or anything but yeah probably will swap out her augment mods later on for like the other blending talons and just generally having different damage builds but hey ill show you how she handles kill and angst right here and then ill just cut off the video as you can see its not that bad she does pretty good at murdering ya boy because she does have her slashy talons even without using abilities like that right im still okay sorry i was being kind of goofy there by uh ignoring the fact that if you just afk spam right melee youre probably gonna die right if youre so low you need to use your ability rotation so that you stay invincible like that right you can stay invincible in the air for a good chunk of time there and there here she goes thats guru prime she does a ton of damage with that first ability thats like her nuke right so thats how she works again like favorite write sub all that jazz and i will see yall next time peace live steam game Today in Warframe we are covering Garuda Prime! Well check out her abilities, well go over her build, then her talons, and finally check out some casual gameplay of her. I like her so far and am messing around with her build, swapping out each augment mod to try them out and see which I like. Let me know what you think about her!----Garuda Prime---- 00:00 Garuda Prime Abilities 2:56 Garuda Prime Build 5:12 Garuda Prime Talons Build 7:16 Garuda Prime Gameplay Join this channel to get access to perks: Tip here: Remember to subscribe! Become a channel member! Discord Instagram Facebook Twitter Twitch TikTok BGM: Support The Channel Using Affiliate Links Epic Games Store Creator Code: PUPSKER Tubebuddy Youtube Management Tool **In connection with Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases. ________________ #Warframe #GarudaPrime #Pupsker steam ovens wolf steam gaming linux handy steamer black and decker steam games concurrent players borrow game from friend steam