INDEPTH Hildryns Pillage

Steam leakbf2042 steam WARFRAME: HILDRYN PRIME ACCESS - PILLAGE PACK review so like the title of the video says were going to be covering hildren second ability pillage now pillage is an interesting skill in a lot of ways actually it has some a little bit of wonkiness with its actual execution it can be really strong and it can be really weak and it also has different scaling depending on your situation so this isnt a one-size-fits-all kind of ability lets go ahead and take a look at its actual stats now if we look at drain thats 150 shields every cast not every enemy or some of the other ways that we scale on some of our other abilities so this thing is going to be a set number no matter how many enemies you affect so that kind of means you want to affect as many enemies as possible we have a radius of 8 meters now this is where it gets a little tricky with pillage you actually generate a bubble around you it originates from your point and then it extends outward this is very similar to mags ability or one of max abilities now that radius is its starting range so eight meters away from you is where the bubble starts that doesnt mean enemies inside the bubble dont get affected they do the only difference is they are affected immediately so if theyre inside the bubble they count as having been touched by pillage now the reason why I say it that way is because theres a little bit of wonkiness later on that well get into but you should also know that pillage only returns or steals shields when it comes back so theres actually like an expansion section and then our retraction section it only actually will steal things when it comes back and youll see those if you look at the little video there youll see little wisps kind of pop out of enemies when you do it so there is a very important kind of concept though and that is that pillage has touched an enemy now beyond our base radius we also have a duration now when we generate the wave the bubble it starts at 8 meters and then it expands outward now the duration that it expands outward is affected by ability of duration it also has a speed of 20 meters per second now that 20 meters actually cant be changed so if we put ability range it doesnt actually change the 20 meters to 30 or anything or even down so keep that in mind so if you actually take ability range down it doesnt hurt pillage that much it will only affect your base radius which is 8 meters so the ability duration is much more important for this skill in most situations and thats why I kind of say this is not a one-size-fits-all kind of skill so Im looking at the duration its base 2 seconds if we know that it travels for 2 seconds and it goes 20 meters per second its gonna end up being 40 plus our base 8 so were actually extending this way about 48 meters in all directions thats very respectable thats very large youre gonna hit a lot of people with that if you extend it further you get into like outdoors territory or maybe really large rooms but usually 48 meters is gonna be enough to everything so we also have drain now drain is the actual percentage of the enemys shields and armor that youre taking this works very similarly to a corrosive proc so it is always going to be based on the enemys current amount of defenses not their total what this means is if youre against corpus youre actually gonna be able to steal shields and they can regenerate those shields and you can steal again so youre gonna have kind of batteries against corpus it makes you a little bit stronger against corpus in my opinion against Grenier they can actually run out of armor they can lose armor their armor goes down and it never recovers so if I start with an enemy that has 10,000 armor we actually steal you know 2500 with the base version of pillage so we steal 2500 armor from them and convert that into shields now this is a one-to-one conversion so if we steal 2500 armor we get back 2500 shields and thats where youre gonna also start seeing a very important dynamic pillage will always steal a certain percentage of enemies and then you will get a certain amount of shields back based on what you stole now the reason why this is important is pillage does have a cost so if you were at low levels and enemies have very low shields or very low armor or you have already pillaged people many times pillage may actually cost you more than youre getting back from the steal so you have to sort of keep in your mind the calculus of how many times if I cast pillage against these enemies what level am i playing at all of those sorts of things and thats also gonna push into when were looking at ability strength here in a second so suffice it to say range is pretty pretty okay its like not wasted its not a dead step but its not gonna give us a huge huge radius or anything duration is whats going to give us that big big radius that lets us go outside or go into really big rooms its still probably not super necessary now I do want to point out one small bug and I know we havent actually looked at anything exciting yet I apologize so if we take pillage and we look at the drain it says 150 if we look at balefire it says drain 1 or 50 and then 100 from the drain shot and you know just kind of looking at all of these if I come over here and I throw on a blind rage were actually gonna see that the drain per shot increases but the base drain doesnt pillage the drain doesnt increase haven the drain doesnt but the drain for Ally enemy does Aegis storm the drain per second does again the cast so if you look at all of these abilities whenever hildren casting ability its showing that the dream does not increase this is a lie it does this is a tool tip bug and Ill go ahead and demonstrate that now if I take pillage if we were to use this skill and it costs 150 we should end up at 3400 5 shields Ill go ahead and cast it were at 33 22 so we lost about 83 more I I think it was 83 more than we should have now if I come back here let me go ahead and remove it just to show the you know I guess affirmative side 3405 thats what we expect to see now while were out here before we start messing with stats or anything now lets take a look at the range so if Im if Im standing on the console lets look and see how far it travels on its own so if you look at the ground youll actually see the wave touching the ground thats the best way to kind of see distance so watch the wave as it travels across the ground its actually a little bit past that pillar right there see that so that is a very large bubble for a base range so this skill is pretty good this skill is pretty good its pretty well balanced in my opinion and its nuancing enough that its not boring like theres theres reasons to build at different ways so lets go ahead and look at some lets look at some numbers effectively if we take duration and we increase it to lets say 3 seconds thats going to increase this out to you know 60 68 meters so if I were to go in here and I were to grab some duration and this problem the exact but its not exactly yeah its 3.1 so let me go ahead and get on the same thing and cast it again now youre gonna notice the wave travels for a longer amount of time it almost reaches the end of the entire simulacra so now youll probably notice there is a drawback to this never you cast this ability yes you can affect more people with it you can affect more people because its traveling for longer but because its traveling for longer it takes longer to come back you only steal if you recall when the wave comes back to you so whenever you cast this ability if you are doing it in emergency or a defensive situation youre going to want to recall it now you can do this by pressing the ability again so if you watch the wave will not get that far and you can just DoubleTap and its pretty instantaneous its very responsive when you DoubleTap this you can also tap it at any point during the waves duration so this is its full duration Im gonna do it about halfway through so I can recall it at any point the second the instant I recall it Im gonna start stealing those shields back now those shields do actually have a travel time so if I if I were to I have paused a I am sorry let me go back like I said before these enemies will actually spawn wisps above them so let me hit let this guy hit me so Im gonna steel now and youre gonna see the wave travel and did you see that little thing come out of him it wasnt instantaneous I dont know if you could see it that well Im gonna show it one more time but theres a little wisp that comes out of him its hard with bombard because they have so much let me do this I can actually do it from back here huh that would be a good did you see it there that that was a little bit better so it is not instantaneous that you get your shields back however enemies will be stolen from instantaneously so there is a little bit of a caveat there they will lose their shields they will lose their armor instantly however there is a small travel time that that shield actually has to get back to you so this further kind of complicates your defensive scenario right if youre using this for you know high levels of defense its gonna be kind of hard if you are not timing it properly if you really press it as an oh crap button its probably too late unless you have your passive up of course where you have invincibility then its really still good but if you dont have that up at the time its gonna be pretty hard for you to survive using it now let me go ahead and get rid of this guy and Im gonna increase their level a little bit and Im let me okay I did I paused there yeah I also want to show that this doesnt just return shields it also returns over shields and it can charge up all the way up to 1200 just like all the other over shields can she has really good shields but her over shields are no bigger than anyone elses shes not like I think Harrow does that she does have an interesting effect on her over shields though whenever she has over shields basically she is not she is not vulnerable to statuses and let me go ahead and bring up her wiki page real quick and we can take a look at that her passive has a lot of stuff in I really just want to cover the the over shield portion because this is the ability that grants her that but over hmm sorry over shields protect Hiltons health pool from damage types that normally bypass shields to directly affect health such as slash or toxin so basically whenever we have her over shields we dont have to worry about that we dont have to worry about the things that basically penetrate our shields in one shot us now that being said in my experience at high levels let me go ahead and unpause him real quick youre not gonna be able to sit inside of your over shield all the time so you probably are gonna want a different method to deal with Slash in the light so we lost way more than that granted we dont have adaption praça were not regenerating shield right now but if I were to just sit here and take it yeah hes gonna wipe out my over shield very very fast and there we go thats our over shield so just keep that in mind youre not gonna be able to sit in the over shield all the time but it can be really nice to kind of get rid of /and and toxin prompts let me go ahead and pause them again so I dont have to see the explosions okay so now that we kind of have that out of the way I want to cover one last wonky thing about this ability and thats before we start getting into outright stats Im kind of covering the usage and how you would want to manipulate the skill so whats really weird about this skill let me go ahead and generate another one hes paused so whats really weird about this skill is that you your wave has to touch an enemy and I know that sounds easy because its a massive wave right its its enormous however the wave itself actually has line-of-sight issues so what that means is if we cast our bubble right here we should expect to see our shields go down to 3405 when we steal from him we should expect to get over shields because hes a fresh bombard he has tons of shield or armor for us to steal so lets go ahead and cast nothing happens right we we dont we didnt actually get that extra hundred and fifty shields back we just regenerated it because we havent been had so watch again 3405 it starts regenerating on its own now if I come out here and I use it boom we get it now if you actually look at an enemy you can kind of notice that they are affected by it or not you see where theyre kind of like emanating a wave and theyre like shooting out sparks and everything so just keep in mind when you generate this wave think of it as a persistent effect on yourself and then you have to touch an enemy with it now the way this is kind of cool is let me go ahead and go back in to reset my shields real quick there we go now what you can actually do is you dont have to maintain line-of-sight of them when you cast it or even when it comes back neither of those things are important the only thing that matters is that some point when you had your wave out in the world that you could see him directly so what were gonna do is notice we have our thirty five fifty five again Im gonna cast it without line-of-sight on him and then Im gonna dash across no line of sight again we still got our shield so as long as at some point you could see him he gets affected now watch if you see him Im going to go ahead and cast it even though we can see him right thats only because Im abusing the camera angle our character doesnt have line of sight so its not truly what youre seeing its what your warframe would see so let me go ahead and cast that again and what were gonna see is when I poke out a little bit more youre gonna see him spark up even though the wave has already passed him see that it happened a little bit after when you think it should so I just wanted to cover that kind of wonky aspect of the skill before we start getting into stats its really important for how the skill works especially if you dont have a lot of enemies left or if youre like trying to hide behind something thats not gonna work thankfully because the way hildren works her dash is really good so if youre behind something you can kind of do this and then dash across to safety its her - is really good its very quick and it also leaves you upright I prefer it and and all honestly - like normal rolling after you know you get used to it so I think weve got all of the the small stuff out of the way weve got the the wave has to touch weird l OS issue and we also have the fact that the efficiency doesnt show properly but it does affect the skill so now I think what we do is were going to look at the stats themselves so most of these are going to be pretty straightforward except the drain percentage so the radius being 8 meters now we can get I think pretty easily 75% range on the skill just from two mods we can even get fat past that now thats only gonna affect our initial bubble so eight meters is kind of a small range to be honest however if were using this in a hyper offensive or hyper defensive manner its actually gonna be more beneficial for us to have increased radius and not care about the duration the reason I say that is this if we are in the middle of a lot of enemies and we need to either strip a bombard of armor very quickly or to get shields perpetually were not gonna be letting it spread were gonna be spamming it right and as long as I can spam I can live as long as Im not getting knocked down or something so just keep in mind if youre in a very close situation where you need to lower armor quickly or you need to steal health get defensive stats back youre youre actually gonna be able to scale your radius just fine it isnt gonna have anywhere near the AoE that a full duration pillage will have but its very very useful in emergency situations where you need the shields back now or you need that enemy to not have armor right now so like you see at Knox you run up boom boom boom he has no armor left so you can do stuff like that just keep in mind pillage is kind of gonna have a couple different variations of its own build just because its so nuanced so thats sort of the nuance between radius and duration is do you want this to be sort of an ability where you can use it uber offensively or defensively or do you want to kind of use it passively throw out a pillage let it hit its max duration and then whoosh it brings you back now pillage is generally gonna be in a big a o e is gonna be better for when youre running with allies or youre not running corrosive projection things like that when you dont have a full team running corrosive projection pillage isnt super necessary in that scenario thats why I dont like corrosive projection in general its just too strong in like grineer type Maps but beyond getting into that I apologize I started to get into a tangent I need to get better at that youre gonna have to decide if you want to build a high duration or a high radius build with this now you dont actually need to do either its base duration is pretty okay so you dont really need to build duration but if you want to build if you want to do like a quick cast in retract builds you are gonna need to build a little bit of radius a little bit of range now getting into drain this is where it gets a little complicated now Im not talking about the drain to cast it Im talking about the amount of shields and armor that youre draining from enemies this is where you get into the offensive versus defensive territory so if I go over here and I throw on a blind rage again were gonna see that we actually start sealing up to 49% of an enemys shields and armor this is way better than a standard corrosive proc this is I mean effectively a full stack ignite proc now but we can repeat it so if were gonna want to actually strip enemies of armor very quickly this is the way like this is really strong now I dont think this is worth it on corpus in general I think corpus you can use as batteries a lot more effectively than you can Grenier but it also comes down to how many times can you pillage so like I kind of alluded to previously we need to kind of be tracking how many times we pillage an enemy especially in grenier situations where they cant recover armor if we pillage an enemy let me go ahead and unpause and generate a new one and what were gonna do is Im gonna take a little bit of damage and were gonna see what it looks like all right so so 47:55 from whatever I was at plenty plenty of shields back alright now I need to get hit again to strip some of that let me get hit one more time okay there we go oh we didnt get into overshield territory there didnt even full heal us and thats sort of the trick right like you notice we did get probably about 700 there Im not 100% sure so were at 26 63 so we went up to about 3100 so about 500 armor that time 33 22 so probably about three or 400 armor that time so just keep in mind if you have a high strength build youre going to exhaust the amount that you can steal from an enemy pretty quickly now that being said now that being said youre rarely going to be fighting one enemy right so you dont really have to worry about it this badly but notice we barely got any shields back now 1472 I dont know like maybe a hundred or 200 so just keep in mind if you have a high ability stream I forgot because bombard I have to pause it all the time Im sorry about that I should probably get a cleaner test for this but that thats the unit that doesnt instantaneously kill me without all my defensive stuff on so thats why Im using it so if we look at the drain percentage were gonna see that were stealing half of whatever they currently have every single time we do it now the sort of the reason why I say theres a lot of nuance to this is do you want to use it to actually steal from them do you want to use it to if you use pillage one time you know youre gonna get a giant amount of shields and armor back or are you using it more as a passive tool where youre casting at every you know five seconds or so and youre recharging your batteries youre not using it as a oh crap button youre using it just in general play and Im gonna go ahead and bring over a chart that I have you guys know this is coming probably shouldnt even warrant anymore but yeah lets go ahead and take a look at that so this is the and hold on let me let me get out of this so it stops making so much noise so lets go ahead and take a look at this we have our base steel percentage here we have ability strength now this is an amount of ability strength that I have kind of chosen in easily segmented increments so this is with blind rage on this is umbral intensify this is obviously nothing this is power donation this is is it overextended and then this is both so what this chart is basically telling us is how much we can expect to steal and get back as shields so this isnt super offensive this is more a chart about defense so if we look at the actual total percent stolen if we have blind rage we have 49 percent stolen at its base level we have 25 and then down here if we take both negatives we only steal two percent now the reason why this is important is I want to show the amount of steel that you get per steel so if an enemy has 2,500 armor at the start were gonna take a look at how much were getting every time we steal so if we steal from one enemy and this is one enemy by the way so take that with a grain of salt and thats gonna be important when we come to another section if we steel with basically a big amount of strength were gonna get a bunch back and then its gonna start falling off very quickly every single time we seal its gonna be cut in half and whenever you cut something in half over and over itll go down very very quickly now if we go down to 44% it is a little bit more gradual but as you can see on our first steel 44% losses on our second one its still losing on our third steel 44% is actually better defensively right were actually getting more out of stealing and then it only gets better from there so if you know youre gonna be stealing from an enemy many times and youre focusing you know youre kind of throwing waves out in a big giant AoE and youre not necessarily focusing down every enemy you hit with it youre gonna want to be able to keep stealing from them and keep your batteries recharging so if we go down to 25% which is our base steal amount we see that you you maintain it even a little bit longer and what Ive kind of done here is the the biggest steal amounts are in dark green the worst are in red and then the medium percentile whatever is in the middle is white so thats sort of how these are conditionally formatted now if we notice if we actually take a negative if we come into the negative realm we can maintain our steal a little bit longer like we dont lose as much as fast now down here youll actually start seeing that we we actually are better off stealing once we get to our tenth steal right once we get to our ninth steal and all of these down here now that being said that being said I dont necessarily condone negative power build especially if you double-dip like this is bad youre never gonna be stealing a good amount sure forty-nine isnt that much less than 50 but 50 is not very much right so stealing 50 from every enemy even if you had a hundred enemies on the thing thats one full shield whereas over here wed have to steal from like you know four guys to get the same return so just keep in mind running a little bit of negative isnt actually gonna hurt this this skill that much but if you come down into like this territory its gonna start hitting you a bit more sure your youll maintain longer here youll actually pass it here right but in general I would never go past negative 30 and to be honest with you if youre doing a quote-unquote low strength variation I think leaving it at its base level is probably the best balance for this skill if youre using it for big AoE waves that are just restoring your shields now I realize everybody wants to play a little differently and thats 100% fine this is gonna be based a lot on what faction youre fighting and what level youre fighting at like high high levels youre gonna be one of it youre gonna want to pick off certain enemies steal a bunch from them and then kill them very quickly so this is kind of what youre sitting at now in sort of high ish level stuff like level probably 70 to 90 maybe even maybe even a hundred youre gonna be able to get away with probably anything in between these three now another thing I should say this this is very important these numbers are not exactly representative of super high level content if I were to throw in like 10,000 armor here dont look at the colors theyre not right until I spread it across but keep in mind like if youre even if youre in the negative 60% realm your first steal is gonna be $1,000 a thousand years from from an enemy so you can kind of drift off into this negative world if you were a super high levels of content and youre gonna be able to siphon them forever right like it goes from a thousand to nine hundred to eight hundred to seven like its still really relevant stealing amounts even after many steals now I would still say your base level or a negative 30% is gonna be where you want to sit for a sustainable battery setup so I kind of wanted to show all of that because this is way more nuanced and it looks like at first and you really need to decide do you want to have a small bubble that you spam do you want to have a big bubble do you want to steal a lot of enemy shields and then immediately kill them or do you want to kind of leave people up in the background as as personal battery sources and thats going to depend all at the level youre playing at currently and all the other stuff that I have said I hope this has helped you guys I really wanted to see you cover this in a bit more detail then like for instance balefire cuz its more of a weapon comparison than it is an ability deep dive so anyway I think thats gonna do it for this video as always if I missed anything if I need to know something let me know in the comment section below thanks for watching steaming basket alternative Going over the nuances of Pillage cuphead steam unlocked steam game handheld can shower steam set off smoke alarm best vr racing game steam top wishlisted games steam