Warframe - Dev Stream #125 Arbiter Review

Can you watch game awards on steam apphow to activate steam game WARFRAME: HILDRYN PRIME ACCESS - PILLAGE PACK steam greetings we are the arbiters of super free of dentistry to normal hyper fighting Championship Edition two walks today we are here to quiz our latest initiate on the events of death stream 125 well Zeno Blanca approach the stand for round one I love the added buckles those brilliant gotta include an knuckles add buckles weight age shaming ourselves no were not doing that age dont you age shame me sir Im older than you I dont feel ashamed so you dont feel age and so it has been confirmed that equinox Prime is coming out and it looks like Power Rangers Rita repulsive as hell so how much fangirling do you think trick car tube girl will be doing for the foreseeable future Im hold on let me just check it discord you know I think she might be asleep is yeah theres this genuinely nothing here yeah however I do expect to hear a squeal all the way over here in the UK I think if she did actually see it on the dev stream she tweeted about it Im sure lets have a look at Twitter a professional on the fly woo I dont see her tweeting about anything so oh you lied apparently I am full of  __  okay sure alone well get  __  me this it doesnt make sense that she wouldnt or maybe was going off with us Music mmm-hmm mr. zine Barry do you think that the plains remastered will affect the direction of flow for the toilets owned by the Astron yes hopefully theyll actually have proper toilets in their hearts rather than sharing a communal outhouse but what about the direction of the water flow right No yeah that will be water flow but will it affected the flow direction yes yep that gives new meaning to toilet humor you know new organs in smash or pass your shotguns good like the first thing that was shown on the stream the purple and silver thing we dont know what that is confirmed yeah there was a shotgun skin its coming with the most deluxe oh sorry I was thinking of the weird-looking rifle thing of the shotgun ass wait no ways that the good one or the bad one thats a good one  __  yeah you want to smash that color blue Nike likes blue Becky likes blue yes you shotgun skin yes Im nodding thank you very well cz no were getting AB is convert conversion what were getting AB is conversation converse it what the  __  conservation twice now youre sleepy Im isnt okay word you can substitute it with pretty much anything location yes exactly isnt that what youre saying more  __  joke huh were getting AB is conservation on the plains of idle on complete with three new floof so how much larger will your flute mountain be getting when those are available an infinite percent big infinite yeah but thats infinite its so large yeah its going from zero to grand total of infinitely times more zero while in zinc mountain the size of the observable universe do you actually have proofs in real life no no I like them no in-game yeah Ive got a bunch of them a question how I feel about that I like cute things ok I like cute things too who doesnt like a good cute thing arent easy you know if its zero flues no no I dont find those cute I like cute things they are not cute they are just the corporate chilling money-grubbing hey I want to keep my cards from the people of Fortuna it is about as anti-corporate as you can get back to the top xzen tato now the ideas confirmed the new animal on the plains about along by showing us the flew for it do you think this new animal will be a bonus duck please tell me you told them about bonus duck I may have no I didnt long story short I was telling people about our website called bonus duck we didnt know why he heard bonus stock yeah I had to stop in that I had to stop them and say wait are you saying bonus duck or boner stuck bonus dick yes I knew what you asked the question yes okay so bonus duck confirmed sorry bonus like well burn a stock bonus duck right bonus talk yes bonus duck - doc bonus duck okay as long as were on the right page right Im bonus duck you say dream a PG stream exactly dont want us to lose the monetization come on this to lose d monetization I realized once it came out there but it was already gone you cant pull words back you know commitment its not just me flopping my words Z Dorian now that I could Knox has been confirmed to only be four parts are you happy that we dont have to go through grind hell or did you kind of over prepare expecting the pain and suffering and welcomed it well first off I was just gonna buy prime access because I like to support de yeah thats right Im better than everyone else but the next thing is I wanted to see everyone suffer ya know thats right Im worse than everyone else why do people always want to see the younger people suffer who says I want to see the younger people so far I want to see everyone suffer I am an equal suffering person here I would support the e2 but Im too busy supporting you instead schrödingers morality next question Steve has more or less explicitly stated that bird companions are never happening how hard will people who want the bird companions need to get  __  due to this news I thought it was Sheldon I might be getting people confused despite one of the devs said bird companions are never happening enough depth one of devs what how much can they get  __  no reason they get  __  I mean it probably nice if they buy themselves a significant other first say hey just heard this tragic story that Im not gonna get a bird animal companion you wanna really get  __  me no bird companions but they do go find their own bird instead Im not quite sure if thats derogatory term or not its not meant to be a derogatory term I dont think so like AB term but if it is a derogatory term then Im sorry please pardon my ignorance okay now mr. celery wisps all helm will now attempt to hide her best feature what warframe do you think will be in contention for the solar systems Next Top Model I dont know I kind of want to say Oberon and give him the wisp animation yeah I just want I can Jamie want to know if the Tabard will actually flip upside-down I just well know youre curious would you say I feel like this is putting words in my mouth I could have said another word by then got into a lot of trouble so Im not gonna say that what yeah I know right what Im thinking of is give overall and a half less chaps I am trash and I fully embrace this Im pretty sure the entire warfare community will go oh you talk about put on prime I mean yeah mess already has a sluice chaps thats the thing to measure deluxe skin mmm laughs no thats a literal chiseled ass wait you just said what I said I was going to say no evil hear no evil and no good content on YouTube with Steve Steve confirmed there are a hundred people working on flips at any given time in warframe ARF loose now the true endgame content me to remove my headphones your hand okay youre saying that you havent done any conservation activities now Ive done loads of conservation stuff I just refused to do anything with the flues stupid whoa thats harsh okay okay its silly thank you appreciate that I can I can live with it well final round of questions they have stated they want to make it Mele finished your animations more granular to go with phases two through however many Mele 2.99 nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein just say the curse 9999 over curse of whatever phases there will be I assume this means more unique animations based on the enemy inner and initiating version what if any kinds of finishers would you like to see added Music Laughter the 24-hour charity stream I dont know if the the video ever happened because obviously we were recording this before the stream bla bla bla bla bla well I asked Joey to do a pre stream clip just to inform people of whats going to what to expect you know all the prizes and everything all the guests and the the hilarious thing is we were running around in capturer laws with the scanner Prime Joey with his shock you and me with the new Tatsu Joey and laws were constantly playing the finisher animation against me and each other whereas it turns out the Tatsu cant do the finisher animations on other players so Im there just get my I dont know some weird hump going on between vault and Oberon and okay mr. zine tato now that weve seen the presumably first-ever extremely cloth physics prime access accessories do you like them what that was just a simple question to know if you like the new prime accessories or not you mean yes or no need for the cap no we toured that Sai and Anna and the chest piece and the shoulder plates in the leg armor oh crap I already saw the the site Nana Im gonna say yeah perfect I dont know why do you know hope for Humanity when with the all prime set being revealed to us Australia our prime seemed to not get that much fanfare its a weapon that interests you or do you think itll fall in the category of generic assault rifle what you mean it didnt get much fanfare clearly everyone in here for it was like the best thing of the entire prime access I mean anyone that didnt think that would be freaking crazy because no actually genuinely thats the one part of the whole prime axis I actually won because I  __  love how the Strada bar sounds my only concern is itll actually make the strat of our prime sound garbage much like they made the soma Prime sound like I dont know a weird mix between laser gun and water pistol honestly to me it sounds more like an automatic stapler all that Thank You Xena bison for answering all of our questions remember if you want to continue to be asked questions be sure to pre-order super 1005 the stream of fair Lariat karat hadouken special hardcore edition with cheese or euro from Gamestop to get exclusive access to chun-li only redeemable on the epic game store that you havent done any conservation activities now if that loads of conservation stuff I just refuse to do anything with the flues stupid whoa thats harsh okay okay its silly thank you appreciate that I can I can live with it whoa I tried to do that earlier when you were doing that one bit but I couldnt I couldnt line it up sir bill delayed one bit you mean when I was I dont know what I was doing well you shouldnt have match your head on the table duh I feel like its just not gonna believe that you were banging your head against the table why didnt I just by my hand against the table yeah its not like we can say okay you want you want to dedicate to the bed and so yeah you want to be authentic yeah or just Im just stupid no I would have done that too you know when people say youve got a face for radio I I think you just helped I think you just kind of help that one out too much wait Shamy here no I would never come on were the same age no Im older than you well I mean only by a year yeah so you know probably be two years right thats not any games right yeah what yeah lets just agree to agree Music anyways welcome to the bonus cut of the octaves questions to support yep can participate in did you forget it yes I call this econ tonight I think I think blaze is broken I think he said that he had to disappear for a second yeah he yeah I heard a loud noise like like a tuna can being opened in a can electric can-opener and then he muted she comes back we will ask him if if he was making tuna sandwiches sorry about that everything alright yeah that was just a card that was just a phone call are you by chance opening a can of tuna no okay a large amount of this will get chopped classic arcade games on steam ===== Xenos Discord ===== Patreon ===== ===== Glyph Hopper ===== ===== Follow Xeno ===== Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: G+: ===== Arbiters ===== (In order of apperance) MGlBlaze bigjimid ScarlettKingdom ===== Game Details ===== Game: Warframe - Matty M. - Make Chugging Great Again trombone steam game steam dry clothes does game sell steam gift cards dying light 2 epic games and steam valheim steam 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