Warframe Um alerta sobre a Toxicidade no Game, não seja assim!!!

Steam game 480next steam sale games Warframe And then my partners, how are you all calm so welcome to another video from the Dragon Jeff channel in todays video I want to bring up a subject that is a little boring guys I heard about this week This subject also serves as an alert for you who play Warframe or any other online game not to commit this type of attitude here Im going to show you in todays video or for those of you who like to create content for fun or to have some kind of success within social media such as Tik Tok YouTube Insta right or any other platform or if this audio here from a channel where the union of the players takes place, this kind of thing, right, very hypocritical for you to draw your conclusions what do you think about this type of person, I dont even know if you can call it a person, right, so what, but Im not taking it because Guys, these are the kind of people who preach the union of players, right, together we are stronger Hum, I know these days Hey man, its sad that there are those kinds of people in the Gamer community where they want to take their frustrations out on other content creators, whether its out of envy or inability to succeed within the platform. This Player loves the catchphrase. guys Read the print of the conversation I received on WhatsApp Ill read it here for you man I dont know what this crazy guy has against you seriously must be a tremendous envy because he keeps talking bad about you to the people in the group talking bad about your content etc this guy doesnt help at all the community is arrogant and Superb in excess Ill send the audios he sent in the group there for you, so you can read the level the level of the type of people, right, a guy is a guy is attacking you for free zero reasons your content is great, right? anho because on the channel it says Together we are stronger already in the WhatsApp group it keeps burning your female for zero reasons So guys what do you think do you agree that this Player sent me on WhatsApp this type of thing a Player who keeps saying that he has to join the community, right, unite the community in this way, talk bad about other content creators, man, go create shame on your face and create your own content, dont be jealous of the content of others if others have a better reach than yours I dont like the guy says I dont I keep talking bad about other content creators but to reach this level here to find out that a type of person with more is attacking us for free, because I dont even talk to this type of people or talk to this guy, we had a disagreement there but man because he wanted to show up but the others have a group there that is just him that shows up the clans group is just him that wants to show up oh my God, woe to you if you say agree with him, right, if you disagree with him Then you make an enemy for the rest of your life, right, well, thats it, together we are stronger, right, but only if hes right, right, if you go with his idea, if you want to join his squad, you have to play for him, you have to play for him for him to send a little print there in the group there, something is wrong, its not right that 100% of the damage Of course, the other players have to be like huffing, right, for you to appear in the other players, you cant go there have fun because thats the objective of the game youre going to form a Squadron each one takes what you want man take the female you want like Of course as long as it doesnt disturb the group that doesnt disturb the Squad, right it wont take a new Slow one for a defense a Limbo focal for a defense for example the objective is currently going to make the defense as quickly as possible so Removing that kind of thing so until youre asking for there airtonation man its going to be screwed if I call someone to the Squadron pa to play together that its not just you who have friends its not because I dont make videos with my friends all the time Esquadrão to buff to see Buff to vedano that my content is bad, right because I didnt want to put a letter in a way more build I gave an option I commented on the video probably in this video that I dont even remember what video youre talking about that there because it doesnt put a face just put a __ shape its not the Bicho de Sete Cabeças and Anyone knows that having non-maximized or maximized cards is important, right? Anyone who has a bit of a neuron will know this, so be ashamed of yourself and stop playing other channels. expensive platform, its not like that youre successful on the platform bring your content create your relevant content, right Not only do you have a game channel that you keep talking bad about the game Oh because the game has Nerf there because the game has a bug a Free to Play game totally free, apparently you only play Warframe, you only play frame because you dont know the community that doesnt know about other games, because in other games there is also Nerf my dear games that you pay at R$ 300 full Price, right 350 currently 400 games of these games have nerfs the best game of the year Elder ring has had a lot of Nerfs and the community was crying no its not crying you adapt to the game this weapon is no good anymore we find another weapon dude dont stay there cry me Im mistaken because then this airfrêmio took it to Nerf find another way to play or stop playing simply simple like that okay then create shame in the face and stop attacking other creators its no wonder that the greatest BR creator here of BR content Lucas, youre blocked on the channel because he doesnt want to hear about you, he doesnt want to see you commenting on his videos, he blocked you there, so you keep making videos, so you can comment on my video like if the guy cared about you that you exist, no one cares that you exist, right, with that kind of attitude, no one will care even if you exist. he just wants to try to show himself more than the others, right? In my opinion, hes a poor guy trying to draw attention and he talks badly not only about me but about any content creator with a minimum of success on the platform because thats what he doesnt have. hes successful on the platform, its envy, man, it can only be envy, right? Another because his reach is ridiculous, his reach is ridiculous. Why is it that you dont even have success on the platform, right, and you will never have that kind of attitude, right, so thats it guys, thanks for the loving support from everyone, right, that accompanies the Dragon Jeff channel if you like it rte Warframe check out the playlist here on the channel that has several build tips that can really help you in the game, right? thats it guys until the next video hug were together thanks see you later bye best multiplayer steam horror games No video de hoje quero trazer um relato triste que recebi de um inscrito, onde um outro criador de conteúdo esta disseminando o ódio e inveja dentro da Comunidade, esse é um alerta, para evitar a propagação desse tipo de atitude na plataforma wwii games on steam games like tomb raider on steam discworld game steam steam deck gaming price horror games free steam