Tournament Army Showcases - Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

Rick and morty vr game steammod oblivion steam WARHAMMER® 40 this past weekend I participated in a small tournament with my local play group over at the mini wargaming bunker nothing quite beats enjoying a weekend away with the boys rolling some dice and engaging in the hobby we all share a passion for everyone brought lists that were pretty crunchy while also putting in some real hobby effort to realize their armies and so I thought it would make a pretty neat video to go through and showcase the armies of the event for those curious how I did at the tournament the event was structured in three rounds plus a warm-up however due to another player missing the last round I took the dive so the numbers would be even which made it easier to capture the footage for this video but I digress of the two games I played I won half of them losing to the leagues of otan which I can live with so without further Ado lets take a look at the armies this is high Fleet deicide running rules for high Fleet Kronos giving them more range for shooting weapons and plus one AP for ranged weapons shooting at targets within half range as you can see its leading into kronoss strength boasting five heavy Venom cannons two acid spray tyrannofxes and a bevy of small arms fire this Army is also the first to be painted by this participant and while it isnt the most elaborate its a great achievement with the end results enhancing the models on the tabletop it just goes to show how far a bright base coat and some well-placed washes can go next up is the necrons Army the Warriors of the immortal Sun running the custom Dynasty rules for the pre-game move and the army-wide obsec its a pretty cool list leaning heavily into destroyers is definitely a thematic choice I can get behind and taking those destroyers in an MSU format results in several actionable units which can all punch up all backed up by the Supreme Commander the silent King fun fact the Army is mostly all dry brush using metal over a black base coat and using orange for the pop color like the necrons themselves dry brushing is timeless next is the dark Elder Army the Raiders of the Living Dead leaning heavily into the homunculous covens using the coven of twelve with a small cabal Detachment as cabal of the black heart the heavy focus into the homunculus covens is something I adore The Dread evoking creepazoids and the monstrosities of the covens is dark eldars themes distilled to Perfection and with the cabal of the black heart and toe it certainly adds more of a Competitive Edge the extra details picked out on the models across this army goes a long way and just looks terrific one of my favorite units of the army are the converted grotesques made by combining age of Sigmar slangors and spirit Hallows Parts a much more preferable result than having six of the same model and it gives you a use for all those leftover Talos parts thank you moving on to the death guard Army mortarions chosen using the plague company mortarions anvil Im starting to sound like a broken record here but all of these armies look great and whats not to like about this classic death guard Army its got two groups of pox Walkers plague Marines and blight Lords plus a PBC and the Primark of the death guard mortarion in all of his glory the pox walkers in particular are a great addition really evoking the auras of contagion and the dread that comes with fighting the sons of mortarion Music next up is my Army High Fleet Gengar which was run using High Fleet Kraken rules I suppose this is a bit of a spoiler as I want to do a proper Army showcase for Gengar but I need to finish off a few details on the Warriors before I can get to that but I figured you can see some of the cooler conversions here such as the Zerg Queen style turvagon and the metal gear Tyranno Rex style turn effects Music yeah shifting gears to the Thousand Sons Army the duplicitous Court comprised of a cult of duplicity Detachment accompanied by a small group of xinji demons this again is a beautifully painted army the details painted on the masked lubricate go a long way this is especially true for the characters in the Army and all the more so for the arch sorcerer warlord Azek aramon but thats not to mention the zinc demon units in the Army which photograph extremely well and are excellently contrasted with their lava bases special shout out for the herald on Chariot which has a chaos star modeled into the base moving up we have the Demons Army hot skulls which blends a zinc Force alongside corn all led by bellacor its your Monster Mash demon soup which is certainly intimidating the monsters are certainly the stars of the show here with bellacor literally taking center stage but I especially appreciate the base work on the corn demons the blood realm style base work that has gone into the corn demons looks incredibly slick and appropriately deserves to be praised damn good job damn good bloody good damn good job Music coming up to the last three we have the black Legion Army tip of the spear aesthetically the clean application of the classic black and gold scheme of black Legion looks great in addition I think the use of color on the bases as a way to denote marks of chaos is a really nice touch my favorite units of the army are probably the rubric Marines painted in the sons of the Cyclops scheme and the character pick goes to the iskandor Kion sorcerer which Im sure fans of adbs Talon of Horus would appreciate next we have the sisters of battle Army the odra day bully Blues please forgive the butchering that is my pronunciation this beautiful Army of nuns with guns is run using the Arjun shroud rules it features loads of MSU with plenty of melta to take advantage of Arjun shrouds hit and wound re-rolls its just a great looking Army not just in paint quality but also in composition boasting loads of infantry units allowing the castigore tanks to shine in the spotlight Music and last up we have the tournament winner the Leagues a voten army Rayners Raiders painted in a style evoking Starcraft Terran Marines which I gotta say is quite effective the Army is run using the yamir conglomerate rules which further enhances votans resiliency and bolsters the reach of the Armys guns most notably the beam weapons featured in the list votan are an interesting army this event was my first time encountering them on the tabletop and while I was aware of the reputation surrounding them I didnt pay it much heed since it wasnt anything I was expecting to encounter though after having seen how they Rock in the Practical I have some thoughts thoughts that just might be working their way into a script for an upcoming video Music well thats it for this one I hope you enjoyed this event Vlog and taking a look at the armies from my local play group small tournament thanks for watching and a special thanks to my patrons Julius Maximus as well as the others who help keep the dream alive anyways there are buttons for liking sharing and subscribing suppress the buttons you want to press and Ill catch you in the next one foreign steam workshop collection This is a brief army showcase of multiple armies from my local playgroups small tournament which took place at the Miniwargaming Bunker.My Patreon - My IG - 0:00:00 - Intro 0:00:50 - Hivefleet Deicide 0:01:27 - Necrons 0:02:08 - Dark Eldar 0:02:55 - Death Guard 0:03:32- Hive Fleet Gengar 0:04:01 - Thousand Sons 0:04:40 - Daemons 0:05:16 - Black Legion 0:05:48 - Sisters of Battle 0:06:22 - Leagues of Votann 0:07:23- Outro and Supporting the Channel Music: Persona 5 - Butterfly Kiss Phantasy Star Online - Image of Hero Fullmetal Alchemist Dream Carnival - Staff Roll Fullmetal Alchemist Dream Carnival - Result Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use purposes such as criticism, commentary, parody, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 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