Los personajes más poderosos e importantes de Warhammer 40k (Parte 2/2)

Cities skylines mods steamfree weekend steam games WARHAMMER® 40 Hi, Im Leo, aka sponsor me, KFC, welcome or Welcome to the most powerful and important characters of guarahammer 40,000 part 2 as mentioned in the first video This is a somewhat difficult task to do Not everyone will agree due to the power levels of this universe are quite crazy therefore to bring the best selections for each faction take into account the level of importance that each of the characters has that we are going to see how vital it is for the survival or success of your race in the first part we already saw the empire of humanity the forces of chaos and the eldar spaceships So this time we are going to see the rest of the cino races Remember that this is only my personal opinion if you think that other characters should be occupied some position in this list write in the comments i learn more about warhammer 40,000 with you than anywhere else so without further ado lets get started and let me know The best way to do it than with one of the most incredible characters that have ever appeared in fiction let me introduce you to you are a rich monster you are like Hitler But at least we are going through Germany I know that in general we have talked very little about drukaris on this channel despite What I find extremely interesting are the greatest depraved that have ever been written their society revolves entirely around torturing in the most overwhelmingly horrible way whoever they get their hands on everyone in the fandom agrees these guys are just the worst among the worst among the worst that a universe as dark as guarahammer 40,000 can engender believe me later we will have a whole look at a whole video dedicated to these friends and things will get intense something intense and it is not for less because they have a very high technology a physical superiority in almost every way and a malice that knows no limits, it is thanks to this that the g large groups of incredibly important and legendary characters, for example we have lelita espérax who is known as the best assassin in the galaxy this girl dances into the battlefields and has emerged from them without suffering a single scratch they flee raccart for many the most malevolent that there is a sculptor of flesh using countless innocents to feed his depraved imagination his ability to shape living flesh is legendary, forming aberrations that make even demons tremble among many many more but neither the greatest of murderers nor the most sadistic of the dark ones can equal the Lord of all drukari the absolute king of darkness the master of torment the agony of light the Music While all the members of this list both the ones we saw and those yet to be seen are recognized for their incredible acts on the battlefield their feats defeating other great warriors lege Bendarios Beck is not even close to getting on that list he has never drawn his sword in fact at least to my knowledge there is not a single account of his describing him fighting for what we really dont know how physically powerful he is heck he has not even been described torturing someone with his hands he has never been bathed in blood no he is worse than a warrior a butcher a monster too much Even the most aberrant of demons he is much much worse Beck is a politician a being whose Wit cunning malice and imagination is so great so coarse that it has brought an entire species to its knees is a bastard with offspring smug pretentious arrogant manipulative self-centered depraved and wants the whole world to know it because it gives him enormous pleasure he performs his acts of the most meticulous way possible, premeditating each word years in advance. But in the end, he himself will reveal his tricks, everything to make it clear but he is always not steps but dimensions away from others his mind is a dagger and a very sharp one he himself has told us his origins although like everything that has to do with Beck we must take it carefully because he could easily be lying according to the dark lord himself arose during the days before the birth of slanis when the eldar race was enjoying utter decadence they had sunk so low in depravity seeking forbidden sensual pleasures that they went to the absurd point of separating groups of slaves among their own created people from the cradle to be sacrifices torturing them Physically But above all psychologically every day of their lives Beck was one of these slaves born only to die alone To please their great lords here he learned very well the basest and twisted tricks of deception manipulation la the most subtle but most painful torture of all Beck learned them Very well because he lived it and n his own flesh for a long long long time until his big day finally arrived his time to shine on stage a temple was dragged watching his captors with smiles from ear to ear ready to gut him like a but at the moment the dagger he touched his neck dropping a single drop of blood the fourth god of chaos the prince of excess awoke in the middle of the eldar empire Beck was there at Ground Zero itself saw his masters fall consumed by utter pain as their souls were sucked from their bodies watched the planet break apart and all the worlds around them falling into despair demons poured into the city killing or worse to anyone they encountered slanis devoured the souls of their own before their eyes saw everything this and smiled you see anyone would have been horrified and certainly Beck is not that you enjoy it and 100% but he realized that e life can be a strange thing cataclysmic apocalyptic empire destroying seismic catastrophe it could even be said it was a true tragedy for some but it was the perfect opportunity for others an important detail that we must emphasize is that we do not know why Beck was not affected by the birth of Slanis, perhaps being born as a slave and never feeling pleasure, his connection with God was very fragile, perhaps he had something special in destiny doing his own thing to try to save him and fulfill his great purpose, or perhaps this story is a lie and it is already impossible to know. Be that as it may, Beck tells that he bravely freed the other prisoners and together they marched towards the web, a pocket dimension where they were saved from the devastation caused by the awakening of slanis thanks to him a huge number of citizen slaves and warriors managed to be safe at seeing that real space was a dangerous place they began to build and n The web of his own city Beck claims that he was the one who guided the construction of this new home but the truth is that no one is entirely convinced with these words although we are completely honest It is not that someone is going to say something to Becks face yes its true it was these the darks who raised the dark city of how raj there are dangerous places in warhammer 40,000 places you really wouldnt want to visit places that offer endings that will make you wish you could kill yourself by eating nails rusty blades and infected syringes but for many like rag surpasses all these places and by far worse than hell itself and that should give you a pretty clear message but anyway little by little the survivors began to organize themselves as best they could by creating a system of government the survivors organized themselves in the so-called cabals with Beck being the founder of the first the cabal of the black heart were a kind of and brotherhoods soon these friends now renowned drukaris dark elders would refuse to abandon their old ways of torture and perversion I say Yes that had caused the fall of their species the awakening of a fourth God of chaos and damn their souls for All eternity But hey hey They felt very rich and they realized that they could indulge this curse that had slippages in which it was slowly taking their lives if they did it by torturing other living beings, causing them the most absolute pain, it allowed them to live almost forever since this process ended up rejuvenating them thus beginning their travels to real space to obtain resources, but above all slaves many many many many many many slaves with which to have fun soon an elite among the elite formed a monstrous elite that ruled with unheard of brutality despite their great contributions Beck was not part of this elite he was just one an unknown little Warlord the head of a cabal whom no one cared about completely ignored doing everything possible to keep him and his cabal going Least appreciated by everyone but that didnt change when he attacked an empire trade route a rather important one many believed They called it an idiot because they would attack this route normally to get the few things I needed and then they would leave them alone so the Empire would never find out but ve attacked so often In such a way that reinforcements soon began to arrive more specifically The salamanders sons of the Vulcan mark They arrived in this region to investigate what the hell was happening because so many ships were disappearing facing Becks men who, despite having many casualties, managed to capture the ship of these warriors and take them inside the web towards their dark city of Comorrak every day. salamanders including the chapter master were sequels This was an unparalleled prize, you will see as I mentioned. They have to cause suffering to other living beings not only to rejuvenate but so that they do not eat their souls and since humans are one of the most common races in the galaxy, they are usually their main victims but what happens is that an ordinary human does not usually last long Even using great drugs or treatments thanks to their incredible technology they can extend it a couple of hundred years but it is not enough but the improved ones up to and above all a master of chapter thats another story they have much improved stamina an almost impossible limit on how much pain they can tolerate it was a jackpot a real fortune in drukari terms therefore the elites came over to see and said good job guys we we take care of the rest by taking away their grand prize he an object because of this for whole weeks these rich in they tried to get the salamanders off their ship without killing them the bodies werent worth it an action harder to say than to do because the salamanders had to defend themselves And of course they had the advantage fighting inside their own ship slaughtering countless drukari reducing the a ashes also that strange accidents and malfunctions caused even more casualties even so it was believed that it was only a matter of time until they were finished off the surprise was great when a couple of months later entire fleets of the empire arrived to save them a true regiment the dracarys laughed of this because no human could ever Enter the web they do not know how to open it but thanks to certain fortunate events the salamanders were not only able to inform where exactly they were also open the doors allowing an entire heavy fleet of the empire to penetrate the defenses of like rack entered the bowels of the city and unleash his burning fire all over the place yes i know what im doing its because were talking about the drukari And in that way not only killing a huge number of These guys but also Rescuing It was a wonderful show burning revenge was falling everywhere and if anyone exists in this galaxy that really deserves all that pain and suffering are the drukari but since it is a very big city and not even a whole fleet would be able to destroy it completely so they had no choice but to withdraw before the reinforcements from the dracary when they began to count the casualties realized that many of the members of the elites were found with strange wounds in the throat more specifically it had been severed others had mysteriously disappeared due to this the chain of power had been basically annihilated and the only one left with the right to govern which later pro He agreed to gather the survivors to explain to them step by step how he had planned all of this down to the smallest detail, how he alone had managed to bring down the most powerful Warriors of all his race, the most intelligent lords, the most malicious monsters, how he had used the empire as a weapon as he had destroyed the city he himself claimed to have raised from the ashes all to be its overlord changing the tyrannical reign of the old lords for one even worse Dont mess with Tech since then his power has done nothing but grow his machinations are legendary how to forget when korn nurley synch tried to control like a series of tricks and promises but bec realized almost immediately he entered the game out intellecting even the gods of chaos putting them in check and now having fun with his pathetic attempts to resurface in his city he is completely and utterly immune to the forces of chaos whenever any kind of corruption despite the fact that he does not possess psychic powers those who do and see him describe his soul as a gigantic tower of darkness a beacon of pure malice all this darkness always hidden behind a delicate smile that shows that he knows perfectly what you are thinking on one occasion he had the nerve to laugh in the face of a Mr. Phoenix one of the most powerful beings that exist in the galaxy who kept challenging him to a duel Beck told him that he was rejecting him not out of cowardice Well he could be everything but never a coward to him this being was simply not worth it his hands have never touched the blood of his enemies he does not need it being truly offended by this gross provocation the physical pain is nothing compared to the psychological pain it can cause the mental destruction to which he subjects his victims his last great trick was when he was murdered he was completely destroyed at the request of an ex weird individual causing the whole society to drucar and panic thinking siadrubalbec plan could have been killed no one is sure drugaris have a way to resurrect but even these beck sures were reduced to ashes the lord of how raj had died in a way Ultimately, his great enemies and allies met to give the last to God, in addition to discussing how the city would be divided up after ten thousand years of domination by our friend, to everyones surprise, out of nowhere, in the middle of the funeral, harlequins appeared who also They work to see murderers and witches who unleash a massacre towards all the guests, both their closest friends. Good friends, both towards their most faithful servants and the traitors. The suffering, the fear, the horror was such that from the ocean of blood that was formed, Asdelpec rose. bathed in rose petals and with a triumphant smile, his plan had been a complete success in a A single movement consolidated his power for all eternity, eliminating anyone who had the slightest opportunity to face him, reincarnating in a body a thousand times better than the previous one and proving himself a dark muse, a being of enormous and perfect power, something closer to a God than a king while everyone around him died and blood kept flowing he said some of you thought he was dead some of you even wished for him and gathered here in the Nexus to pay mock respects but now you see clearly my will cannot be done undoing my favor cannot be recovered and, look, it cannot be moderated, whether you are loyal or a traitor, you will be sacrificed, since it is only fair that my Ascension be celebrated with sacrifices, and if I deign to resurrect you, you know that you will serve me with your works or with your suffering, fulfilling his word one Once the whole world was dead, he resurrected his most Mexican servants and also his most hated enemies, but in ma of grotesque mutations to torture them for all eternity hell this subject is incredible there are thousands of horrible stories about his macabre work a being so cruel that it makes the most twisted beings of fiction tremble I still have a lot to say about our friend asd but from making it half the video would easily be about him wait for his own separate video and also his episode on the warhammer 40,000 podcast we have every friday night for people new to this hobby for now we must leave the lord of the dark heart as we still have What a cake Vera Im going to approach doing this visit how it will be your fault the tyranids are one of the factions that have most interested people, one that has generated real discomfort in anyone who learns the concept of insectoid dinosaurs well. Swarm eats galaxies has that effect on people I guess but we havent really explored much of how they work the bioengineered horrors that they often give birth to because they do so in brutally inconceivable quantities plus to flood entire planets hundreds of billions of aberrant entities are released for the sole purpose of consuming all the creep they can find the tyranids have been doing this for perhaps devouring pawns consuming processing and improving everything they find to apply it in their next meal in case they are in a fight thanks to this they have an entire ecosystem of races to breed for each situation from small creatures the size of worms to gruesome horrors so large that they overshadow the mountains fulfilling a thousand different purposes it has the perfect tool for each situation at another time we can dedicate a video to talk about some of the basic units generated by the tyranids in addition to their weaponry which is usually quite disgusting But these creatures usually keep something in common you will see the entire tyranid race and I mean the entire pyramid race each small tiny organism that makes up this incalculable this incomprehensible number of species is linked to the so-called Swarm mind the truth is that I do not want to talk much about it because I want to save it for a video about the gods of warhammer 40,000 since it is so powerful and so intelligent that it can enter the category of God what you have to know is that this Hive mind is connected to all the tyranids at all times it is she who directs them in a thousand fields of different battle who turns them from feral beings with the mental capacity of a dog to a true force capable of surpassing any enemy regardless of their great military skill free will is not something that the average tyranids know of there that they do not possess fear of death or the slightest impulse for self-preservation rushes without problem towards a Ravine until it fills it with c The corpses to allow his other companions to pass and reach the objective are relentless but there are times when not even this great Hive mind is able to finish off his enemy or does not do it the speed he would like when that happens when someone really strong runs into the path of the tyranid fleet this reaction to extreme trauma son begins a special gestation sends the lord of the horde into combat The Herald of the Great Devourer Unlike the other tyranids who are mass fabricators without mind or will the lord of the horde does have free will a mind of its own In addition to the absolute control of all tyranid forms now the reason I chose it is not just because we are talking about one of the creatures that have wiped out entire civilizations that is considered the worst threat among The Tyrants from the opinion of multiple species or the fact that he defeated several of the best warriors that have ever existed tyranid well talk about that later I didnt choose it Because while there are countless other tyranids the lord of the horde is only one is a nothing else can not be mass produced or be on two battlefields at the same time only one point you will see the mind Swarm keeps the consciousness of this creature in the intricate synaptic system of its species when it sees that someone is giving it a good fight it makes a body for this being and then deposits your mind thanks to this the lord of the horde is immune to the passage of time many believe he has been on the side of the tyrannical mind since the dawn of time or wish this thing is operating the lord of the horde has fought for god knows how long against untold numbers of enemies keeping his memories learning from each general, each confrontation, each adversary, being able to counteract any enemy that confronts their swords, has a special crystal that is foreign to ours. The eastern galaxy allows him to cut through any metal, energy fields, even psychic defenses, like wet paper, and with an agility that should be impossible for a being of his size, there is no creature that can continue to touch him the moment he steps on the field. battle all the tyranids pass obey orders and merciful God giving this being such a great intellect is a sign that if there is a supreme creator he hates us strongly the lord of the horde is not a blood hungry pawn his military strategies have surpassed A the best that the Imperium of mankind has to offer during the legendary battle for macrash the ultramarines sons of the robot primarch gilman prepared all their weapons to face the tyranids led by the legendary marneus galgar chapter lord the most brilliant military mind ever conceived up to that time a born general empowered by robot gillimanns gene-seed his adminis tration was perfect their absolute defenses all the demacracian warrior-kings rushed onto the battlefield containing the tyranid hordes which were unable to advance until the horde lord appeared they have record time found the weak points of the ultramarines defenses managed to bring him back ambush the defenders and even trick calgar into breaking through the walls by challenging him to a singular duel This is a hero whose name echoes throughout the galaxy even alien races recognized his great power and intellect but not even he was able to defeat this monster proceeding to rip off his arms and legs. Yes, an entire ultramarines elite squad had to sacrifice their lives to get their lord out of this place. everyone shouting for joy at seeing such a finished creature the horror had come come to an end the great hero had triumphed at the end the story ends on a good note if the swarm mind could laugh surely it did back then for the lord of the horde is immortal before he dies Always before he dies extracts his mind then begins to gestating a new body, a bigger one, stronger, specially adapted to fight whatever killed him in the beginning, also preserving the memories of his fight, so what killed him once will be useless the second time, your ability will be overcome, you will die it s not inevitable because of this the lord of the horde has been getting stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger since he arrived here his last sighting was during the so-called devastation of Val The Planet of the Blood Angels here he unleashed his Fury almost at the totality of the inhabitants of both this world and the moons no one could face him was only stopped when Dante himself we saw him in the first part the greatest of all the Space Marines came to face him their Duel was so terrible that I doubt there will be anything in a long time that is capable of equaling it The greatest of all the Angels was brought to his knees badly injured called to the absolute limit of his ability but was still able to kill the lord of the swarm luckily for the galaxy the lord of the swarm and the entire tyrannity fleet were sucked into the cicatrix maledicton and is now believed to be Trapped in deformity pray the divine emperor it stays that way Well, if he somehow manages to escape from that place, he would have the knowledge and the strength to defeat even Dante. It is believed that he is now so powerful that only the greatest Necron lords or a Primarch would be able to stop him and God knows for how long. that the galaxy Wait hope that this creature will never arise again but do not be confused for an instant or for an instant Not even the dumbest of humans believes that the lord of the horde is permanently dead thats impossible thats inconceivable he cant be killed just contain here a few words he only has one purpose and there s nothing he wont do to achieve it no matter what foul vile may be these abominations aim to destroy everything proud and noble everything we hold dear and have fought for so long the lord of the horde is just too cool a concept to ignore its kind of beaten up by the writers its true but he can still make a triumphant return from the cursed scar with more power than before we can only wait and see but while we do that We are going to review the next post of this top an individual who I have talked about a lot and finally we can know in depth his story the only one the incomparable Get ready for another long one Okay the orcs are the best of Guajave Im sure everyone the guys here love them this faction is full of great characters amazing orcs with stories as epic as they are funny or stupid on some occasion I will tell you the story of how an orc managed to lay down almost alone an entire Imperial titan using only the power of speed and a couple of questionable decisions still in the case of orcs It doesnt matter how many epic characters they meet or how important none of them are and I mean none of them are as important recognized glorious green as the boss of bosses the big cool gas Mack uruk draca the beast of Armageddon the prophet of gorko and morko The Messiah of the lord of ragnarök conqueror of pool gol gout and etc. the best war chief that has ever existed since the origin of time himself or even more by orcish standards no there is no one above him only his gods is the true Lord of the great green tide known throughout the galaxy each species wants its ca beauty on a platter But he just laughs happy to have more people to fight gas cool is one of the most recurring characters known loved and feared in all of David we are talking about a guy with a history of conquests Someone who has managed to get there to pose a threat on a galactic level due to all the power he has managed to muster normally orcs are seen as the comic relief of this universe but gas cool has turned them into a force to be feared. Under his command the orcs are truly terrifying as he is not a stupid war chief who throws himself into battle like crazy his has expanded to defeat the best generals each race can offer Well for him his purpose is above all that exists of course Not every day a man is born orc like this The little cool gas had quite Humble origins being generated on the urk planet back then he was a simple orc boy who wanted what every orc d If you have a good gun and a pretty red motorcycle in your life, we know that the urk planet was a very busy one, there were multiple conflicts, invasions and wars in this place to the point of eliminating almost all its attractiveness for any species, so the orcs began to flourish here. the space marines chapter the dark angels decided that if they let the orcs continue to expand urk they could go out and create a wag and it was better to be safe than sorry so they put up well placed defenses and commissioned several servants to fight these orcs from the trenches reducing their numbers distracting them hoping this would solve the problem in the long run The boys didnt think all this through They were just happy to have something to hit themselves with it would be this way the young gas cool would throw himself into the trenches without even thinking about it as expected received one shot now there are few things that can kill with one hit to an orc they are extremely tough but a good shot to the head usually does the job. The bullet that hit our friend took 30% of his skull off, scattered events everywhere and liquefied much of what he once knew as his brain. again this should have been enough but for some unknown reason no destination certainly gorko and morko do not shortlist anyone this was more of an act of gas force the good fortune thing whatever the point is that not only did he survive but he covered his skull with one hand so as not to spill events walking back to the camp and his friends took him to a slaughterhouse the orc doctors said he would not save him but he wanted the body to try some things so he would pay his friends they accepted selling it getting enough money to buy a good pistol this quack known as mcdog grod proceeded to operate on him by putting some kind of l things on him geese in the head and replacing his missing eye still as expected his patient died without wasting time threw it in the trash and went on with his life a little greatching was looking for some valuables in the trash when he found it So he came over to rob him and Gascule opened his eye taking the little one by the neck together they had a vision they observed the great green a perfect orcoid kingdom they saw that each orc was connected to this place which was a gigantic mushroom of proportions each thread of this little mushroom was connected to one of the boys and It was their gods, Gorko and Morko, who decided which soul would emerge from the Great Green to join the wak. They looked at Gascu and the Gritching, ordering them to bring this unity, this perfect orcoid synchrony to the entire galaxy, would be their herald, their great champion. That was the day Gas was born. cool Mac uruka When he woke up he called gretching makari as if that had been his name all his life which he followed without a word for a second using gascule blood they created their new war banner one that would end up unifying all their species this marked the birth of a new Wow he would bring the great green to the galaxy it was his destiny so strong was his desire to achieve this that He confronted the head of his clan, whom he called earlier a shame, the shots fired at him did not touch him in the slightest, touching him as if he were some kind of energy shield, then he proceeded to beat his head so badly that only he was left a bunch of greenish meat lying on the ground when it ascended a supernova exploded near urk painting the skies green a sign of Glory thus began the great conquest gas cool subdued all the orc clans slowly conquering their world and undergoing all sorts of tests crazy and crazy she even decided to stand half a blizzard below freezing next to macari just to show how badass he was. they were in less than a year he managed to unify this world Under his unquestionable rule Perhaps surprised by this Gorko and Mork sent a space hulk fresh out of the warp a price is an agglomeration of ships ice meteorites and sometimes planetoids that turns them into a creation It is truly gigantic but of course gorko and morko do not give things for free Baby do you want the ship fight for them it was full of demons several very very very very powerful cool gas with a smile from ear to ear he ordered if he attacked this wreck starting a merciless war against himself hell normally this would have been too much for anyone but the orcs saw how their boss had already gotten them a better fight than all the previous ones beginning to believe that gas cool really was the prophet of the wat Meanwhile the gas himself was so clear his destiny was so unsure of what he had to do as his body began to gain enormous size propo rciones managed to stop the enemy shots not with any armor but with the mere power of his confidence he was invincible so he arrived at a portal he had the one that the demons deserved launching Burst after burst of shots against him trying to close it but it didnt work he tried to throw explosives but it kept going without affecting them so he simply said to the demon with this and decided to headbutt the portal one so strong so charged with energy Wow that in fact he managed to destroy it Although it had the side effect of giving him a headache for a couple of hours the demons recoiled in surprise at this display of power and sheer will he had single-handedly Defeated several of the best demons of the four Chaos Gods broke through a demon fortress head-butted a portal shut and it is said that before it closed completely he yelled at the four gods For the next one, bring bigger ones, gaining control of the price, which would now be your home ready to take over the galaxy they spent time in the warp gas cool ordered to improve their weaponry some idiot orcs ar part of the ship forgetting they were traveling through you know hell allowing the demons to enter as offended by lorcos words the gods sent a several of their best champions those that gascuil had to face personally even so this turned out to be beneficial not only did it prevent the boys from getting bored it also increased the strength of each survivor in addition to shooting their numbers more and more energy Wow was already flowing the emerge they crashed without prior notice on the planet Armageddon this world would be important for the history of cool gas Well it would be his first contact with an Imperial world but above all he would find the rival of his whole life The Great Sebastian jarrick hero of Armageddon technically this would be the Second War of armageddon the first was against the angron demon primarch but still he is The second war would be extremely epic very violent quite explosive and would push the defenders to the absolute limit of their capabilities maybe I will go into more detail another time for now The important thing is that here gas cool learned more about the strategy of humans understanding it by dismantling it and later improving it with his orcoid intelligence And Im not telling this to just anyone gas cool he was smart he was very smart to be an orc he managed to put the planet in check in record time only the great Sebastian yarik was able to contain him arousing incredible admiration in him Well, Jarrik was able to anticipate each movement of Gas Cool. He defeated an Orc Warlord in single combat and even turned a massacre into a resistance, thus respecting him was born. Reinforcements soon arrived allowing Jerry to march to hunt Gaskull. We know that he managed to get out of planet some say that the gorco himself decided to appear to save it or others say that he ran that doesnt matter what matters is that gas cool felt how close the orcs are to depression when he thought that he had failed in his great task but he soon realized that they surely sent him there to meet a worthy enemy and to test How were the forces of the empire that was a test one that had passed because Hey he was alive only Jerry wanted to chase him through the stars only he saw The threat of this orc with the experience of Armageddon began a campaign of destruction everywhere gas cool burned worlds of the empire with incredible ease thanks to the fact that he now knew what weapons their strategies had and how to counteract them little by little their numbers made their baddest boys bigger and bigger and the most powerful on one occasion even managed to capture to jarrick submit him to a series of tests that he knew he would pass even anticipate that he would lead a rebellion all to prove to him that he was smarter than The average also exceeded by far the expectations of the empire in the end he let Jerry go because good enemies like him were hard to find soon the third war of Armageddon began, more terrible than the previous two with billions of orcs facing billions of imperial guards thousands upon thousands of Astartes adepts The mechanic had no choice but to unleash The titans all to stop it all to wreck from gascuils point of view his boys believed him invincible many began to join him in this strangely great new to the Empire he he would leave behind several of his boys heading to the octarius sector where he faced the tyranids igniting the war in this region he would not stay here long either and would begin to lead other Wars in different areas of the galaxy soon these conflicts would expand in each Inconceivable corner in a desperate attempt ragnar blackmain of Los Lobos spacers son of lehman Ross faced him almost giving up his life to behead gascuo but of course such things as death are no longer a problem for this war chief he had managed to put the orc collective mind on his side his boys knew he was not he could die until he fulfilled his destiny so one of his best servants sewed his head into an even larger body improved in every way making him even Taller than a primarch and more powerful than any Space Marine the Beast was reborn with a New Sight he saw that the ragnar ork was close the great green is about to arrive he defeated the Space Wolves and now leads a combat fleet of more than 5 million ships all full of orcs something that does not stop increasing it is said that now gas cool sees spots on the stars that are the agglomerations of orcs that he is going to look for, also that his orcoid power is so great, so vast, so enormous that other orcs are attracted to him traveling from far and wide just to join his troops The great war has come ragnarök is now and gascuoul himself is ready for his final Ascension here A few words I am the warlord and I speak the word of the gods lets trample the universe and kill anyone who defends himself we are going to do this because we are orcs and we are made to fight and win I have not counted even 5% of all the crazy things that our friend gascu has done certainly a more than interesting character one that is on the way to become a threat on a cosmic level And if little by little it is believed that he is becoming a croc, the Perfect form of his species, a being superior to a primarch, at the moment he already has the power of imagination working for him and some say that he already hes realizing this honestly i dont see how to stop him things are pointing to the big green soon to be with us but we still have two other races to talk about so we must leave gas aside if there is someone other than Los Tiranos with a real chance of being able to stop gas cool this without a doubt has to be but now that I am normal I do not bring peace and love I bring you fear hunger time for your injection the Necrons are, in my opinion, the most powerful race of 40,000, especially today thanks to the return of the Great Silent King Sarek, sovereign by right of his own, who is finally unifying the different dynasties throughout the galaxy to guide them towards a single objective to ensure Total domination of the infinite empire millions upon millions of neutrons march together to achieve this in a fleet of a monstrous size that it dwarfs the very light of the stars filled with Immortal warriors and loaded with the most powerful weapons that creation has known The influence of the silent king is so great that he already possesses the means to close the great fissure that divides the galaxy. scar will kill almost everyone in the process but not that it matters to him in the slightest everything is going as planned he has several of the greatest heroes of his race under his control his mind surpasses the primacas who might oppose a to be that has surpassed the gods because there is one Of course there is one, it does not matter that the neutrons no longer have a soul or that they feel eternity as a cold punishment even with a thousand sorrows on their backs, there is something that they will never stop looking for and that is power for Surprise of the silent King there is someone who still does not bend the knee and has no intention of doing so imotec storm lord Byron of the sautec dynasty the greatest general the galaxy has ever known his mind surpasses that of the primarchs that of the greatest eldar heroes even the other necrons are unable to keep up with the absolute warlord he has declared the silent king a coward unworthy of supposed treachery r to his kind the storm lord would never kneel to someone so pathetic declaring it was his time to rule many will say he was crazy who could spit in the face of someone who is above the divine timotek can because he too is a godslayer this fellow is one of the oldest beings in creation he was not just a great general he was immotec who led most important battles during the great war in heaven or heavenly war a conflict made more than 60 million years ago so terrible so catastrophic It is said that none of the current wars compare in the least, the galaxy burned, the laws of physics were broken daily, collapsing reality itself in an attempt to end one another, Timotec still remembers his battle against the Eldar, at the top of his power when his psychic abilities would have made magnus himself tremble the red came face to face against the korgs the forma perfected ma of the orcs so large that it is said they possessed the intelligence strength of a primarch millions of them marched in unison but did not back down they faced the very ancestors the most powerful race that has ever existed the creators of life itself ending them with their own hands yes timotech is above the divine owes allegiance to no one some of his own have compared him to the god of death what im trying to say is i love this guy he is absolutely brutal ruthless and determined to rule well whatever it takes After the war in heaven, the necrons slept for millions of years in the 1st millennium, little by little the great lords of the Sautec dynasty began to awaken on the planet Mandrake. Although by this time the silent king was missing and the fairon of the dynasty had not managed to wake up, succumbing to the passage of time, therefore there was no chain The Clara succession So they all began to fight among themselves for the throne, each notable general or warrior who woke up joined the fight seeking Glory, for which many agreed not to raise more of their own until this was resolved, one of the necron lords at the Apparently he did not receive the Memo and discovered that very deep in the fortress is the tomb of the Great Némezor Imotek the best general that has ever been seen surely if he woke him up and Mote who would be so grateful that he would swear allegiance to him And who could bear the anger of so powerful Lord for which he performed the act but instead of being happy for his awakening and motek exploded in anger that they were making his swamp seriously This is how the nechones behaved, the absolute sovereigns of the universe, this is how they behave when they do not have a leader animals animals all thus assembled an army and one by one was killing their enemies in the most methodical way possible without wasting time resources ma s until he finally achieved his goal the unification of the planet being crowned as the new Byron forbade all kinds of internal struggle brutally executing anyone who refuses to obey him soon began a campaign of multiple conquest if he did not waste time he would not take a little world at the same time several of his fleets secured the system in record time since his military mind was so brilliant that he could perfectly lead multiple wars at the same time without missing a beat his processing capacity is something that has surpassed the comprehension of mortals Many believe that he has the ability to see the future or even manipulate it Well, he always knows what the enemy is going to be even before he knows it himself, but make no mistake, it is not magic, he is simply that good, that is why from the moment that awakened to the present day has not suffered a single defeat not once its domains do not stop expanding many other dynasties s have been absorbed Well, imotec only seeks the unification of his species and the Galactic conquest for a while the Empire was convinced that the Sautec dynasty was the entire race of Corona, so many have expanded the taus realized that imotec was a threat beyond any measure seeking to get closer to him politically the eldar tremble at the mere mention of his name in fact other necrons do Also among the great lords of this species there is a phrase that is repeated with fear every time they speak of imotec it is they were like the cube this was a dynasty that once opposed aimoté this one not only destroyed them he eradicated them he erased all traces of their existence the tiniest proof that they were ever there complete annihilation The only thing left of them is this sentence that he allowed survive is what the lord of the storm can do if you do it is for this that many dynasties only wait for the arrival all of his ships to cure him loyalty are terrified of this type being that Exactly Motechs great advantage Understanding the value of fear understanding his enemies both Necrons and members of the mortal races he knows how they think how they feel how they react he knows them very well well save the orcs the anarch orcs they never do anything he expects he still defeats them but they really are a pain in the ass anyway this is not his weakness in the eyes of the galaxy there is a weak point swedish timotek he is extremely proud, not to the point of leaving a perfect strategy to let yourself be carried away by your emotions, do not be confused, but in several combats with the best warriors or generals of other species, imotec usually humiliates them and then lets them go in their head, this is the worst conceivable insult they will ever experience with the shame of knowing that they have lost, of knowing that they are nothing before the Lord of the storm But that only has created multiple enmities and people who know very well how he acts in particular he applied this treatment to hellbridge great Marshal of the black Templars an unbeatable hero of strength like never before seen for many he was the best swordsman in the empire he faced the lord of the storm in a duel of epic proportions but not even he being the greatest of the Templars was able to overcome it in the end hellbridge fell Defeated and said you are arrogant a relic of a dead empire that has no right to exist imotecs only response was that thats pretty funny coming from someone like you then he proceeded to cut off his hand which he took as a trophy leaving him in the dust bleeding Gru and consumed by anger Thats the lord of the storm There are a few words that define his mind well order unity obedience him we taught the galaxy these things a long time ago and we will do it again come on because i love this guy hands down one of the he best characters in this franchise lately we dont know much about him but with the arrival of the silent King and Claras refusal to serve him, a very handsome story arc is coming between these two godslayers. Im anxious but we cant talk all day on the Lord of the storm No we have yet to see other great champions we have yet to talk about what happens to these its like one of my Japanese comics among the Tao there is no better general than the great farside pupil of legendary Peter we talk a lot about the exploits of this guy during the third video of the warhabewi factions as super even to the empire of humanity i am years old the orcs broke free from the control of their people and founded their own faction the farside enclaves who fight for true freedom we really must talk about him more in detail but he was not the only apprentice of pearter Time there is another who has come to equal him in achievements let me introduce you to Serra too He also received the legendary teachings of this powerful lord, learning every secret of his master, rising above the others to the point of being At the same level as farside, the two developed a rivalry that prompted them to seek even greater achievements. It is true that farside gained great notoriety thanks to to that he led the battle in the Gulf of damocles the first confrontation between the Empire of mankind and the Tao but it would not have lasted long without the patient calculated and meticulous pot blows Serra jep while farside is a true Warrior ocha Serra is the best of the patient galaxy as she alone knew perfectly when to attack How to guide her prey to the traps to cut off any exit unfortunately for her the death of the Great Pure Time would soon come in the ethereals the ruling caste of the Tao empire was afraid that the great knowledge of it were lost to history they did not trust the equipment available from At that time, therefore, they made the decision to freeze several of the best pupils of this type to preserve their knowledge for future generations. Pots Serra was one of the chosen ones since Farside was doing quite well for this. Then he was the greatest hero of the empire. Tao didnt need another so she went to mimir, she would wake up some time later and it would not be a pleasant experience at all hundreds of years later the orcs had flooded the most important planets for the ethereals she was awakened among the screams of enemies in an even more subtle galaxy that before plus the news that the once breadbasket of the empire was now a traitor who was somehow still alive This would have shocked anyone but the hunters were above all this nonsense she grabbed her best combat outfit throwing herself a battle that seemed lost with his incredible military genius he managed to attract the orcs to multiple t ramps where he released a massacre mountain of green skins accumulated one after another with very low losses on the side of the Tao but it did not stay there but I personally an attack on the orc warlord who was waiting for it to finish it made them run out of their camp chasing her with her team they thought to corner her they thought to have her in their hands but before their disbelieving eyes the sun went dark they watched with horror how they had taken the bait the Tao ships created an artificial eclipse consumed by the shadows she activated her combat suit and proceeded to have fun the orcs only screamed in terror without knowing what was going on shooting in all directions only to see the face of their assassins smiling as she took their lives by the time the ships received the order to move she was holding the Warlords head in her hands the war was over wak everyone saw her born from the eclipse thus giving her the nickname commander shadowson the leader of the ethereals at that time a certain a unba saw in her everything pure and noble of the caste of fire the supreme good guided her steps she was the chosen one she was promoted in this way to supreme commander her first act as such was to destroy with a shot a farsai statue declaring him a traitor and that under his command he would lead the Tao into a new age of led the third sphere of expansion into the worlds of the empire ready to exact revenge. She is so good at stealth that she came face to face with the great master of the raven guard corbin severax The lord of shadows a master of stealth like never seen before who was surprised to see how shadowson managed to ambush him But he swore to claim his life fighting the great commander until he dealt a fatal blow going through his armor but instead of screams he only heard laughter an accurate shot behind corbin split him in two ending him he had been deceived that wasnt it a shadowson It was a decoy she was in a war suit at the front waiting her moment to claim the champion unfortunately this was not enough the Empire managed to outmaneuver them killing even ba claiming a world forcing them back despite this the third expansion was a resounding success because several important planets were conquered. Although in secret he only managed to escape with his life because farside helped him at the last moment, which would make shadowson no longer see him as a prey but as an ally, at least secretly, unfortunately the time of The life of the Tao is quite short. So in order not to waste Shadowson, they decided to put her back in stasis and release her in the present. Now, in the taus greatest moment of need, she is leading the desperate fifth expansion sphere. Shadowson must face the Marines. of the guard of death and multiple attacks in all directions has been witness to the awakening of a p rimarca the silent king the tyrannical fleet gaining more criticism the ragnarok being declared the Elders gaining more psychic power every day lets say the Tao cant keep up with all this But she keeps fighting keep believing in the highest good Keep trusting the strength of hers She is the commander shadowson will never give up no matter the enemy will carry on here A few words to follow any path other than the Tao will doom us all only together and with courage and discipline we will be victorious fight with fire and courage and nothing can stand against you to us a fascinating character who deserves more attention from James work But now we finally come to the final stand one last powerful individual Let me introduce you dont you get it Kick its obvious my destiny is success like all fall our friend uzar is a Clone but it is a somewhat special Clone being part of the so-called turian league who usually print their soldiers of the born template as they say to That design is supposed to be one of those required for a simple task but in its production something strange happened the ancestral nucleus began to act by itself issuing a voice declaring an order the new Clone is destined for a task like no kind has ever performed before The factory was activated without anyone touching anything the great machines of humanity glories of the past began the production of a weapon of incredible power a blade of perfect beauty the so-called blade of the ancestors the grimmir of his people the psychic who communicates with the ancestors the most respected of all gave him this weapon calling him the destined one What god is there what the hell is this guy destined for but he has been since then he has led his people in thousands of battlefields wiping out hordes of orcs facing onslaughts of tyranids always ahead always victorious the true hero for hers with a strange luck on her side. Although of course all this pressure has made her difficult to handle, temperamental with a rather dark humor, many believe that it is her way of dealing with the stress of her great destiny, others that it is a way to hide a terror that has been tormenting him for a long time what if the prophecy is wrong he will really be able to fulfill his destiny When will that moment come And that is all Yes I know something anticlimactic but you must understand that the falls are extremely new to the Lore They have been added for a couple of months and although with them came a lot of smells about their culture, territories, weapons, etc., we really dont know much about their characters. Use is the first to have a name as such among theirs, something that made this position quite easy to choose and I dont have any phrase that has said anything famous Although here I have something said by a Cain Random a field of enemies Its not a problem, its an opportunity to test the quality of your weapons. Yes, it sounds good. Yes, it sounds good. Ill take that and well finish with that. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope you liked it, dont forget to share it with everyone. 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