SCHLIEFFEN Is The New God of Secondaries In World of Warships Legends

Deceit steam chartsmost played games steam 2021 WORLD OF WARSHIPS game thank you Oh my days Music all right tell everyone I hope youre doing well as you can tell from my voice Im not doing well well no I lie I should be fully recovered in a couple days but I do still feel like ass however Schlieffen is calling to me so here we are first of all 30 million credits to buy the project is it expensive yes is wargaming going crazy with credits lately yes should Legendary Ships be difficult to access also yes in my opinion at the end of the day Ive used leaf and as end game content so Im not angry about his paywall but I can understand if you are anyway lets talk about the ship Im really liking this ship we have two sets of Four Tops on each side which is so deadly although they will get knocked out easily a lovely Icebreaker and an absolute barrage of secondaries like just the way it is outrageous Im sat at 12.3 kilometers range and thats not even high as you can go weve even got a two minute sonar oh GK rest in peace youre never leaving the port again the biggest drawback with schliethen is the Citadel no Turtle back and it sits pretty high like he can really slap this ship if you catch a broadside okay lets play it of course weve gone four secondaries hide Von hipper Haruna and of course I have the Epic secondary mod installed Wow Lets go cause some Carnage enjoy okay welcome to Sea of Fortune left side is normally fun so lets go over there lots of Destroyers too which could be an issue the main focus early game is to not take too much damage in Supply Destroyers Music yummy as well okay may as well give him a punt accuracy on the guns is usable but still very German Music 5K damage is fine hayate is getting the cap good stuff theres no point smoking up though hes asking to get talked were getting no spotting either so yeah bad call spotted what oh Music I dont understand that but here comes the constant see what these guns can do Music 6K he angles last minute thats fine push up a little so our secondaries can get involved Music try again no sauce oh sorry man sorry sorry sorry oh he needs to die surely I can yeah there you go 4K nice Music get some hits as well this gearing in the middle is going to be an issue Im still gonna push but weve got to be careful secondaries can go to town on these two now get this guy gone Music good yummy next Music Music we can just cook this guy get some Torpedoes out too Im a bit worried about these destroyers so lets pop some sonar real quick just to be safe okay its pretty close now pop that secondary booster look at this shell output Oh my days talks look good as well Music perfect flank secured to hear me that is that is brutal okay Im not a huge fan of being the bait for my team but uh oh theres the Destroyer okay hes doubling back fair enough Music uh do I go uh let me get some he loaded first oh Ive stuffed this up havent I Music was saying I was down until he goes dark Good Hits though but weve gotta turn we gotta turn right now Music Oh my days look at this look at this man okay okay all right and damage gone one hit from all those tops happy with that but GK did get us good though secondaries are putting a shift in I love it thats a lot of fires as well hes gonna be crispy foreign good news hayate is surely dead too good stuff Music cap secured that UK is still burning as well right then clean up see if we can get that 200k yes the Yamatos double back perfect pop the booster okay yummy is pushing a bit too much thats the Pullman skill now these secondaries though my oh my 200 hits just like that top the GK Music what they all beached okay guns did the job I thought those would be clear but okay never mind oh gearing killed the high today though oh for Gods sake dont tell me were gonna have to chase him around for four minutes never mind GG okay thats my first 200k damage game in the Schlieffen but I imagine the ceiling for this thing is uh pretty wild Ill be playing a ton of this ship thats for sure anyway Im going back to bed thanks for watching and Ill see you in the next one cheers Music Music steam add game mobile New to Legends? use code: CCOFLEGENDS at for free in-game goodies!Subscribe! Business enquiries: #worldofwarships Schlieffen world of warships legends meme funny moments german ww2 should i buy games on steam game won't sync with steam cloud how to get free steam games 2018 inhaling steam pokemmo steam deck