World of Warships - Cobey vs. TBLF

Golf it steamdead seagull zoo magnate steam WORLD OF WARSHIPS game look at our little battle line right here its so cute I doubt right Oh targets kill my speeds Ill get in front of this guy Im gonna shoot the back one the aircraft get it fire in Texas oh yeah thats my job pppp pppp you there you go mo oh my gosh I got darkest its like Star Wars there comes another wave another wave boys light them up I didnt even remember the check for my shows when I eat now that looks pretty damn cool Minos twerps I got 10 air plane shot down there I do good night I did good boss I shot one I shut down one plate and you were closer hey theres a battleship that once shells Holly I see you guys hey yeah he wants it I hit him a few times far away where scooped up eat up I fell from about torpedo planes oh gosh I dont think they oh theyre mad I think theyre mad at me I think everythings mad at me holy crap he double washed him Im gonna eat - hes not getting them planes back hey mode the good news is 17 planes were shot down from the Texas so yeah thats absolutely insane theyre not flying over here any longer you want to slow down a bit wait for that Kira off and the Kaiser - I do I do Im killing my speed right now like almost to stop here Im gonna go quarter speed oh I mean my blocking what did boy I find my torpedoes stiff hope II dont kill Lally Oh Kobe what way did you two kill each other no I should focus on the as the character Peter he has very nice cannons I need to know about torpedoes yes he does what are you shoes yeah hey Texas there we go Coby you peel be nice he party paper desert works oh my god I did say theres torps my torps got the Konak yes they did I just didnt tell you an any type of mount time you want probably one they know that information you doing gilding her off good we dont do anything rowdy in front of me but I cant believe you did tell anything I trippy kill one of these ships will you okay killing a ship Kaisers gone wait I killed a ship yes I killed two ships oh damn okay foes mad Kobe wont be left Kobe will be left mone to repair oh yeah Im trying to peel back so I can you need to turn her where I dont know but not into me cuz Im turning this way what no fire no no could we rip your little ass now youre out of range for me sorry mo you want some of my career to help you fix your boat it was a few kids what youre going after him oh Jesus Christ mines bigger Kobe I got our pair function here we go Im gonna take on the battleship called read this username over there I like him hes a big guy its also shooting at me which is better than shooting at you did you notice that all the plates onto the game went the other direction this time it didnt come fly to her jiggle thats good who be you little little skit your Super Soaker and go home look here huh oh no Kobe brought friends where are you charging in there i else my gonna go1 think it could be right here are you hey Kobe I think Kobes gonna get you Im Oh nope by Kobe Oh launch this things Kobe she got him oh theyre already in the water dont you worry about it oh the secondaries am i all alone you were alone Kobe say over there do not Kobe deleted me I didnt delete you was a good deletion though someone else did okay nice big tasty battleship hes turning to mr. twerps got the Koenig oh yeah hes your friend right no hes not my friend you have no friend isnt it it wasnt they said Kobes just a lone destroyer biting everybody Kobes teams gonna win they got Kobe hey more planes youre gonna kill all these home pin look at him theyre just you just lit me on fire hey go away planes lost two three four Kobe brought a Congo coupie I brought friends Kobes toe a little grass not a little friend its big friend thats a lot of shells eyes fire to him yeah bill theres Kobe Kobe wit yeah Kobes gonna win oh my gosh turn turn Texas turn turn Texas turn torps whered they come from I dont know Kobe are you coordinating over there are you plotting I I know that broke my front gun oh my gosh your front looks very bad its hurt oh those torpedoes are out of range for you I think I think I shot him too soon I dont know if I can trust you there we go yeah yeah look at that there and there no there you Kobe know that Kobe hey I shot my secondary and youre on fire how you like that get him boys Oh big shells big shells all you are gonna get me angry the aircraft carrier just a sedition Doug bastards finish because you dont want to send any more planes at you thats it this last volleys for Kobe before I die oh my god oopsie Oh Cobie lives if our corpse at me I dont know B would you betray us all told us that whole match Oh cubby the super troll well youre welcome our whole fleet and Kuby just dances around the entire time oh its epic that was phenomenal oh youre welcome though shot down 23 planes holy  __  I shot down a single plane oh my god its funny but Ill be saying to ships me and Bo no hes saying me and Bo you got synced by the other guy well Kobe was distracting you oh you cant make that  __  up I love it that makes me so happy cubby what are you doing oaken blocking it spoils in Attack Position oh my youre sailing right there I want to shoot at you so bad but I felt bad for blowing you up Ill let you live this time but dont fire any torps at me Ross you late Oh fireworks at me turn away you did possibly eight of them hey I think Im Way out of range Coby this is in retaliation of twerps negotiations I broke down how about the dish were behind it what yes you fire twerps at me okay you leave it give me control of control Coby Oh the very first shell that wasnt the first shell buddy there was theres many and doing nothing you said you farty twerps at me which I never saw did you lie no come are theyre going out there kamikaze so slow are they well they theyre past you already did you see torps I purposely fired away from you and you  __  destroyed me I thought you fired at me the way you talked it made me think that you were gonna kill me I believe you detonated Kobe you should be ashamed of yourself he said he fired dwarves at me theres theres for pedo Plains by the way I can do if those those guys lets us go straight to the source of the torpedo planes you see that aircraft carrier kind of limbering in the middle lumbering got a little ass right now um hes getting more than that no shells might have little or penetrated but hes hurt theres two destroyers chasing him down thats why I love you Kobe no you dont but you dont I I do huh no you know did nitti Kobe why did this game just end because our carrier and one of our battleships died at the exact same time I only got one kill hey welcome Music steam gaming platform What happens when 4 people try to queue stack in World of Warships... Friendships get tested. As you will see in the video, Cobey got placed on the enemy team every time. Lines were drawn. The ship I was using in this video is the USS Texas.Bo Time! Merch - Patreon - Twitter - Facebook - Steam - Twitch - steam family sharing doesn't show games steam gift games from library free games to play on steam how to activate steam game key on mobile steam no games installed