World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.2

Best playable games on steam deckhide specific games on steam WORLD OF WARSHIPS game Greetings, fellow Captains! Today, I’m going to tell you about changes to the Soviet destroyer branch, interface improvements, new maps, and other interesting features released in Update 0.6.2. Update 0.6.2 Review Fans of Soviet destroyers, get ready to expand your collection! In Update 0.6.2, we have added an alternative branch. It begins with Ognevoi at Tier VIII. Then comes Udaloi, and at Tier X youll find a new ship named Grozovoi. Theres a reason why these ships are here: they can fight like classic destroyers and theyre good at it. Outstanding artillery, decent torpedoes, and the ability to install the Defensive Fire consumable will enable you to carry out a wide range of missions. As for the main branch, it has changed beginning with Tier V, where Podvoisky makes her debut. She is followed by Gnevny, Minsk, Kiev, Tashkent, and Khabarovsk. They have a very active playstyle, constantly maneuvering and raining shells upon everything within their range of fire. This is especially true for Tashkent and Khabarovsk, as in Update 0.6.2 you can equip these ships with Repair Party. And dont worry about the reshuffling of the branch—you wont have to purchase your favorite ships once again! And of course, Id like to tell you more about our newcomers. Designed in 1929, Podvoisky is the ancestor of destroyer leaders and the fastest Tier V destroyer. Her turrets are conveniently arranged and can make a 360 degree turn, which allows you to make maximum use of the ships high damage per salvo. Another high-speed ship, Minsk, is a full-fledged destroyer leader. She prefers to solve her problems by relying on high damage per minute. But beware of aerial attacks: the destroyer is pretty bulky and has weak air defense. And if you want a ship thats not afraid of enemy aviation, go for Grozovoi, the Tier X destroyer in the alternative branch. Her dual-purpose guns coupled with the Defensive Fire consumable make Grozovoi one of the most difficult targets to hit. Decent torpedoes and powerful Soviet guns are in place, too. But, truth be told, she has three main batteries—one fewer than Khabarovsk. Like to have everything under control? Now theres one more tool for this. Following player requests, we have added ship names to the minimap. They are displayed in the alternative interface mode. Two new maps were added in Update 0.6.2. Haven will take you to the treacherous waters near the coast of Ireland. Here, high-tier battles will be fought among desolate islands. The recipe for success is teamwork and the utmost concentration. For medium tiers, weve prepared a place a little closer to the sun. On the Ring map, you will fight for picturesque tropical islands. The center is the most dangerous place on this map, but the team that captures it gets a strong tactical advantage. And some good news for those who listen to their favorite music in the game. Now you can switch between songs by clicking Ctrl + F and Ctrl + D. In addition, in Update 0.6.2 we improved the look of five Premium ships, as well as removed initial hulls for Fuso, New Mexico, and Colorado to make researching them a little easier. That’s all for now. I’m Dasha Perova. Subscribe to our channel and follow the updates. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying out the new destroyers. Until next time, Captains! steamed lobster near me The new Soviet Destroyer sub-branch is finally here along with two new maps and a host of other changes - find out more inside!To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: can you steam salmon steam deck joystick replacement vincular juegos de epic games con steam top puzzle games on steam shark steam mop cleaner solution