World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.7

Steam games argentinasteam player stats by game WORLD OF WARSHIPS game Greetings, fellow Captains! Today well talk about Update 0.6.7 and the changes it brings: the 7th Season of Ranked Battles, further development of combat economics, visual improvements, and new sound settings. Set up the battle sound according to your preferences. Update 0.6.7 will give you the ability to select from the following three options: switch back to the classic soundtrack; remain a supporter of the dynamic soundtrack and continue to listen keenly to any changes in the combat situation; or enable a mixed variant that combines the original compositions. and interactive music We continued work on the game visuals and Update 0.6.7 will bring a new batch of improvements. Weve enhanced the lighting for all game maps and updated the textures for water and sky. As a result, all elements of dry land and sea scenery became even more realistic! We hope youll fully enjoy these visual effects. In Update 0.6.7, combat economics will be tuned even further and now each ship type will receive larger rewards for priority activities. Dont forget about reconnaissance and enemy spotting when playing with a carrier or destroyer. When you command a battleship or cruiser, try to draw fire away from your allies, but remember that every ship has its limit of durability. Attention, captains! The 7th Season of Ranked Battles is coming! Its an excellent opportunity to take your Tier VI warships into battle. Choose your best fighters, prepare them for combat and push forth to new rewards! Just like the previous season, there will be 23 Ranks, 10 of which are irrevocable. Your achievements in the 6th season will be taken into account. Youll receive a star for every Rank earned. By the way, youll be rewarded different sets of festive camouflage for achieving high Ranks in the new season. Players, who obtain Rank 1 for the sixth time, will receive the Jolly Roger IV flag. We invite you to try the new map—Riposte. It was created specifically for Ranked Battles. Captains fighting on this map will find themselves in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Adriatic seas. However, dont hope for a holiday— your adversaries wont give you the opportunity to bask in the sun. The party piece of this map is its complete symmetry and twin islands. Both teams will have equal opportunities here, while the location of the islands will provide advantages and space for tactical maneuvers for every ship type: menacing battleships, agile destroyers, versatile cruisers, or concealed carriers. That’s all for now. My name is Dasha Perova. Subscribe to our channel and follow the updates. Until next time, Captains! The 7th Season of Ranked Battles is coming! the seventh... One more time: Ranked Battles... for every ship type: menacing battleships, agile... So, the party piece of the map is its complete symmetry and twin islands. The party piece of the map— complete symmetry and twin islands. But they are party pieces of the map... complete symmetry and twin islands. I need help! We need a little smoke! And get me some light on Dasha! Could you do it quicker? Greetings, fellow Captains! cant buy game on steam New Ranked Battles season, new map Riposte and more!To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: portal 2 steam key air combat games steam triple a games steam live steam cricket match dualsense steam games