Winning Every Game To Get Rank 1

Inverted bucket steam trapsteam deck 64gb WORLD OF WARSHIPS game so i reached rank one bronze and im working my way up through silver qualified now in the next uh sprint ill be getting my way up to gold i hope but yeah thats quite the win rate huh uh that was my final push to rank one at least in bronze and how i did it obviously was a lot of destroyers as you saw from the ships that i was playing specifically playing destroyers to kill other destroyers thats the best way to have battle impact dds control the game theyre the ships that can go scout out areas to map that really no other ship can carriers can do some scouting but just having destroyer presence in certain areas can make them safe to cross for battleships for example theres a schlieffen on our team thats you know maybe gonna push across this choke point and he could easily eaten some gearing torpedoes on his way but since im here im able to take this fight we know the gearings here and of course a small end is probably gonna win in a gunfight against a gearing and of course we take him out and thats really the power here this early battle impact trying to kill dds as quickly as possible denying the enemy team not only vision but map control and cap control and it worked really really well of course not every game is going to be one that you can win right i just happen to get a string of games that were winnable and of course i did have some of them that were just give me wins right its not like i carried every single match out but i didnt do a lot of work in most of these games of course a small end is perhaps not the best example since its probably the strongest dd in rank that you could possibly take at least for tier 10 um considering the concealment the radar the healing the dpm um even the speed boost its very maneuverable with this speed boost active its very powerful the ship is actually just crazy it even has torpedoes not the best torps but enough to severely injure battleships if they push into you of course you dont want to be taking fights in a small end against multiple ships thats why im trying to isolate angles here right i put this island behind myself and between me and the enemy battleship so we can just take a 1v1 here with the holland and of course its gonna go pretty well its really really really devastating to a ranked team to lose their tds and that is what i was going for here its a lot of fun too to play this destroyer hunter role not to be focused on damage numbers like in random metals and youll see a lot of the time that im just gonna charge for cap zones and i have to consider my ships strengths and weaknesses a marceau has insane dpm and speed but it lacks shell velocity so its not great at range and of course doesnt have the best concealment so were heavily outspotted by this shimmer we notice that theres a des moines at this caps that means theres a radar and some pretty good dpm so we have to be a little bit careful but youll notice every time theres an island close by im using it to isolate fights im trying to limit the number of people that can shoot at me and we get spotted by a hydro that means the z52 is here trying to use all the information available to us and there he is hes gonna do his smoke hydro gimmick but not before we get some pretty good salvos into him i was thinking about stopping here and using his smoke fire against him but im just a little bit too far away for that to actually work so he is going to give it me here but just look at the trade weve already done 11 000 damage and hes done two to us 16 000 damage now and were full speed getting out of here the speed boost is amazing for getting out of bad positions so a really really really solid trade but just because we ran away for now doesnt mean that were done were gonna push back in and try and take more fights since we know his hydro is definitely on cooldown and his smoke will be on cooldown for a little while as well again trying to approach using islands to limit the possible angles to that we can be shot from and im always considering my team support as well so even though i push in here i notice the cap is contested so they have a lot of ships here the enemy team does have a lot of ships here so i get myself into a position where i can run away i have enough hp french dds have this crazy saturation mechanic so i can kind of rely on that to save me in a lot of cases so get a few pot shots into the shimmer the z52 makes a massive mistake in opening up here so were just gonna take him out really quick he tries to do the stopping technique but ive seen it before its really not gonna work too well and we take him out and yeah im not gonna show the rest of this game it was kind of running around chasing the shimakaze but we did manage to soundly win this game because the enemy team ended up with no map control so smalland and marcel are really really good gunboats right so of course were gonna win a lot of these dd engagements what about a you yang perhaps not the highest dpm i dont have the ledge mod but we are running radar yu yang and keep in mind support support is so crucial in destroyer engagements just because yu yang isnt the best gunboat im comparing it to a small interior because thats whats on the enemy team we probably outgunned shimakaze though its support that wins dd engagements so im gonna play aggressive when i know i have good support im gonna play a little more passive when i know i dont have as much support even if i know im out gunning a shimakaze lets say lets say im a small end against ashima that shima has support im still scared and i need to play a little bit scared as this small end is going to figure out its important to keep our hp as much as possible so we traded out the shimakaze extremely well we had a spawns back his up so there wasnt really much worry about losing that fight but its important to limit the amount of damage we take so we have health later on to push in and take engagements take map control and hopefully deal with this enemy smalling he has a heal i dont he has more dpm than me and i dont even have a smoke to take advantage of him potentially not having his radar up but what he does is he plays too aggressive and this is a pretty extreme example but look what happens when i have support there goes half his health and uh i think theres gonna be another huge chunk coming in here in a little set bit its just one of those things where yes a small end beats a shimakaze a smallin beats a yu yang in a dpm fight but any little bit of support the yu yang or the shimakaze receives in that fight it flips the table it completely changes things to where the dd that has support wins the engagement assuming both parties are playing reasonably well so i push out and i want to finish off this smalling so even with our pretty mediocre dpm were still going to be able to do that since the small end is on low enough hp and when again were trying to limit angles so the good and leo stuck on the other side of that island and thats two destroyers taken out tons of map control and of course we probably go on to win that game right sometimes you might be in a destroyer with bad concealment the enemy dd way out spots you theres an enemy carrier every once in a while there is an opportunity to push theres an opportunity to take advantage of the enemys positioning so here i played passive to start with our our friendly wooster just yolos in um but i noticed that shimakaze was kind of hiding in his smoke behind this island and i assumed that well we could just sneak up to this island here on the opposite side of the cap from our side were easily able to take out the shimakaze claver with its reload booster is just filthy with its damage output and again were limiting the number of people that can shoot us the vermont and the napoli had no chance of shooting us since we put an island between us and him theyre probably gonna yolo in so i do use my torpedoes there but they decide to push the opposite corner so i do have time enough to get away um this poor vermont yeah thats a lot of torpedoes poor guy i get the feeling that yeah you need it to push there he does absolutely crush our hindenburg but unfortunately for him pushing in just didnt quite work out since there was just a little too many torpedoes and depending on your ships strength well clubere is a great yolo ship its got incredible torpedoes its really fast and of course its gonna do really really well in close range engagements with anything the torpedoes are just that good so i push up to this island and my goal was just to stall the napoli i wasnt even hoping that he would push around if he did push around the corner hes gonna die to my torps right but its always a threat to have a club air just sitting on an island and notice how we dont even eat any secondaries um just as a quick little tangent secondaries could really use some ai improvements um they have horrible accuracy off the bat now that theyve nerfed them so heavily with the captain reworks and uh even when they are accurate they just cant hit dds theyre just too in at they just dont lead properly so id love to see some more changes there maybe just give me matt full manual control so that i can actually aim them although that might be a little too good as you can see were easily able to pepper this z52 at pretty long ranges um full manual control on secondaries where im aiming them might be a little bit too good but id love it itd be interesting a little harder to balance probably but it wouldnt feel like an ai is just killing you when secondaries are peppering you at least it would to me um but yeah club air amazing at long range compared to omar so so were taking that into our thought process on how were approaching a game every dd is different theyre all playing a little bit differently gearing a bit of a jack of all trades i know i have pretty good dpm even if this shimakaze would have been the small end whos happens to be on the other side of the map i still would have felt reasonably confident in this engagement because i know that in an early fight like this i could get the jump on him and at the very worst he pops his radar kites away that kind of thing and we do a reasonable even trade that kind of thing and then i just moved to play the middle of the map where my mosque was a little closer has radar control the other reason i moved to the middle of the map here after doing so much damage to the shimikaze is i thought he might assume im pushing down that other flank and he might go middle and that does happen to be the case the other reason is the entire enemy team is on that other side so again im putting an island between myself and potential threats who could be shooting at me in these destroyer engagements ive said this a lot already but its important because this is major parts of the thought process going on in my head im playing aggressive but its smart its playing smart and then of course at the end of this game all these games had moments like this where i just needed to do some cleanup right where we go get the cap that weve now unlocked by killing the enemy dd we take the map control back and we smoke up we use our torpedoes whatever it takes to deal with the remaining enemy capital ships its really not hard to clean up a lot of these scenarios youre giving your team such a huge advantage in just information spotting alone but torpedoes its a massive threat that the enemy has to deal with that your team no longer has to worry about since you did a good job of killing and neutralizing the enemy destroyer so thunder pushing back in really not a huge deal here and this is really just the major cleanup work and every dd can do this some dont have smokes some dont have insane dpm some dont have torpedoes but they all have ways of farming out battleships really easily and you can even deal with a lot of cruisers even radar cruisers can be dealt with as a destroyer nice blind fire by the thunder but we did a good job of trading our hp earlier on or not trading our hp and we have more than enough hp to tank that salvo and a lot of these games really were a lot of cleanup i like i talked about its this idea of winning the game in the first engagement not playing so aggressively that im gonna risk dying in that first engagement but that early aggression that pressure dictating the pace of play to your teammates and the enemy team killing an enemy destroyer just makes your whole team bolder and play more aggressive and much better i think in theyre not gonna sit back and play passive and worry about where they can play theyre going to play much more decisively and thats really crucial for winning games thats why i love playing aggressive like this i am always trying to look for enemy radars im always looking for enemy destroyers which ones i outgun which ones will outgun me so then im trying to think of scenarios where if im out gunned i need support its all it comes down to and i can win that engagement no problem um but if i outgun the enemy then im really taking the fight to the enemy and here i outgunned gearing i weigh out spot acaba so thats why i played so so so aggressive and yeah yeah for it gearing had a haul upgrade but the ap still does arm on a gearing hull and its just disgusting so we take this gap our friendly gearing is in the b cap and the enemy team is just locked out like i talked about decisive play is important and the enemy team just wasnt able to do that in this game because we lock them out of the middle of the map they dont have information they dont know where the torpedoes are coming from and they just arent sure of where they should be pushing in to try and win this game or bring the game back so i dont know its really one of those scenarios where destroyers win games its pretty cliche but if you want to win ranked battles play a dd and try to play to your destroyers strengths and try and outplay the enemy destroyer even things like gearings and radar you yang shimakazes even i didnt include it in this video but they can definitely win a destroyer engagements especially shima using its concealment its so frustrating as a gunboat dd being permanently spotted by shimakaze that you cant detect and then that shimakazes teammates are just going to deal damage slowly to you you know maybe youre in acaba or a club air with poor concealment and youre fast right youre not taking too much damage from those enemies at longer ranges but it adds up and that shimakaze all the while is staying on relatively good hp getting a lot of information for the team its really really really really powerful and all these dds play differently so if one of them isnt quite to your liking im sure theres a different one that is a lot of fun to play i tend to suggest starting with daring because its just so flexible right these fast cool down smokes the personal hydro the healing to come back later into games if you make a mistake and of course the dpm is absolutely insane its uh a really good all-rounder and the line all the way up is a ton of fun but thats dds man and thats one of the most insane ranked sessions that ive ever had i hope you enjoyed these little bit of highlights i might show some of the battleships stuff that i did later on in this session um coming up but for now thats the destroyer part and as far as the builds that i was using theyre generally going to be survivability and concealment focused builds and then an emphasis on guns where possible right if i have a healing or radaring ship superintendent is always going to be a good choice but if i dont have a lot of good utility maybe its just smokes maybe ill not take superintendent and ill go for some more dpm that kind of thing but these ships really are all about that initial engagement in random battles im gonna take farming builds and for example with the clubair i did have a random battle farming build no concealment here totally focused on guns and it can work i can make it work but its far more comfortable when youre using a build for ranked that is very focused on cap control and taking these gunfights that kind of thing instead of farming the maximum damage concealment is extremely valuable and thats gonna be it thank you very much for watching this video leave a comment about some of your dd engagements and maybe some advice as well i can always learn a thing or two about these engagements thank you for watching again and i hope you have a great rest your day steam report scammer Second Channel for full games and Stream Highlights: Watch me live on Twitch: Join the Discord! 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