Unsere ersten Schiffe in World of Warships 🚢 #1 Gameplay German/Deutsch *Wows*

People playground steam workshopsteam id finder 64 WORLD OF WARSHIPS gameplay hello carolina and welcome to our new project world of warcraft this is team grado we already started the world of tanks series and i think ten episodes went online and we thought will of tanks is awesome can we say something about it playing forecastle the whole thing will work for us in such a way that we will bring them in daily rotation, so one day there will be a full one the next day there will be an episode was chip and its always like that because the episodes are always like that in alternation for 20 to 25 minutes in the shoot depending on how the round would be and of course i dont do the whole thing alone i got our best fleet commander from this team grado thats because he was hannover so together we will get to know twelve branches the black sea was so friendly and first made his customers available and yes we are starting from the very beginning i had tests in grado before I played the whole thing a bit because I had no idea about the game and yes, not much knowledge has come up to now and we now want to take you on a journey here in world of warcraft to really get to know the whole thing and also to master master thats exactly the word I was looking for anyway like world of tanks mastered and should and everything else anyway absolute professionals are the apu two professionals exactly what we do nice you have level 1 Ill take my club ship too must now have a look what I had already partly built out that was the ship the idea I had completely built out exactly because we already buy both ships then I’ll take back the category so what you did now was a port of Bathory ready and it starts the first battle here in the straight so in the last row damn long left I hope youll come out with me now yes I have made mistakes no basket fight well do pvp against other players of course you have to press ready again it starts like this because it was him absolute top brother did nt do anything else all day except play when the planes come always shoot upwards think about it theres a headset Im missing right away there s planes it can play aircraft carriers but I hope we dont meet up here any yesterday I heard war stories yesterday from someone who played almost to 10.9 who said he hits five ships himself one of the version maximum level that is completely apathetic but you should still have a good chance thats true almost a minute 6000 people play the game currently the closed beta is that even the maximum waiting time in random fencing no longer than five minutes game day from out suspense okay well drive over then wed have b and then itll close again 10 what also the plane skis you are not yet so i can already drive mark he underwent it has confused me hard now please consider if you press how that is not like the word that and keeps pressed or three times he if you if you that now thats not a distance here ive already seen ships that even hit the opponents at 20 km ok so thats quite normal here but if we fight together then it shouldnt be a problem back in the super-g league game there you can you even set an autopilot the first hits are already coming or i think i have to hold back a bit the first shot went right off the mark comes back so far damn the pig attacks him and i burn for the first hits immediately and he torches me right away do you want me kidding ive ive met the people can of course with all his shots here something with mine out at a loss i cant them with me is there a ciro ciro yes yes an island i still see it as consumption damn he is hiding guttenberg i meet them they are too far behind drive me around the island and always try from the side the first hit but i am coming slowly you in turn could only do that I dont do such a crap I wanted to often I didnt want to shoot fire six kilometers away talk __ about it turn the ship turn the ship had to hit say here six kilometers 6 9 7 you have to if you how you press style so you have a better overview of where you are shooting it must work it worked i hit alone i m fire again last chance not backwards no im fire again and he died too yes i got myself during the torches are currently filled, the michael abt there is even the bread also look at my bronze board to treasure slow down from th grandmas live a protected caputs and __ the whole time the damage is doing but properly but ive already hit 15 hits and they also flared off once i think that s not an animal either a ship finished shooting flared come the queen also became the creativity warship by clicking me hard you sow destroyed that not always yes i was killed by the weed our first round and we ripped so well for nothing at all 18 hits set fire twice yes that was never the country here a ship an honor well go out next ship to the port same as with wortmann can just get out of here like a second ship is broken cant use the ship now of course until the round is over until the others have done it now and i would say i have tea here too two ships you have yes also invested 2 moderate namely now exactly like that and lets go I already had it in the test I had played a few ships and I had already expanded a part, but I didnt get any higher than the two, so were really still at the very beginning here, so we play accordingly, even if youre absolute world of warcraft professionals now close your eyes when you see that why are you watching that why are you watching that just watch 130 episodes then we have t5 and things really get going a bit further were sure you can even do that three battleships are already there 4 o and your first impression is really something different no well personally I cant handle it at all with the fan and shooting at the same time I always have no overview at all of where I am right now with my ship because the bank is almost I just that you dont have to position yourself like that, if possible, draw with an estimated target and fire, thats right, thats it also a really nice adjustment that you pull the ship around and then hit something somehow no trees no more excuses a small increase because that wasn’t me big race encounter battle we have to have one thing for 1 now so i have loading bar degree big race encounter battle so i know actually only with timer ride can start straight away it was strange who the others have already reduced the time no idea autopilot ten seconds i had otherwise always waited at least 18,000 lives and we also have plus I have 236 turrets but you have two turrets that can only look in one direction than 65 I already upgraded that maybe had black that isnt shown 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 6 the same cucumber tilt here maximum the side so I guess that there will soon be one you are my mouse has set totally possible evil long until I ordent Lich has also asked for left dry which is also the same one of me never the fed past me boy do nt scare me like that now hits your husband so definitely shift old you see that exactly on the number of kilometers as you look a bit send everything is still calm over 20 knots are so slow I think Im totally wrong hes coming along too there comes the one of the quick first shots theres one I knew it but the shelters are turning everyones turning there behind it damn hard maybe of course totally he hits the barca bow through allies oh such a big red circle i can already shoot over i cant get that far damn africa fire ive got all the fire in the plank just shoot im coming because i dont hold the first blood far enough i have ships like that be protected shot broken thats money 2 thats about the same fact Im also hit full full stop stop stop and I I torched it and I pull it totally shitty I have to move in reverse gear or Allah will succeed one of the couples to the goalkeepers name sounds to her because on the other hand I dont turn towards them they arent that theres a lot of __ and pop pop and only gone theyll be nice next across 80 an assumption not through is good its great that totally awesome battleship little one before he hits yes they let me and like everyone totally nice fully backwards reverse gear I have to get out of here yeah and something else is broken with him and hes slowly defending himself damn me need help there comes my enemy steuerberg broken return you can also repair you can repair with him keep on living 30,000 what should I do here alone fire I burn I burn Roßleben no cuts that doesnt matter that was super cool there was still too much but hes standing too slow right times no i died thomas hat grab you its awesome where are you because thats not you i want never to look at that either because about it the inside was no a look chicago here is in europe before fully hit very well i can look at your bullets like either has disappeared in the fog or the reader smoothed him out with torpedoes wanted torpedoes here to invest 38,000 still such a fat old lot of life that already have keppler its all good ca nt torment put whether and chains now who knows how long he s still there so in over two opponents 46 hits Ive done six times set on fire and one I destroyed sunk exactly thats always such an overview of whats available now youre in the fog now youre invisible to the others you still think a bit to the right really to the right now youve got exactly what you need to hit him when he comes out with all your guns 96 and 97 little fear the captain there quite a long time as long as apothecary thats why our time on it is now eleven minutes would it still work like that and now there are already several now with the ships alone the finca is now 28 the damage is more so they have 30,000 lives and i sometimes hit them with 700 to 2000 strange because we have up to 18,000 lim he is good even the three of them have no idea no overview yet works when we are still learning at the latest when we drive the little things ourselves up to the i do it will be burgers and so mcdonalds fire was ten kilometers away is a really going to be driven out of the district center now shot straight away i unfortunately cant open it anymore ill look away again fat non- partisan look at the whole thing nothing exciting is happening behind it the reason he destroyed it and its 90,000 silver 3100 experience and 164 free experience completed two orders i have severe damage and severe damage i seem to have a severe damage what other bands we have the same 30,800 experience g chester no now it says 474,000 silver does nt exist now it doesnt matter anyway it was a super cool round and now its not an issue once you ve selected your ship well go to the top modules what if you should you look like you the middle thats a research tree for the ship thats you all the 1 in the part that you can also build in there today you must have had sex too you just have one in the front at the back at the back you can get in touch with the of course if you completely stand on one side is hate per side one with four bullets front rear and all side the two doesnt matter now how can the three ships already play freely here so i can play it freely now how much experience do i have with the ship now no huh, well just explore the south carolina and of course well buy it for 90,000 and then well go back and destroy the arthur kreuzer aupt no idea what i would like to play what what how what was that what we did to him it was a that was a kreuzer so if i would buy the chic hunger first that is also a kreuz and it is also on sale right now researching cruisers so now of course I have no experience but I have 2006 100 free experience I can now so the weapon stays the same whether I can change the hull researching for 2000 yes of course series what the fire escape system you absolutely need we will take it with us right away he now automatically also did nt buy a bid how do i buy you now oh i still bought the ship can alex become like that only but the main thing is research ship then buy and install yes the same i buy again and install so then who will send them next play and i would say a t3 round with south carolina should i will play everyone has really awesome waff en on it of course do the same game there I fall here the free experience straight in one direction hope well if you look in one direction with the right or left outside you could shoot with 1 8 before that of course we got the hammer I think I was also from the specially heavy cross of eight shots so hit eight times it still shredded everything in the round before that the ship is super cool in any case Im very excited but we wont get to that until tomorrow the day after tomorrow as I said world of warcraft and stuff follow if now come alternately with world of tanks, i.e. every other day you can examine word of porsche with us sometimes we might also do an episode in between, depending on how busy we are and how we feel like it, but like I said, you can with every second day you can count on the fact that super awesome battles are shown here with us so duncan he was ne war for being there m would you like to pay too, thank you for inviting me to do noble today and as I said the day after tomorrow the second one with world of warcraft in diamonds hit the spot steam boys nashville Nicht genug von Teamkrado oder World of Warships?? 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