HUNTING THE ENEMY in the NEW SUBMARINES of World of Warships

Stem or steamsteam bun dough recipe WORLD OF WARSHIPS gameplay wow that is one big old beautiful carrier hello again there friends and fans Raptor here and Welcome to our first look in a long while at World of Warships previously we took a look at this with Bradford and ever since then theres been massive improvements to the graphics and tons of new stuff added as well as many new doodads and gizmos for your ships weve uh played this game quite a few times actually and it just seems to keep getting better with now inclusion for console players yeah its on consoles as well as PC so check down below in the description where todays episode is sponsored by the makers of World of Warships as well so make sure you go ahead and check it out with the links Down Below in the description and find out more theres lots to do in this game as you now dont just have to be on the surface well take a look at a few different uh ships today but theres also now submarines in the game and also super ships that go beyond tier 10 that kind of have their own ranking to them so yeah a great game overall lots of people love it lots of people play it and Im glad that they reached out and wanted me to play it again so without further Ado lets jump into some more hot action on the high seas in World of Warships thanks for joining today and thanks again by the way for subscribing thanks for all the likes and let me know what ship that you prefer down below all right lets go time for a different red white and blue the Dutch right so this is a pretty good Destroyer the nice thing about this one is its got incredibly quick firing guns so the he rounds on board and also the AP rounds are going to be dished out hella quick and man its looking sexy another great thing about this ship too is of course its got well the ability to hide itself with the smoke screen so well see that in play here also the ability to fire aircraft and aircraft guns uh very fast and also the ability to boost it too so this is almost like uh like a mini Cruiser in a way its like a destroyer in many ways except it doesnt have Torpedoes so where it makes up for that its got lots and lots of Firepower on the deck thats good and its got maneuverability first Target looks like its a little far away but we should be able to dish out some pain Im gonna try he rounds first to maybe start a fire and then try to use some AP against some smaller ships like for example a cruiser nope incoming detected now he rounds going out this thing man that fire rate is so good a couple of good hits there nice those rounds thundering out like crazy man love the quick firing guns of this and also the I believe Cincinnati or the problem I always forget its the Atlantic of the Cincinnati or both good stuff okay sneaking out of our smoke screen time for a little bit more fun only took minor damage there but now we can dish out a lot of damage emotional damage and a little incoming in return critical engine damage okay a little more than a little time to go sir nice Dodges fantastic and a lot more rounds coming in this ship is pretty damn good for its size like its its got a lot of Firepower and its not too big so its able to really Dodge a lot of direct damage by not really catching any of those shells at all even though they were really well closely placed but slip it out okay smoke screen is recharging so well have to get a little closer soon but in the meantime Im gonna try to fire where I think the enemy is were going to do a little blanket fire and theres a destroyer there hiding in Smoke although it looks like clear water maybe Landing some more hits there we go just dish out that damage or at least trying to at least were hitting the Target and thats what matters a lot too keep it going boys keep it going all right more targets nearby well you know another good thing about this game too is that during all of the updates that weve missed out on over our time playing theres been a Godzilla versus Kong update and also Transformers and Azure Lane collaborations so theres like ships paint jobs and events that are all around those types of franchises and like other things that are related to it so you know you can of course have your historically accurate ships but if youre a big fan of some of the other things there including Godzilla versus Kong that you can fight it out and do so in many of your different ships which is pretty useful for giving you a little bit more fun than just the regular Old Ship additionally theres a lot more updated Graphics than Ive noticed before and more detail rather its not just quote unquote Graphics meaning it looks nicer and shinier its also that Ive noticed a lot of the smokestacks as youre trying to you know hammer away at full speed on your ship a lot of the smoke looks more realistic and like the engines actually pumping and that its alive rather than just being an engine pretty good all right coming in for some more kills here so some of the ships that weve seen so far are battleships and cruisers and destroyers but something that well see a little bit later is of course aircraft carriers too and submarines of course are the newest added piece of equipment to the game or the newest class so youve got quite a few classes to deal with and theyre all quite different like for example theres only two submarines in the game at the moment but they work incredibly different other than just the typical go underwater thus and cant be detected they still have a lot of different things that separate them to be a little bit more viable look at that damage love it dishing it out dishing it out now right now Im playing alone but as weve done so previously playing with Bradford weve been able to be in a division where you and a teammate or several teammates can all team up together in order to then go out into each of these fights so you can of course play against the AI if youd like to you can also play against players and theres ranked matches and other types of events like that that might give you unique rewards and uh theres always events going on so anytime that you log in daily points and other bonuses for just logging in and additionally events from time to time where if you just participate no matter how well you do youll get something at least for participating which is quite nice Id say oh man are we gonna get a kill here oh very close very close come on there we go all right the Dutch scoring a kill hell yeah very good aircraft gun crews are on full alert oh looks like some aircraft coming in well be fine this is totally fine ooh the map is pretty oh look at all the fog all right a little Destroyer trying to sneak away well see if we can get some last minute hits on him its going awfully fast and hes gonna return some of that damage but destroying a destroyer is a very important thing for our team oh everybodys got him its over its over hes done everybodys on table and are we gonna get a second kill all the aircraft coming in aircraft getting a good final kill armor good job from the carrier nicely done oh well were going to be a little too late for this one trying to counter cap but hey we got a good destruction in and almost what 50 hits or so its pretty good for a first start first try all right good job everybody nicely done from the team hey its pretty good damage and some good money received not bad but its time to try out some submarines now so we go ahead and go down to our filter and filter to the new type of submarines lets go ahead and see what we got in store for us weve got ourselves Japanese looking nice and the Soviets too looking good almost uh semi-modern of like uh what was the name of that movie uh the Widowmaker what was it k-17 k-19 whatever it was that looks along the same line as early nuclear as where this seems to be uh you know World War II for sure looking nice though all right lets try out some submarine combat Im sure this will go swimmingly Music well I noticed the Japanese submarine had a deck gun and the Soviet sub here has a much longer underwater capacity or I guess time limit the Japanese submarine could be underwater for about two minutes and this one can be underwater for about four so the Japanese is very good for a stock approach get very very close come in for a run and then dip out ASAP though this sub can be underwater for a lot longer giving it an ability to Ambush quite more effectively so thats pretty good all right so were gonna go ahead and see if we can close in on some targets here if we can land a hit thatll be great essentially the way this works is that we will fire Torpedoes and then we can use an acoustic balance or like um kind of like a targeting um like a sticky thingy basically to Target the enemy what I mean by that is we can fire Torpedoes we can use our sonar then to try to like detect enemy ships like to Ping them or to like its almost like as if were shooting them with like a tracking thing or like a homing Beacon and then our Torpedoes can hone in on that and thats pretty cool so oh yeah look at that were finally submerged looking good this is actually the first time Ive seen this I knew submarines were coming to World of Warships but I didnt know how it would look and Im rather impressed at least that theres some life underneath the sea too Id imagine that different types of um ocean Landscapes will have different types of um maybe plant life underwater be cool to see Fish and such too or maybe a whale that youd actually maybe shoot with a torpedo be kind of funny okay clay oh yep oh careful careful closed in there on the Rocks dont want that no dont dont do it all right four torpedo tubes in the front one behind us two by the way so we can actually use it as a hit and run uh tactic to shoot a ship and then as they come after us uh try to Target them with the one final torpedo all right pinging the enemy ship here good lets go ahead and fire our Torpedoes there we go now we should be able to Target the ship again in order to increase like the effectiveness but it looks like we will be rather close to where the enemy is lets see if we can get a hit not bad lets land a hit hey nicely done all right well the Soviet sub after that was rather uneventful so lets go ahead and try out the Japanese now beautiful weather effects too look at that rain and look at the deck gun so thatll allow us to at least uh maybe submerge and Ambush some ships with the deck gun maybe perhaps finish off a destroyer if we get nearby or some sort of a ship from a small distance its not too effective but at least we can fire back without having to worry about uh aiming so much as in like pointing the submarine towards the enemy but a great looking summary in this of course being more World War II as where the other sub I think was like 52 or 55 somewhere between there for the Soviets boy look at all the weapons we got too oh man we got different types of torpedoes the ability to repair and I think something to freeze our battery where it doesnt uh we can like stop the countdown timer just get a little extra boost out of it not sure what the technical term is but and were picking up a speed now too all right looks like we have ourselves a good Target off in the distance lets go ahead and submerge yeah looking cool and there we are underwater all right lets see how we can make this work wow there is a chance for a kill here enemies man does this look good all right a few different classes to shoot out here weve got another submarine nearby yeah oh look at that baby lets fire off those Torpedoes and see if we can hit them with the acoustics ping Music oh nice enemy Destroyer detected beautiful wow good damage Music try to line that up again Music we could fire but I think hes gonna be toast by friendly fire before we get too far but lets try again well ping one ping only the hell out of here lets surface and be cool cool ships dont look at explosions now we gotta look increase our accuracy with multiple pins taking a lot of damage Music try to box them in with Torpedoes but hes pretty much finished good spread on the Torpedoes but I dont think the range will be acceptable hes moving away pretty quick but they would be hits if they you know if they were far enough hes gonna get finished off closing in a little bit were detected now enemy sub may be nearby incoming fire all right fire our own Torpedoes and try to Ping Music foreign okay lets see if we can Surface were running low on time oh were getting pinged enemy sub is around Music taking a little damage Music Music all right time to retreat and go back the other way Torpedoes to starboard Torpedoes to starboard gonna be pursued by that enemy sub ho ho Torpedoes coming close well were gonna have to surface here shortly very shortly keep moving see if we can bring whomever may be chasing us back to our friendly team foreign s all stations concentrate fire on the target ah the enemy sub he missed with his ping but we can try to counterping but lets use our deck gun I suppose Music death guns pretty cool hes gonna do some damage here thatll probably finish things off not bad all right time for the Soviet sub again some good Redemption and hopefully getting a little bit more action the previous sub the Japanese one did a very good job of doing incredible damage to the enemy with the one sneaky hit its kind of cool you got to be real patient but you can do a massive amount of damage as long as you time things right in this game I like it and a beautiful day too the water looks so nice its really really nice and the Wake looks good too from all the ships whenever you uh of course are maneuvering around the biggest wake from the battleships looks very cool with the sub trying to make a small one its up kind of works like a slower Destroyer really with just a lot of extra capabilities that makes it super deadly torpedo wise obviously all right we could be spotted here the enemy also has the ability to drop countermeasures on us so they could of course shoot at us they could also drop some things from aircraft such as like depth charges that could force us to surface or repair sometimes they do very little damage but hit it with something like flooding or maybe an onboard fire and thats something you certainly dont want but at least it could be remedy rather quickly okay were gonna try to go for a nice kill here with the Soviet sub hopefully we could do better than we did the first time always improving in this game too by the way theres no shame in dying a lot so long as you feel like youve learned something a tactic to avoid Torpedoes a way to possibly position your ship to minimize damage the ability to quickly fire at enemies and identify what kind of a ship it may be and to quickly Target their weak points or knowing what ammo types to use but sometimes you just gotta fire what you got might not have time to change ammo especially if the enemy is about to slip behind a mountain all right were gonna slip into Smokescreen and now underwater good the ultimate spoke screen I suppose the entire ocean attention support all right this is a fantastic opportunity for a Kill get nice and close try to hit him with that bombardment all right lets surface capturing the area I had a lot of ships moving around quickly trying to lurk in this area for a little bit and see if we can find a weak opening come on baby if theres anybody we can take a shot at closing in on something over carrier that would be the perfect Target we just got a lurk in stock for a while all right so we might be able to do some massive damage to or at least intimidate this carrier so it cant launch aircraft as easily youll be paying attention to a few other things hopefully foreign its beautiful the ocean all the sounds too music is great in this game too one of the things I hadnt mentioned is that the tunes are just nice its certainly a soundtrack I would listen to outside the game definitely a good workout music jogging just going out on a little stroll its pretty good a little pep in the step all right looks like we got Torpedoes incoming Torpedoes outgoing nice shot from the torpedo aircraft flying all around the uh carrier which that likely is from all right time to dip to take some shots problem solved sir all right were about ready hit him with some pings and some torpedoes all right a nice wall of torpedoes going out see if we can get them to surface with the Ping the designated Target Music yeah were gonna need that air again Music nice all right we got destroyers around yeah destroyers are probably the ones most likely to spot us since theyre so fast and have a good detection range all right some torpedo shots and maybe a little little ping gotta get a bit closer they need to get a bit closer Music torpedos direct front lets go for a ping here and some torpedoes oh baby foreign gotta land a hit our Victory is in sight getting them with multiple pings I believe makes us more accurate or its better somehow I dont know if it reduces the spread but you can actually maybe aim for the particular spot of the ship you want to hit and in this case we sunk them all right hitting him in the back side with quite a few hits there unexpected nice enemy ship destroyed looking good very nicely done good job boys Music all right that does it for me and my time at Sea love the new submarines and definitely think Ill try it again Ive played the aircraft carriers I love the Cruisers really down with the Destroyers too but subs and destroyers have so far been some of my favorites followed by some of the lower tier battleships in the game too but hey again check it out with the link Down Below in the description thank you very much for watching some more World of Warships and Ill see you all soon for more thanks again bye what is steam in video games WORLD OF WARSHIPS HERE: Thanks to World of Warships for sponsoring todays video on the new submarines & 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