Car Comparison | Starbeast VS Starbeast SS | Wreckfest

Steam games for zoomsteam horizon WRECKFEST steam game giveaways 2015 Car Comparison | Starbeast VS Starbeast SS | WreckfestHello thanks for watching. Please give this video thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more. Follow me on Instagram @wreckfeston Review and overview of Speedemoon Wreckfeston score explained. When using manual gearbox 0-60 times vary too much, due to inconsistent times I decided to go with automatic gearbox that way every run is the same. Acceleration - Im not looking at the acceleration bar in the garage. Im looking at my car list, score is based on 0-61 Mph/ 0-100Km times using automatic gearbox and full throttle. Handling - countersteer what I mean by that is how fast car reacts when turning into a corner then releasing a throttle. Spins out of control - with TC off, how likely it is for a car to spin out when exiting a corner with full throttle. Steering feel - general feel of the car Practicality - testing cars in all builds on most tracks in the game. Short and long circuits. Value - If car is cheap to buy or added to the game with season pass it will get more points. If car is expensive or rare it will get less points. Cool/ Fun factor - unique visual upgrades to buy in the garage, some cars have their own cool looking parts, not accessible to all vehicles in the game it will get more points. Fun to drive some cars have terrible steering but for whatever reason they are still a lot of fun to drive. unhide a game steam steam great barrington how to download games from steam to oculus quest monk's steamer bar inc steam sync game saves