SO MANY NEW CARS! Monster Truck In Wreckfest! - Wreckfest Update

The room game steamwhich steam deck should i get WRECKFEST I just push this guy into a wall hold on hold on hes stuck to me oh heres the piledriver yeah yeah I pushed him into the crowd the bugzilla I know this thing is ridiculous I know some of these cars have been out for a while but I havent got to try them yet so lets look at this thing man the drag Slayer yes look at this thing that the killer pig what the hell is this is there any other ones oh yeah there was another weed wanted to at the end here the pocket rocket hold on love that baby there we go were gonna have to try this thing as well its like were gonna get a stormy day here all right Im down and were just racing a mixture of all that is weird in rec fest I just run this guy over yeah I can sweet oh theres another one right there clutch Slayer bye bye dude what that didnt kill oh god I got a couch guy though oh I meant to do that I was actually pretty slick not gonna lie I just want to run over run over everybody now I mean I dont think I can run over the this in my but everything else I can yeah why did that like send me off of course though I dont get it the bus flipped over oh no theres another guy oh I think I I think I just barely missed him there oh this thing is awesome we are absolutely in the first place this is going way better than the end the beginning of yesterday uh the stream a couple days ago oh my god just flying over everybody now oh thats a car mister excuse me whoa guys smash that guy out of existence whoa oh man how am I still in first place oh oh okay okay okay were still in first place I think everybody else is just dead or close to dead thats whats going on here to RIT win this right now why did I oh okay okay the steering is a little strange on this thing its not strange you just got to get used to it I think oh wow do we just unlock a car Oh Ians locked a hammerhead hell yeah now what should be what should we do - I keep using the monster truck or should I switch it up a little bit here all right so were going against some buses and even though theres a harvester as well here buddy yeah ooh there we go was that a body just flying through the air Oh No drive into a wall now why would I do that and I can run over people in couches and little tiny I can pick on people way smaller than me thats what this game is all about like this couch guy oh I just punted him across the map and then ran him over good for good measure thats fine lets how you do it this thing sucks it turning though oh not as bad as the couch though I just take down this Harvester right now I still have 48 health actually pretty good I think its cuz the engines in the back so I can just run face first into everybody which is the best way oh okay maybe not with a bus monster truck against a bunch of lawn mowers now there is a good idea Im actually gonna do that after this because that sounds hilarious oh and this thing can just look lift up a bus school bus thats ridiculous whoa that went directly into my windshield how was a guy in a couch still alive right now Oh clutch layers almost dead hmm Im almost dead oh no I just push this guy into a wall hold on hold on hes stuck to me oh heres the piledriver oh yeah I pushed him into the crowd beautiful oh my contact timers gonna run out no theres only three people left dang it I just immediately blows you up what do we get third place though thats not bad Oh second place Wow there was only other one other dude all right here we go the what the bloodbath commands yeah I just missed everybody Im kind of worried about my contact timer these guys are kind of difficult to hit there we go very theres enough of them though I dont think I should have too much problems I just love xenon fly off oh come on let me hit somebody theyre too small puny humans oh yeah that guys dead what oh I get out get out from under my tire there we go Oh what how do I not get it how do I have zero score am I not allowed to go against these guys or what Im probably not even gonna win this Oh even though Ive caused the most damage uh I mean I think lazy dog still is like a 100 percent health I bet the the war digger would be perfect for this interesting very interesting what do we get probably dead last all right oh no I guess we have first what theres a lot of good stuff that we have to do thank you so much whoa that was awesome they lose my RPG I dont think I did how did they get launched like that I dont know it was interesting Oh oh my goodness okay this things top-heavy Im spinning all over the place still at 86 health somehow oh why does this thing flip so easily Jesus look at that its like an instant flip every time the killer pig ridiculous man lets go to a different track here and maybe the F yeah this is a good one I feel like this the farmland it goes good with this thing man Im saying much in between big to big boys here its things quick actually what the hell did not expect that its got a little pep in it so I cant see in front of me very well though theres the camera right there me that big honker on the front of my my car oh I guess this is gonna have to do oh no oh no dont want to get sandwiched get out get out get out couch guy come here no hes just sitting there Bob I just launched him into this into space absolutely beautiful just bodies flying everywhere oh nice t-bone piggies a little beat up got a beat the meat as they say oh no whoa okay okay were okay were okay yeah good okay there we go still 21 people left Im at critical damage I think so just watch that guys straight into his death right there I think this map might be a little small for this Oh wrecked there it is yeah I got I got I got to turn it into baked in there unfortunately what place did we get so that last place but pretty close 20th thats not good there it is the drag Slayer just a straight-up drag car were gonna top the back tires on that thing earth sick god this things ridiculous looking III I hope its fast yep its fast there we go laying on somebody perfect all right across the loop we go around the loop we should have no problem its gonna flatten us out a little bit though it always does Oh oh man this track is insane we go what the hell happened there Claire does the sleek design of this thing its gone now Im still some out in top tune I dont know I dont know how but I am we got a tire dude wait was that just in first place is that going to go yeah weird kind of want to try this car on a hill ride you know Im gonna restart because I want to keep this thing pristine all right lets try that again you never go through the ring on the first first go its a complete cluster but it is funny to watch them all like fall over the side here at least they did last time yeah there they go on the other side its too good Im gonna go on the outside so none of them hit me nice all right now I think I can go through this okay okay I was close oh no no no no no I just tore the entire front of my car off with that one crash love that Jesus its almost like Im playing rec fest right oh man oh boy that would have been too fast too fast no perfect I get first place I what yes I did I wasnt even paying attention there it is I want to try this thing real quick oh Jesus okay how cute is that huh Im already getting left in the dust maybe not maybe not Im afraid to hit anybody slick Nick with the subscription Laughter thank you man as I get absolutely bodied 29% health all right so I should probably not get run over again huh oh Jesus how am I my question is how Im not in dead last right now this it can barely control this thing Im dead well there it is damn it man oh thanks dude thanks so much insult to injury there Music you break Music fun mac games on steam Twitch ► SO MANY NEW CARS! 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