How to fix steam game iconssteam strategy games free WRECKFEST whats going on everybody Eddie sound head back once again here with sound head entertainment get ready to jump bang into some more rec fest racing here at I dont even know how to pronounce this trikes name yeah I spend daily nests spend island yeah I guess something like that anyway and were back with the war wagon and were back in the snow mod because I did say we do a part two did the snow racing last time we did it in the NASCAR legends models were getting underway here in our first race and it did not go well for us it wasnt very competitive really it went well for us it just wasnt very competitive so were gonna hope that the regular cars set will give us a little bit more competitiveness theyll drive a little bit smarter as I Drive straight off the track oh my god the holy all right get off the track there my god that was incredibly bumpy out there suspension getting its work in already here is we got one little slide job oh I made that work on the outside of pants in the grass if you will never seen one of those before oh Im gonna make it work on the outside of this guy here oh hes hes trying oh I slid it onto the grass were all right I dont know whats going on with this back window why it just it magically turns to snow and then it comes back and it goes away and Im completely off track and Ive gone through every sign within a mile radius of the track that was a real problem the sponsors will not be happy about that one and I have no clue where the braking zone is Im just gonna brake as early as possible oh wow apparently that wasnt even close to enough braking either because I just flew straight to that one and I got all kinds Im doing slide jobs up here that is that is all kinds of trouble all coming back getting on the bumps in the dirt it almost seems that we get more traction out there and like the grassy area so thats its interesting I guess the icy snow provides a little bit more slick who would have thought snow is split who wouldve thunk it who would have thunk oh wow nice corner there once again though this grass and the snow kind of gives us a little bit more grip so who would have seen that happening were up in a third which is not a bad start here I can kind of take this a little bit better than they can but not when they sit right in my way thank you what about chat Thank You chap what am i British now here we go here we go and then he comes back on me that somebodys just pulled out to an incredible lead now I gotta hunt down unpleasant mule well final lap underway I see can I get a little bit closer this time and kind of almost cut that chicane right there it still doesnt go very well though we get out in those bumps come on unpleasant mule youre you know what you are unpleasant mule heres the plan where its for you youre an ass get it get it wheres that a donkey I dont even know cares were still going for it I gave him a little bump there and it failed miserably come on give this thing a turn its got no traction all right oh we got a run now boys we got to run somebodys wrecked mine me Im giving him a shot were bump-drafting here we go I gotta let off the brakes way sooner than he does though I dont even think I did I didnt even do close to enough either and Im flying her out the track again all right I refuse to lose this race I just hit him did I spit him out I think he saved it oh what a champion same at tire checking your tires here I missed that one by a little bit up in the air come on I am not giving up this win oh god I didnt mean to do that though well final corner I gotta send it I gotta send it I hit them Im a piece of crap I know Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im not trying to wreck yall its a drag race oh he wrecked himself kind of well you know what Im a piece of crap for that one but yeah do what you got to do Joey Logano would be proud that much is for sure so that was actually pretty exciting hooray so its a lets do another one all right well what a wreck fast video be without a figure eight race I mean what would it be itd be useless is what it would be excuse me oh you want to go head and get out of the way that was like a really weird way of me clearing my throat and then also being really frustrated at the same time hopefully I didnt just blow your hero drums Im sure I probably did okay yep no yeah lets go ahead tire check get your tires here number 24 is that Jeff Gordon is that Americas favorite three star driver get out of the way come on Jeff I dont know who this is doesnt say of course I dont have to NASCAR legends mighty and at the current second so the names dont pop up above the the cars like they usually would is Im all over the Im having all kinds of problems here Im gonna put this one in the wall yep there it is we got some getting around there oh thats a busy intersection thats a braking zone dont worry about it why break when you can use the car in front of you as your brakes thats what I learned in NASCAR d3 multiplayer and then you just missed the corner entirely and Ive stuffed it in the tire barrier get your tires here folks we got a tire check and Ive also got about 10 positions that I just gave up because I had made champion of champions theyre gonna put me on the Wheaties box pretty soon I guarantee it but I give it up yet cuz thats not what champions do I am however taking that Kyle Larson line and sliding through there and thats thats a great way to get it now we got to hunt some people down oh this is getting interesting up here but oh that was the Jeff Gordon car I killed him I definitely by injured him well Lisa had got us up into a top three somehow we managed to get on the podium so lets see what we can do with you here Im just gonna sling it into this corner oh yeah oh I feel like I made the chili bowl Nationals want to slide it like that what a champion now Im thinking that Kyle Larson line what a beast oh wait a minute this aint over yet I got one oh hes gonna put me in the wall what a what up what a personai my words to describe this type of man oh this is oh my god this is a battle for the lead right here everybodys reckon oh and just like that ladies and gentlemen with style and class we take the lead come on I just gotta hang on for a little while I dont even know what you were trying to do but were not were not even gonna talk about it it was that disgraceful theres somebody on the brink of death over there theres a corner there by the way thank you car I appreciate it when I turn the wheel you just do nothing I love the snow mod folks stupid the snow only effects like the normal tracks Id love to take you to Talladega or something but unfortunately its just not possible it would seem oh come on turn its the final lap my god those laps take the way really fast oh this is a battle for the lead right there I dont know what he was doing that was not an effective pass that is not gonna get it done my friend whoa what looks like he got t-boned as well though all right we made it out of that better than he did somehow someway and Im gonna give it away by spinning it out almost final stretch please dont anybody eat my lunch here in this intersection just let me live and my lunch money is secured in my pocket and were gonna win the race there and then stuff it head on the wall all right thats a good win right there its always good to get one on the figure eights cuz those those arent always easy all right were gonna get one more here hopefully anyway on the oval so it actually co tire check get your tire sounds like a mini tire check right there as I was saying it seems oh god it stings sideways quit interrupting me cam trying to talk oh Im gonna get shoved him for mine I was gonna say these a are kind of stupid case in point right there in front of me oh oh that guys eight tire back there the O so much beating and banging it came to concentrate get the words out of my mouth out of my brain oh okay yeah wonderful job theres theres a slide job and then theres that theres whatever that move was I appreciate it there look at this where well at least were on the top three possibly looking at the lead here hang on a minute hold on a minute here oh god Im like wrecking the leader and Im not even trying thats gonna do it oh we got the lead all right all right all right all right I was gonna say the air kind of stupid on the snow I guess no matter what youre driving in there at least a little bit smarter than a NASCAR legends it seems but not by much and then I go ahead and slide it into the wall and prove my own smarts and then I just t-bone that poor gentleman hes gonna hurt come on get that thing to turn final lap Im keen with slide it right way and I in a second place right on of my muffler come on come on turn one more corner go Wow and a great time to go wide and wreck the thing now gray had a dead car stuck in my way no you gotta be kidding me I just lost the leader just passed me youve got to be kidding me Hey oh and I came to get a turn around this has gone all wrong this is great grand and neat I actually hate my life I actually despise my existence because now I have to do this one again yay oh my god I couldnt have just one and done did I gotta sit here and do this trash her again well thats great I had this race one it was one and then I cant even blame anybody else cuz it was my own lack of talent I just I just went ahead and I just slapped that ass right into a tire and it took me right around and I get to eat my own the Mustang thats great well you got a man kid right here Im gonna pass for Lee thats a great name for a great man and then I almost spin it out myself come on oh thank you for that shot thank you I love it when somebody just stuffs it in my rear end you know that really just that really just does it for him you know you ever just have somebody stuff it right near here in never happen to you because it happens me a shocking amount of times how much I get stuffed in my rear end lets see can I not wreck it this time when I come to the white flag no I gotta rest it up against the wall though thats great Im gonna find a way the second car is five seconds back and Ill still find a way to give it to him just hand it right to him on a silver platter oh I almost did there we go oh I almost looped it around I almost did it I almost ran out of talent now there was much to start with but we did it well put put the silver platters away take the big max off the silver platters ladies and gentlemen we dont need them false alarm were gonna get the wind finally lost and all that nonsense is an actual victory there on the oval so I think thats gonna be enough snow racing for one lifetime if Im honest cuz they I dont I thought maybe theyd put up more of a fight and be more competent than a NASCAR legends mind but I mean it really wasnt that much of an improvement if Im honest but at the end of the day we walked out with three wins and one very devastating embarrassing loss so well take our three trophies be happy with them and move on man its too bad that the snow mod only works on the regular tracks like I said though because Id love to do like some Talladega snow race Im sure Id be hilariously stupid but unfortunately the snow does not work in other mods which is too bad but Im sure well be back at Talladega pretty soon for some other stuff so dont worry about that and with that and were probably gonna call this an episode right here so thank you everybody for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you have not already and be sure to leave a comment as well I love reading the comments I actually read all the comments so if you have a video idea a yo feed bag or suggestion or you just want to say hello be sure to leave that down in the comments below and thatll pretty much do it so thank you once again for watching everybody and I will see you all in the next 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