Watkins Glen WIPEOUT! Wreckfest

Multiplayer horror game steamsteam export game list WRECKFEST whats going on everybody eddie soundhead back once again here with sound head entertainment we are here in wreck fest once again at another legendary track we are here at the glen watkins glenn international for the first time in our rec fest career and it is sure to be a good one this is a former host of formula one its a current host of nascar and speaking of nascar weve got the nascar 70s cars back out again for a little old-school carnage were gonna race them down into turn one maybe somebody old jimmy johnson themselves by the end of the day itll probably be us hey you know what thats fine i actually look forward to it lets get into it all right off we go first one of the day and of our career here at watkins glen will it be the last watch and find out as we will try to ride the middle as carl ever is going to break check his former teammate matt kinses thats just wrong i just sent clickman in the first corner and stacked them up on the outside and were going to gain all those spots up through the middle just as i planned or theyre gonna go i almost turned bobby that william byrons going around on his own hes going up and over in the asses im putting it in the wall looking at the carnage bouncing off a point tim richmonds gonna come back behind me theyre gonna take advantage its a drag race down the long straight here how are we gonna have a macho man battle into the corner i dont know where to break so god help us all apparently it was back there somewhere or not no were driving good you guys are stooges what do you do oh theyre all wrecking they really are dudes theyre all piling into it we just launched breadboard dying into one but hes still driving and what a legend were all still driving keep going im gonna have to just wing it again here oh theyre breaking real late up here brambo dive sends me off the racetrack hack bowman misses the exit dont worry buddy well hack our way back onto the track here freaking breville diet just fleeced us all excuse me aj we got a little bone to pick with mr bodine up here hey sir you remember me remember this wall up here come on oh now were both going damn it i thought i had just set up the pit maneuver me freaking carried me there with him and im lighting myself up for the pack and there it is on cue and im gonna sign another one right here slide on the dotted line can we make it a third its a triple play are we gonna get the home run is it gonna be a grand slam of ass packery if i pull it back on the track it probably will be there it is the combo a wombo combo there you go when those guy wins the race you might as well just send it through the crawl whos this were going to slam him there it is bobby allison takes one for the team i take a firewall of the face see if we can get ourselves to the inside here and squeeze into this gap that matts barely going to leave enough room for us he couldnt move over anything i see how it is well just take the lane from you get packed a bit do some packing were gonna dump carl edwards through the smoke turn one meme sponsored by snoop dogg this week see if we can get ourselves a couple of spots down here i might just push truex in and see what happens oh my god richmond on the outside what are you doing im getting packed for going three y that was never gonna work and priest is the victim im getting shoved off the track i think i cut it out again let me do that oh my god what did nobody make the corner what the hell is this jesus just pull back on no thats cool the cows crossing a country road what the hell was that i cant tell if denny hill was trying to break or be the next james bond im gonna lay one on you for that buddy come here see you out here trying to lay this smoke screen on me that cannot be the competition handled thats illegal and so is that hand i just laid on am i for an eye i say and kevin harvick eat some tires buddy get out of here oh boy you ran out of the lane see you later oh is somebody gonna send me again that is my only worry and literally they all missed the quarter and i did too holy all right im gonna stop talking crap then if i cant even make the corner oh no no no no we barely touched kenza that shoots me over to the wall and kenz and i are both destroyed and we have lost the race i have lost the wheel kenzit has lost his gravitational pull towards earth and he is leaving us not really but maybe a potential space force cadet hes geforce training right now look at him now ill just try to gain the spot on carl everton ill be filing line behind priests if he doesnt close the gap on me jesus priests what are you doing carlo im down here you bum are you gonna flip me over this guy what guy x spotter i need an explanation do you have a nascar 21 ignition spotter is he going two two two three two two two three constantly in here because then it would make sense you know how some tracks have the tent of doom we need a boxing ring of bums at all race tracks mandatory so that when stuff like this happens it can immediately get out and get settled without even leaving the track while ive never seen a more compromising position than this all my brakes seem to have gone out priests thats a real shout out jesus christ oh what a hit that didnt give an inch i think priest got the better end of that i just once again ate some firewall if we had a boxing ring at the track i wouldnt have to resort to things like this and then look but right there boom neck back and many other things broken im utterly unsatisfied with that we are waiting on this man we are not done come here you son of a he got me again i cant win he literally got me it i have been stunned by ryan priest he has my number somebody has to pay for this there there has to be an answer for these crimes someone has to get by im going to hit somebody when they cant even see it coming right through the asses this is going to be brutal oh yes here they come well with it lets just cause a big one right here oh my word right in front of the grandstands for these fans to observe shield your eyes in fact you might not have to it looks like its getting way worse down there see the poor soul that came through here and got absolutely rocked by yours truly they just caught the ricochet shot off of us and never mind us being dead up there we caused a big pile down the road here 42 is decimated cars on both sides of the tracks nobody can make it through here clean the hits are still coming hitting back enough trying to get out of the way as he starts to get it turned around i think yes i know the atomic ass pack i dont think thats the last one oh its priests do i even dare mess with priests anymore i think i think he won i think im gonna give him like a lane and a half just to be certain that i dont get pummeled and theyre gonna get some pumping going up here william byrne back across the lane nowhere to go hes up and over we might be two somehow we stay on our wheels barely holding it down that was like a trick almost but what a waste of us start that is we got to keep the mad dash down into turn one as we gave room to priests and he gave the room to us he cut the hell out of the corner and what did it matter nothing because here comes the 88 across the nose i would consider this the turn one meme making a late appearance it went all the way down into the second corner too that is a long and strong turn one meme it has never been stronger than here at the glen kind of goes without saying but i basically have to body somebody this even looks like a bowling alley and i got pins at the end of it theres going to be a nameless face this victim down here whos it going to be its going to be carl no its william byron at the last second jumps out from behind carl and we fence ourselves in honor of carl we got called by carl right there and im not gonna let anybody tell me differently oh no i dont feel like we this regularly resort to savagery but apparently watkins land is the place to do it as we do damn near a backflip the physics on that are gonna need to be studied for decades centuries possibly millenniums we could leave earth with force like that its gonna be just enough room for us to scoot through here and there we go theres the tandem effort down into turn one i respect it oh my god what the hell 21 what in the are you doing yall come out of those s is pretty even but right down here is where we can gain tim richmond trying to block the outside you can have it buddy im sending it up the middle with three wide gonna be turning 2x just about get by him squeeze by and weve got open road and weve got aj points i said that we just launched wendells got into a flip-up bounce off the wall banging off an ass back here we go and that was actually a helpful push were still keeping going i guess we just dont have a prayer making this corner its getting contagious too i cant even do it anymore weve got problems up here were going to start right by it take the spots this is our chance right here the top five we can strike on the top four theres hack bowman put away drove like a grandma through the bus stop but hes not the only one theyre all blowing it what are you bums doing hey ill drop off the court im not letting you rejoin im not letting you rejoin brent go down oh no give me now we lost we lost i tried to play prevent defense and what do you know and we lost to harrisonburg and its a drag race with jordan anderson that i am also going to lose im going to go hide under a rock now you know what its time its time for us to embrace our inner jimmy johnson this is as close to a seven-time champion as were gonna get were gonna take out his teammate alex bowman oh and were skating and were grinding on mario andretti you cant cant be doing that on camera in public that was awesome though hes just like cars one riding on another car stuff but we are turtle well we have to look at that dont we i mean we just set it straight on couldnt have had a more perfect execution to the start of the jimmying but then we took a couple of victims with us unfortunately for them and theyre just gonna go ahead and rejoin like nothing even happened cool for them check it out one more time here from the planet cam thats going to come right into your living room here oh man i hope you save those 3d glasses we were talking about youre going to need them see if i can get the pepsi push down here to the inside theyre banging off each other in the middle here oh my god were going to give a pulverizing pack to pearson and that gave us a gap that might be good that might be the best star weve had yet we got to keep it rolling right here in our other game zone lets see if i can just kind of push william byron gently wide and into the rack and were going to scoop by it all that was like five spots right there and harrison burns out of shame were gonna dump him too there goes the second place car were just gonna give the leader room and let him blow it on his own and there he goes just as we suspected and im not playing any prevent defense this time we are audi 5000 all right last trip through the carousel here two more straights to go shout out to all the people in the grand stands all the rvs on the hill back there one more quarter to go dare i say we could probably coast it through here but im not im sliding all the way to the wall put it in the grass lets burn it out all the way to the line we are done wiping out at watkins glad we have captured that dub we have done it look at how we did this right here got his ass just set him to the moon that started us off right then we head down to the bus stop we find out i am a 5d master chess player look at the way i drove by all those bums wrecking the car and that wasnt it i wrecked one myself we took harrison burton right out and with that when we got by mo dyne we knew we had the dub that is gonna do it ladies and gentlemen thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed as always if you did hit me in the comments down below and with that ill see you in the next one how to steam butternut squash Wreckfest returns in the form of a trip to Watkins Glen International for some 70s style NASCAR chaos!⯆Want to keep up with Soundhead Entertainment outside of YouTube? 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