Dragslayer VS Mad Max Car on the Hot Wheels Track! - Wreckfest Update Gameplay

How to get steam games for free 2019deep rock galactic steam deck WRECKFEST game right heres where a lot of times AI just get stuck and I think its gonna be the same story I think want to keep up with the latest comodo gaming videos be sure to subscribe and click that Bell hello YouTube comodo gaming here bring you guys another episode of Rick fest and folks were back once again and today we are back with the update so if you checked out last episode we checked out the new cars everything from a monster truck to the drag Slayer that youre seeing here which reminds me of a Hot Wheels car and I loved it so much and theres been some other cars but I said to myself on that episode I really would love to see AI sets for the monster truck and the drag Slayer and folks we finally have it here today it has been modded into the game and were ready to go so the first thing were gonna do is actually the drag Slayer versus the Ripper so the drag Slayers in the front the rippers in the back the rippers from the last I think DLC pack and it looks like a Mad Max car so you know what these two cars are gonna fit perfect together so would that further adieu were on the Hot Wheels track who do you guys think is gonna win is it gonna be the Slayer or the Ripper I want to say the Slayer because Im driving one but you never know whats gonna happen here also while youre down there maybe hit that thumbs up for some more breakfast in wow that was actually fairly clean I mean only like 10 people died okay so were good so yeah one thing Im really excited for with this track is that this car has a lot of speed and I always struggle with this track as far as staying up on the banking and making some of the jumps so I feel like this is gonna be perfect oh that was some good collisions no no no were gonna let it rip or take the lead oh its not good okay lets get going oh dont run into me buddy all right go get them Im actually going for the other Slayers here all right so lets see how it takes this hill here that feels pretty good get a little wheel spin let off a little bit buddy youre going too fast up okay come on dude Oh I just spun out one of my own team its fine I got some good speed here I think a ripper just launched off the track up and so didnt shred against litter with the hick okay thats fine you know this track never lasts uh-oh nope no no dont fall track No yeah these races on this track never last more than about a lab or two all right I set it to 5 well go about two well see what happens here but maybe the drag Slayers are gonna take the victory I dont know I dont know if Im gonna be able to survive this its gonna appear theres still cars going I see one on the other side that looks like a ripper on the other side so we still have quite a few run in well see what it looks like here at the end hit the brakes dont want to fly off this hill there we go gas it up oh yeah were carrying some good speed here oh there goes another car you can see the shadow through the track ok look behind us they dont make it over this okay you know I swear there was a time when the a I used to make it around this track and know its possible yeah theres some on the other side theyre gonna make it through okay its still race yeah Im not even first place right now so alright come on team Slayer okay watch out for these they looking good yeah theres a couple that are about to go down towards the start/finish line here I should have probably just made this a one lap shootout because ten bucks says nobody completes the second lap all right here we go over this all right I want to hit the brakes a little bit you dont want to fly off this oh were still flying okay on land oh no bear with me come on survived survived oh were gonna die were gonna die were gonna yep were gonna die dad you guys you know what who won I wasnt gonna say one this time it says the drag Slayer one but come on I cant really tell I mean is that a delayed result or was that at the time of me dying I dont know well maybe it were never gonna figure out maybe we should try this combination on a little bit safer track alright so I found a little bit more fair track to settle the rivalry on so Ripper vs. Slayer we have an oval here five laps expert difficulty lets see what happens here everybodys gonna kind of bounce into each other its okay Im gonna go to the outside here hi this is a very dangerous high-speed oval because there is no wall to keep you in the track theres only trees by the way it looks like we have a unfair advantage with the Slayer here theres like two in the front but well see if the rippers can hold their own down the straightaways here okay we go that is the brakes let it roll in oh Im gonna get bumped by Ripper here oh hes running in the back of me alright were looking pretty good the Slayers are still pulling out a little bit I was a ripper in 3rd well see if they can catch up those rivers are pretty intimidating and your rear view mirror ok hit the brakes oh I thought this ones trying to take me out maybe this is actually a really hard Trek with the AI like it feels like were all pretty even I dont feel like Im just out running everybody no oh you guys doing back there oh I just watched some crashes ok come on uh-oh the turning abilities on these cars isnt the greatest oh we got a crash up at the front oh that car almost tried to kill me wait what happened there who got taken out I see it Ripper sideways but did a slayer get taken out theres a lot of rippers back there ok well they dont like the Slayers might have this alright I just got a kind of pad the results here and try to keep up with the other cars but I feel like were doing good its the perfect track form though because youve got this long straightaway that way you can really carry some speed down there but you do have to slam on the brakes in order to get it to turn here use a little handbrake because if I can get it to rotate a little more yeah its not terrible yeah we are coming up on 2:00 to go we got a lot of cars on the straightaway here I think its pretty much anybodys race still oh whats going on we got crashes here all right Oh will scores just flew right off on I gotta take out one of the rippers here oh no nope nope Im cooking it a little too much there we go oh hes going sideways oh theres a slayer that just flew back from the track whats that buddy okay here we go Im in third position somehow I dont think Ill catch first shes eight seconds ahead but seconds right up here Ill get a hope its a slayer up front oh look at this team tactics there we go Slayer and second ago but I can take it out by a Slayer no you dingus oh oh die buddy okay yep 10 seconds head were gonna lose lets just hope thats a slayer in first place all right go down here no no no no no no no oh I cooked it a little too much in the corner no no no no get back on the track okay were good I think were good all right wheres third okay yeah were plenty good here all right lets see who did it here here we go finish I saw a lot of rippers crashing I want to say yes Wow if that isnt a definitive answer about which car might be better look at the back half of the field and look at the front half I mean the percentage as far as the class theres only one point so in theory theyre relatively even but maybe the drag Slayers got a higher top in and maybe the Bandit turns better I dont really know but yeah let me know what you guys think lets go do some monster trucks all right here we go monster truck time single file but we have the figure 8 so lets go ahead and get moving this is gonna be great news Im hoping yeah it actually bugs me up oh whoa I said greatness okay this is instantly disaster okay we need to get turn oh this is a lot of big trucks trying to fit in one area but yeah it still baffles me when a rec fest when they come out with DLC you got a really cool car and Im like oh yeah theyre totally gonna have an AI set for this and they dont oh thats the leader okay we just took out the leader oh this is great but yeah Im so glad that the modding community has already added an AI set for these because this is perfect I just want to race it just the bug monster truck only alright here we go oh its a track blocker hunting just run through okay come on I need to make up some places here theres seven not that many laughs oh its gonna be a short race okay six play sets fist okay were doing it oh I need first place and all those guys just get taken out here all right Oh what the heck yeah I dont think the ayah doesnt realize when you slam each other and these you get stuck at each others wills so it makes the slamming out a little pointless alright here we go kinda like what other tracks this monster truck would be awesome on theres gotta be some other tricks to have just just some really like huge jumps and oh that was almost death Im keep going going keep going all right theres fourth place come on first place needs to get taken out oh theres a bunch of cars just flying theyre out okay I keep getting ran into Im getting run over no this is perfect wait were in second place okay come on somebody take up first place Komodo needs a win here could you imagine these with like pinball mode on that would be absolutely insane okay I dont think Im gonna get first place hes wait hes slowing down hes drastically slower now hold on its got to be one of these trucks here which one is it no he picked back up oh dang it I thought there for a second he was tagging out and I was gonna get the win not there he goes Laughter oh no no I dont want no one want to lose second on a reset oh go go go go go go what is going on here this is just total madness all right almost through Oh could you imagine these if we took my like Talladega or something I dont know what would happen there all right there we go finish second place Ill take second its not too bad oh right were ready for another impossible race so we have the rock bottom race that Im not sure these cars or trucks are gonna be able to get up but yeah were gonna see what happens here so here we go I love this track its actually got a pretty good derby area down here now were gonna go flippin oh this is perfectly fun yeah were gonna ride this one no well ride that one okay come on come make it on all four please come on no okay nope anything reset all right so question is can the AI actually complete this course sometimes AI they get stuck in theres a jump up here right heres where a lot of times a I just get stuck and I think its gonna be the same story I think well look at that some have made it up can you please move out of my way okay here we go oh its just tire Spin City on lets see if we can get up and complete a lap up here all right no this is working okay god no we got to turn itll hook my competitor and here we go down okay were in second place theres a lot of them just flipping down this thing okay were first way first just down here wait where is first okay somehow Im first wait first might have been in the stands I dont know who do oh no no oh thats not good we just missed something hey whats the reset point in my backup here might have to start again Oh No Im so confused but you see AI flying by I mean somebodys completing the track how did that get him so far whoa that was dumb okay go up okay we got to complete this somehow Im still in the lead but they yeah hes not getting stuck like I thought they would I mean some are still flying out of the track and thats just yeah its kind of tough luck but other than that theyre actually doing it here uh-oh oh there goes that buddy okay all right lets try to get a clean lap in here how am I still in first Im so confused by the timing and scoring on this this map here all right there goes theres still a yeah going all right hey were doing this I mean I think pretty much this isnt good passed like two labs look at that theres some on fire wait how am I going the wrong way huh okay now Im going the right way okay Im so confused right now all right well were still in the lead and were coming back down all right no this is perfect oh oh oh oh geez how am I not destroyed this thing oh Im gonna destroy this thing yeah its about to be over for me okay reset yeah well Im somehow still in the lead so Ill take it so now Im trying to figure out what car would I like to see in wreckfish next what if we got like an RC car that could be cool or I said I think last episode I think I said tank like a tank would be kind of cool too all right here we go back down looking beautiful fly over here let it roll dont flip dont flip there we go alright were somehow still alive which is good we dont have that big of a lead anymore no critical Im at critical oh we rolling back down oh okay this is a dumb idea this is definitely a dumb idea actually know what its even more of a dumb idea they also have a toy set now which is uh I think its the pocket rocket yeah thats now got a an AI set which I think we could try that next all right come on I just want to complete this please oh we almost died there no oh oh this is gonna be impossible okay Im still critical were doing decent all right here we are we have somehow made it to the last lab yeah thats a question of does the car hang line you know if you land on all four Z it doesnt matter how hard the landing is dont get damaged which is surprising its when youre sideways you get the most damage okay here we go wait its just like flying with the air behind me hey really tell ya how theyre not more people at an event like this like the stands are empty if I knew this was going on with monster trucks I would have a ticket I just set up really high just in case one flies out and hits the grain stands I dont come around here alright doing good we still have 11 hill left lets go ahead and hop up over that one dont hit sideways oh oh okay were good ah there we go first place I will take it on rock bottom theres still actually a couple AI running too which is surprising they do a pretty decent job on that one alright here we are with our last event were gonna be running the pocket rockets on a small oval because why not this is gonna be awesome alright here we go we got five laps can Komodo make his way towards the front alright theres a lot of these actually are we even gonna let off here like I feel Im gonna be close to flight oh okay we are letting off a little bit oh yeah I forgot these things are actually really kind of tight which is weird I normally you figured itd wait where did that one just go and only figure with a car this size that it would turn on a dime but it really does no oh theres bodies flying oh thats so cool okay and then here doing good okay oh theres car just no dont spin out in front of me you ding-dong wait Im in first oh heck yeah alright theres so many around here oh the resetting yeah I kind of forget thats a thing now I dont know if theres a option we can toggle on and off but they used to not reset and I forget I can reset now like it used to be if you fell off like a lawnmower or something you were dead but yeah I guess they allow resets on those alright here we are two to go I am absolutely spanked in the field right now like there is no doubt that ones stuck okay just slow down this be fun online if you got some really competitive people in and ran these and ran a race at a small oval like this Oh itd be incredible here we go final lap lets go ahead and take it home here all right watch out theres tons of bodies tons of stuff going on no were good are they just doing donuts later just doing burnouts and stuff over there here we go the Moto wins the pocket rocket challenge oh boy but anyways if you guys have any suggestions for future episodes comment below combinations you want to see whether it be a mod or anything else but yeah thank you guys for all the love and support well see you guys next time on rec fest origin games to steam transfer Dragslayer VS Mad Max Car on the Hot Wheels Track! - Wreckfest Update Gameplay Today Camodo gaming is back with Wreckfest and we are checking out the new update. 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