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Steam rollers for weedbarber facial steamer WRECKFEST game like this game come on these signs are screwing me up man we dont have to reset this time oh hey guys hows it going my name is Neil and welcome to rec fest 2005 edition no Im just kidding this is flat-out the original flat uh way back from 2005 now if you werent aware flat-out games are made by the same people who went on to make rec fest so this is basically like a very very early prototype of rec fest and back in the day this game was everything to me this burnout in GTA were just the best times you could possibly have if you were a racing fan well I guess those Gran Turismo but I was a more fan of a good crash type game so flat out was basically as good as it got so I want to do some races I want to do some figure eight races I want to do some derbies and of course we got to do some of the special events such as the high jump which we saw in the flat-out two video last week and the long jump so it should be fun so lets jump right in here now what car to be won huh theres not a lot in this game not a lot at all but the ones they do have are pretty good I used to like the blockhead I dont know why so were gonna choose this thing and since I havent really done any of the campaign in this game we only have three races but for the purposes of this video I think itll be okay so I think we should start with Gracie woodlands I dont know I remember this map vividly so I think were gonna do this one it should be good lets go literally like a 1 second load time you got a lot of old games alright so here we go starting at the front of the pack actually so I remember this game being incredibly difficult I dont know if it was just me being like 10 years old trying to play this for her game if the game was truly difficult okay okay those guys oh god he almost spun me out yeah like the curtain the cars feel very very heavy in this game but somehow lightweight at the same time there we go just run this guy off the road Im gonna run myself off the road in the process oh no oh no connects perfect sent after that one now this game is kind of claim to fame was the the ragdoll physics so if you hit somebody hard enough I in this game you all said that you will make their driver eject from the car and just go flying off into the woods somewhere its a pretty dating when it happens it happens a lot during the demolition derbies but specifically but maybe we can crash somebody hard enough or hopefully I dont get rekt hard enough to get flown out of the car and there we go up into first place at least for a second until this this a-hole comes out of nowhere but thats okay weve still got out which so we got three more laps to to make it happen here so hopefully it will be yeah this game actually looks pretty good I mean granted I am running it on the PC in 1440p but even back in the day I remember this game looking pretty dang good for a PlayStation 2 game I believe it came out on xbox as well but I had it on the good old ps2 I dont even know anybody that had an xbox against my neighbor had one but pretty much every kid I knew had a PlayStation 2 and yeah I used to put when this game first came out I used to play this for literally hours on it just crashing the cars not even really doing anything Im just seeing how much I could crunch these cars and jump there man I shouldve taken the jump next lap yeah were actually like way out in front right house maybe I was just really bad at raising Gabes I dont know I havent have I as difficulty at least I think I do there was only like two options like normal and professional or whatever I put it on professional but I dont know if its actually really changing anything nor maybe I just got lucky I dont know what I do know is that I am absolutely destroying right now never mind never mind and just like that second place wait why is it more than one carp here we laughing people is that whats how I know were in fifth place seriously one reset puts us all the way back to fifth place just hitting one little sign gets us in sixth fifth place that is pretty insane whats at this jump though yeah there we go just a cat all the way up to first place because nobody wants to take the shortcut so yeah obviously this game is a little bit David at least compared to rec fest but its its its basically the same game only from 2005 on PlayStation 2 you can tell you can even tell its the same developers really I mean even the track design is fairly similar I said this in the the flat-out two video by the way if you havent seen that video I uploaded last week its a lot of fun if you if youre the same age as me it could be very nostalgic for you just like this game come on these signs are screwing me up man we dont have to reset this time oh there it is folks right out the door we go where I got the front windshield we go and thats probably gonna put an end in there there again we hit the side again and thats gonna put us back into last place on the first race of the day on the last lap wait maybe we can make up a little bit of time here come on I need some boost though you only get boost from like hitting people Im pretty sure yeah so lets take this shortcut again maybe they can get us a few places here there we go up to second so really like what turn can be can be the difference between winning and losing in this game so its okay homestretch lets see if we can at least get a first place back we were in first place the majority of the race but just like that second place I mean we were in last place like 20 seconds ago so Id say thats pretty good but still that stings a little bit man that stings a lot actually but you know second place is nothing to scoff at maybe the next race we can get a big old fat double yeah this game has a pretty good replay system as well I mean its basically the same thing as breakfast but just a little bit older but it still looks a pretty freakin good not gonna lie I like how all the cars are like hurtful and weird colors theres no supercars in this game either theyre all trash junker cars with just massive engines in it theres no ax theres no fancy cars and this one they didnt try that until a flat-out - alright so uh theres two more that we could try youre Brad sandpit there is literally a sand pit in rec fest so lets see how the how similar this is something you would see in breakfast I can already tell its pretty darn similar I actually think they recreated this map like a one-to-one in wreckfish I could be wrong anybody know because this is literally like a map thats in rec fest am I wrong because it seems exactly like like the sand pit map and breakfast anyway if it is and its pretty dang similar there we go up to second place lets get in first there we go okay okay big turn big turn were gonna go through the tires this game had pretty good physics for when it came out - like I said it was pretty much one of the first games I ever played that had ragdoll physics oh my god come on to back getting spun out thats thats what you love to see isnt it okay okay Im just gonna get in front of you because I think oh my god just take the wood fence spent you out yeah I remember why this game is hard now I just cuz like little stuff like that running into little stuff just completely screws you up even the debris on the ground can completely mess you up if youre not if youre not careful so yeah okay lets see if again its a good thing is its pretty easy to get back into the pack but besides that if you just gotta watch out for literally everything in the road like all this crap you got a you got a void like the plague all right there we go here we go get some pizza places down third place yeah all right lets even get our W I really want to win here just just I dont know feel better than bye Im like Im better than my ten year old self I can actually get a win in this game would be nice right oh there we go alright Im gonna try to rear in this guy so he can get a little bit of boost and maybe boost past him here but hes pretty quick not gonna lie hes pretty quick were on the last lap as well so if were gonna do something we need to do it now if we can just drift by him come on all right come on okay get a little shaky come on give me a boost man I need I need a boost oh thats a good turn thats a good turn come on now I still cant get in front of them though wait wait wait this is it yeah there we go you can be a little tiny bit of boost literally like a microsecond of booze but hey we got in front of them so as long as we dont screw something up here I think we should be good yes there we go there we go finally we get a win and now were just gonna get smashed from behind no were not okay cool but yeah we only beaten by two freakin seconds yeah this game is a little bit challenging not gonna lie and then the fact that there isnt a lot of difficulty options makes it just even even more punishing but in a good way I like the challenge thats what Im saying all right we got a tried emulation derby we only have one of them unlocked at the moment but theres also super mud BAM demolition sandpit that looks familiar as well but for now lets just go over to demolition - at the demolition arena all right here we go I dont know if this car is gonna be the best possible car for this particular event but were gonna use it anyway there we go already some pretty and say destruction going on here and pretty soon were gonna see bodies flying all over the place and its gonna be glorious trust me okay lets try not to run into the environment though that doesnt do any good for us about you he wants up Oh funny there we go see Dad hes dead where does body go I I dont know were not gonna worry about it but when you see fire that means theyre dead in this game oh there we go all right what about you oh no no no okay okay we got this where is everybody theyre all in the middle basically okay come on turn this hog there we go through all the environment there you go okay we got this I think were doing pretty good our damages not very high at all which is good thats what you want to see because that red bar if it fills up all the way we are gonna be forcibly ejected from our car which yeah we dont want there we go solid t-bone there these cars are so slidy though its hard to get in a position to where you want it to go yeah and you cant get very much speed either because these cars are pretty dang slow not gonna lie yeah there we go there we go dont get stuck on this come on yeah oh okay were so were about halfway dead now so we need to start being really careful here who wants it yeah yeah this is what we did 2005 man sit in front of his CRT oh no were dead were dead were so dead oh no no no no were dead were dead ah fly halfway okay lets uh lets try that one again cuz I feel like that was a pretty bad demolition derby on our part so we need to be more selective obviously I look for the people who are pretty weak so look for the black smoke that means that were a just about dead I believe so but until then lets just just hit the people that are going slow yeah you know this game had pretty good crash physics fur and like damage models for when it came out I dont think anything else was doing like full-on pieces flying off the car scratching the car I guess burner burnout was pretty close but still its just something about this feels a little bit more grounded a little bit more realistic burnouts like more arcade fantastical ah theres a solid shot right there yeah this game just had a more realistic feel to it I mean its still a pretty ridiculous game but just to the handling and the the damage to the cars felt a little bit more realistic than the burnout series at the time all right so were doing very good right now we have basically no damage at least internally on the car here so if we play our cards right there we go we should be pretty good so you can get a kill here oh come on oh I cant get enough speed my car so slighty its ridiculous ah there we go okay some of these people are pretty close to death here Oh God okay get off of me get off me get off of me thank you very much were still doing fantastic though basically no damage to us like I just got absolutely crushed okay were stuck here were good though I dont need to reset all right we can get a lot of speed here a lot of speed oh oh come on ok Im completely stuck now reset reset reset I cant reset okay finally there we go it takes a second for the prop to pop up which is kind of scary not gonna lie I think those guys are still stuck should I go for them or go for everybody else I dont want to get stuck again so you know lets just go for this guy hes almost dead oh I miss them because the car so wobbly like I mean the physics feel heavy but at the same time it makes it pretty freaky difficult ah there we go there we go now were talking we still have almost no damage whatsoever so we can just go go wild here there we go first Gilly flies right at the camera oh well lets see we can get another though I dont even know if it registers when you kill somebody in this then you just it just matters that youre the last one alive but I could be wrong its been so long since I played this game guys its Syd I got a re remember everything okay is there only one guy left I think there is so as long as we can where is he oh its behind me whoa okay sneak attack Im gonna go around the outside for a second here hopefully doesnt follow me too directly there we go get some all right I think I think hes pretty Wiggy oh you cant see their health either at all so you just got a hope for the best where the heck is he I can see him on the map hes just go home no oh no okay yeah you got a solid shot at me there okay I see you dude I see you oh there we go there we go hes got to be hes got to be almost dead right oh oh my god hes still alive its gotta be hes got to be like one shot one solid shot right alright come on come on come on ah there we go as he goes flying off into the distance that is a win for Team knee illogical guys finally Jesus even that was difficult all right guys before we go today I want to do my favourite event in this game the high jump lets go all right so it says accelerate and throw your driver high into the air from the ramp by pressing and releasing the nitro button the release angle of the driver is measured from the time you keep the nitro button pressed down before release the total height of all three runs is added together so I think I remember the best strategy for this its again its been years but lets hope lets hope we can get a phat win out here good numbers pop good numbers so Im gonna wait a second and watch looking good look at very good 95 almost 100 I wonder if its even possible to get Oh God I wonder if its even possible to get over the entire event like shoot yourself so far up I dont even know lets try this again though round 2 here we go Im magic going to see this in real life like the stadium is packed for this but oh theyre just watching this man die basically all right here we go see if we get a better timing for this one ooh that feels good that feels good yeah its 95 just a little bit better basically the same and were gonna stick the landing and wait never mind hes still falling oh no oh no and it did the box as we go all right round 3 this is the big one this makes it this makes everything alright but yeah if any of you guys have this game on Steam or anything and you beat my time let me know you beat my score let me know in the comments or over on Twitter there we go 99 nicely done oh and were gonna stick the landing this time that was a good run but yeah if you guys beat my height and you want to show me let me know over on Twitters take a picture of the of the event so you get some proof and you know maybe if we play this game again Ill put your Ill put your score at the beginning of the video a little bit of a shout-out anyway I dont think youre gonna beat that we got a pretty solid score here lets see weve got two hundred and ninety meters that is pretty good Id say alright guys so thats gonna do it for this episode of flat out the original do G if you guys want to see more of this game on the channel in the future let me know down below in the comments and hey maybe we can make it a series theres still a career mode that we didnt check out so I think you can be a lot of fun oh yeah thats gonna do it make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe if you havent already and I will talk to you guys in the next one see ya Music you break these Music steam deck missing downloaded files This Game STILL Has AMAZING Physics And Crashes! 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