Blow steamdungeon games on steam WRECKFEST game what is going on guys and welcome to another episode of rec fest its been a long time since weve done anything on this game but I was just checking out the Steam Workshop and it was a little bit of an update and you can now add mods into the game which is absolutely incredible I mean this game is cool enough anyway man but without having to you know without the ability to put mods in it was kind of limited you know its still a beta at the moment but it was kind of limited in what we can do so I checked out and theres this a freaking mod you kind of already work it out by the name of this episode its a freaking job charger man look at it it is absolutely incredible you can open all the bonnets and stuff that looks terrible on the inside of that I was going on there man I didnt like that night they all look too good that dont look too good but the interior is pretty good all right theyve got the interior nice it can we open the trunk anything in the trunk no its just its just black so thats not so good I mean like I can do with some work man that could do with some work but nonetheless the coolest part about this entire thing is when you go into the paint you can have like you know you can change the stripe in the back white stripe black stripe know stripe white stripe you know all blue Oh what Im that black with a white stripe which is pretty cool but of course look at the barber here the freaking general email which is what we are damn having I mean no give me that give me them generally and thats what we want you cant have the Dodge Charger well generally so lets put it into a race and see how she handles so mixed tarmac stadium small stadium along motive any gonna need that stuff mud pit speed Bowl lets put it on like a mixed one man so we can we can see kind of like all the sand pit may be pretty good so lets try lets go mixed is there another mixed sure there was no known mix man Plus was that no mixed one mixed two lets go mixed one route one yeah a Venn type banner race team race elimination race Sprint Cup buy a race thats cool opponents lets do lets do freakin full laps my full up seems about right driving difficulty were gonna go on extra hard cuz thats the way I like it no shift in lets go automatic just lets just go automatic for that weather random I dont care about that that sounds good lets put it into a race see or what this thing can do I am NOT trying this out yet man I have not tried it like I saw it there Ive seen pictures of it I looked at it in the game like that but I havent actually like driven the damn thing so lets see how as she handles Im guessing its gonna power slide like a mother you know what I mean its its a damn muscle car man right it says its taken from Fonzie so Im hoping its gonna slide like it did in Fonzie you know what I mean like we can get that back end out maybe push it around weve taken all the assists off so lets take a look man oh my God look at this thing oh oh it sounds its slow man its so slow this is not a fast car you theres no upgrades or anything you can put on it at the moment whats good whats going on man stop get-get out oh my god this guy is just pushing me like theres no tomorrow get get out of the way guys freaking there we go thats better get around here man oh here we go first corner okay so it doesnt it doesnt slide exactly lets try and get it out oh it was sliding I mean Oh what Im gonna that guy over there that guy just what he go it tracks over here buddy so we need to get we need to get away from all these people just to kind of get out and down wait what may either go in sideways the track goes forward dude no get out the way okay once it picks up this manual shifting is all over the oil or gonna slide look at the slide it really oh youve really got a wrestle to get around these damn call this man its not an easy drive but this automatic gearbox man were gonna straight up the 6000rpm and then its gonna change whoa okay excuse me my friend oh right okay so the damage of all Bellona is damn nice what damage well its pretty good but like the minute you you tap that e-brake you know you can even slide it with you can slide it with a break but you tap that e-brake man and the back end just kicks it I mean like not in a good way you know what are we lapped two or four lap to a freak and four its those wheels of to clean man those wheels are way too clean I can see that then tap the back end keep it round oh yeah lets try to get this one Oh see man its just the minute you tap that e-brake from the back just it kicks it out but it hasnt got the power to pull itself back round thats the only thing I feel like whoever made this mug man I take your hat off to you it looks amazing but you needed to needed to sort out the rest of it like it aint no it aint your muscle car if you cant power slide it on the dirt track oh crap and I mean its not generally if you cant down power slide it on a dirt track you know what I mean but we are undo it so were gonna give it a try were gonna try it on that mix Ill come on my friend there we go were gonna cheat a little bit oh yes oh yes three or four what are we were 21 out of 24 I thought we were so much higher oh you so much how it may have to change you have to change this damn manual gearbox man this is some was one already how did they do that this thing hasnt got the speed it just does not have the speed we need to we need to go into manual man we need to put this thing into manual because like I think is shifting down its shifting down into first and you just cant like it tap that e-brake and it shifts down into first and just loses all thats down power we need to get this thing on the manual on the manual gearbox next round we need to get that sorted put them all just parked there on the side so we finished we finished 21st man 21st so that ones so good that went so good so lets try it lets go on to like lets try a where is it man where is it where is it where is it one sample - were gonna go in - I need to have a look at my damn my controls man I need to look at my controls cuz I wanna whats gear up and gear down gear up gear down there we go 8 + 5 8 & 5 thats good for me thats good for me 8 + 5 okay slamming stuff so I want to go into I need a manual gearbox man I need that manual gearbox lets give it a go lets give it a go lets see how this thing goes so Im play with a keyboard right so you know give me give me props give me props play with the damn key boat right here we go Ill kick it in neutral there we go right lets see what we can do now lets see what we can do Matt so were gonna were gonna drop it into second use that same gear get around the car lets see what I mean Matt see what I mean keep us rpms high come on we got it we got this we got it we got it we gotta get around that kind of get around that corner yeah jump down drop down get the speed yeah oh maybe you lost it nearly lost it but to shift downshift downshift down get it round the corner yeah yeah shift up see what I mean my mind even gearbox this is what this thing needed was the damn manual gearbox shift it down to the second chip down to second ah we lost this light that we lost to slightly change to early change truly my lets get it up there there we go we got it man we got it we got it we got it oh dont hit me my friend dont hit me let me go let me go where we going where we going were going over here but we really need to need to slow down kick it into second polish like this power slide it thank you so we needed that we needed that we needed the help how are we looking how were looking in the car were not doing too good man this thing works so much better in freaking ass I just mother slide it slide it slide in a second yeah man this thing just needs it loves that sack on a slide dude you parked across the track man whats going on left guys slide that back in slide that back in no see we lost it again weve lost it again how would we keep doing this were not lost what happened that we were doing so well were doing so well this thing just cant power slide for the life of it man it just cant do it I just dunno whats going on dude I just I just dunno like I mean I mean come on guys come on it gets against the tailor it gets the tailor and then it just it just fails miserably I cannot remember where it goes over here over here okay okay okay okay and the sound that the sound guys I really dont like him at the sound just isnt good okay that guy in a charger - Id love to know what mod it replaces that guys in a damn charger as well but I look at things with twenty fourth guys we just this charger just doesnt have the guts but it needs it doesnt have the guts that it deserves its a cool-looking mod Ill give you that Ill give it out its a cool-looking model but I mean like mushiya pushy a power if you want win of this game the charger is not the way to go Im not surprised this Ahmad you know I mean I will get it up in second get it up and second just doesnt like it we didnt spin at that time straight on this one right straight on this one and then left on this one yeah we got it we got it knock it down to the second user leaves that pallet you see a back end goes the back end kicks it the back end kicks it Im not even going to attempt to carry on that man Im not even gonna attempt cuz it just does it just wasnt doing it we were like 24th lets try it lets try it in a freaking Derby man lets try it in the mud pit were gonna go back to automatic cuz it doesnt really matter this is a Derby right so it doesnt really matter as what Im telling myself anyway Im hoping Im hoping maybe maybe thats what this car is maybe its not a racer maybe its maybe its built for Derby and we can really beat this thing up so Im just gonna sit here Ill let them do all the work first now there we go right whats going on whats going on you stuck on the side me mate the second assignment you right lets see lets see lets see well one over here that guy yeah rear-ended youve got some guys were in the middle were in the middle this is not what we needed to be this is not what we want to be man this is not what we want to be oh that front heel to do good knife raining looking too hot here we go ah you want to stay away from from hitting people in the front our engines not looking too good our engine is not looking too good tactics tactics tactics the name for the front of people dont aim for the front the people dont stop dont stop never stop here we go miss them Oh miss Tim ah its the only one we could go for we had nothing else we had nothing else this I just cant believe how how bad I generally to be I mean like its the generally guys hello that guy mister at this point in time I feel like the little mini will be doing better will be doing a better job because oh my god that engine is so damn ugly ah I am I am I am half a car I am half the car that I used to be my guy fell out well as you can see guys this its a great its a really really really great car but the monami is great but for sheer for freakin sheer you know for the fact that its the generally and its a muscle car and it just doesnt slide it hasnt got the power to look at its amazing guys if youre looking for a mod that actually works in the game and let you win at it do not get this it looks amazing but its just not a good car its just not a good car in this game but guys that does it for this episode if I see any more of these cool mods pop up for rec fest I will surely do a video on them if you liked it as always high five that like button I shall see you in the next video see ya see ya I see you guys steam game cheats hmm low on power ?.... 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