Can you play steam games on raspberry pisteam credits WRECKFEST gameplay if I have one more major collision Im probably done for landed it what is going on everybody I am Brandon aka the frustrated gamer and welcome back to rec fest so today guys we have an awesome race I am gonna be racing the frustrated gamer mobile on Hot Wheels tracks all right so these are absolutely awesome I actually saw this from Komodo and beautiful OB they were the ones that showed me this I love Hot Wheels and I love rec fest so why not put them together this is the frustrated gamer mobile which I created guys if you want to see more rec fest dont forget to smash that like button down low and let me know in the comments below if you guys have any ideas wow this is unbelievable I am racing rec fest in in NASCAR and Hot Wheels this is unbelievable all right what do I go left or Oh oh my goodness gracious I didnt even see that thing in the middle my radiator is blown I dont even know what that thing does oh my goodness gracious just like a pit ball bike track alright do I go left to right I have no idea I just went left I assume they go the same way oh the hood of my car just flew off the hood of my car just flew right off this is unbelievable its a three-lap race right now and Im in 14th place but I have no idea we have to do a jump oh ok we actually somehow made it whoa theres a lot of cars here there are a lot of cars here I dont even know if my car can make it up this hill its barely running ok Im actually passing a few cars which is shocking right now oh I see a pile up I see a pile up in front of me ok whoa why is this oh why are these guys driving like animals right now they are driving like maniacs as I say that I go down like sideways and backwards and end in front ways oh maybe Ill just go backwards what do you guys think Ill just do the entire race backwards okay this is a three-lap race like I said and the amount of obstacles on this course are absolutely insane ok were looping back around this might be the end of lap 1 Im hoping this is the end of lap 1 oh there oh no okay I have low oil pressures and my dampers are leaking now - so my radiators blown my oil pressure shot and my dampers are leaking now I dont know what any of that stuff means but Im sure its not good wow were still on lap one oh my goodness gracious so this is long guys if you missed it if you guys like Mario Kart I raced rec fest Rainbow Road guys it was absolutely awesome definitely go check that out oh man I am flying right now oh this might not be good oh now my gearbox and my suspension and my brakes and my front wheels everything is just wrong with this car everything is wrong but the fact that its still running is an absolute miracle and were still somehow on lap one we are somehow still on lap one this is absolutely crazy this is like one of the longest tracks Ive ever raced Rainbow Road was a really long one actually thats what made me think a Rainbow Road Im enjoying this though guys Racing Hot Wheels tracks in rec fest is unbelievable I love these rec fest mods I think they make the game even more fun than it already is okay were on were in seventh place which isnt bad actually were actually in seventh place after all of that although my car is hanging on by a thread if I have one more major collision Im probably done for landed it I landed it okay um so I just said if I have one more major collision Im done for and then not only did I have a major collision I fell off the entire track all right I had to restart it because I fell off the entire track and couldnt get back on I guess I could have hit reset but I didnt want to do that okay this is now a two-lap race because I didnt realize how long the track was which is unbelievable and really cool okay I know there was a major collision here so Im just gonna sit back Im gonna let mayhem ensue and oh that guy just look oh my gosh oh okay okay Im getting claustrophobic theres so much going on around me that was actually pretty good look at that I barely have any damage I barely have any damage and Im already in eleventh place okay pat on the back for the frustrated gamer I think that was smart of me I think that was a good idea all right my goal is to not fall off Oh my goal is to not do what that guy just did which was fall off the entire track Oh will you get out of my way whats this guys name will you get out of my way thank you Wow guys I am already in seventh place right now Im doing pretty pretty good oh and theres a pile up in front of me theres a pile up in front of me right now I might be able to get around him where are they oh okay theres one of them I dont see where the rest of them are here they are they all theyre all driving like theyve just drank like 17 beers oh okay if any of you guys are old enough to drive please do not drink and drive guys like these guys are doing um see I feel like Im the civil one here guys I feel like Im the one thats driving relatively safe relatively calm relatively slow and these guys are just animals theyre crashing into me theyre yelling at me theyre swaying back and forth this is absolute madness all right I want to win though guys I want to win this round ooh okay Im gonna go here and here and now were gonna go up this giant Hill Im still on lap one by the way I am still on lap one okay were in sixth place we are actually in sixth place which isnt bad my car is taking a little bit of damage but it could be worse things could be a lot worse all right Im going about 80 miles per hour oh I keep forgetting about this giant fall oh okay oh dont hit me no dont hit me car dont hit me - call Oh dad oh my goodness gracious I cant believe he didnt hit me I dont know how that guy didnt hit me okay my back bumper is hanging on by a thread right now I think its being held together with like bubblegum or those two more cars wait were those cars or was that like a barrier it must have been a barrier because I didnt pass anybody will you stop you know tailgating is against the law you know tailgating is against the law Im gonna Im gonna report you to the police next time you tailgate me like that okay were gonna try to get this guy his health bars really low by the way his health bar is really low maybe I could not come on Im gonna try to knock him off the track hey buddy oh no guys this is embarrassing Im gonna hit our to reset artery set maybe maybe not artery set okay I actually dont have as much damage as I would have thought I just made like a 75 foot plummet off the track and my car still actually runs okay okay Im banking on the drivers being really bad for me to come back were still a lap one what oh this is definitely the end of lap one oh no wait artery set artery set oh okay now I have critical damage now my car is a mess really and people are bumping into me cant you see that Ive been through enough cant you see that my day has been bad enough youre gonna keep ramming into me okay oh hang on there buddy hang in there buddy okay Ive somehow gained one position I was in 12th place then I fell off the level then I got crashed now my car is on fire and somehow I gained a level although as I said that this jerkface passed me okay lets try to pass him back yeah there you go buddy there you go thats what you deserve for crashing it to me oh okay he almost hit me but thats okay why was that guy going backwards oh no artery said I dont even know what Im doing at this point oh Im not gonna be able to make it Im not gonna be able to make it I wrecked okay Oh okay the Hot Wheels tracks are a little bit more difficult than I thought they would be this time Im gonna finish for sure my goal is no longer to get in first place my goal is no longer to even get in the top ten I just want to finish I want to get through my two laps and call it a day and get through this race this is awesome guys like I said dont forget to smash that like button Im gonna go slow here Im gonna go slow nice and methodical Hey hey get off of me Im gonna go left this time I think I went right the first couple times Im gonna go left this time all right I went nice and slow and look at that Im still in 14th place Im not in last hey there Hornet hey there Hornet that guys going backwards Hornets going the other way hes swaying back and forth I might actually be able to get in the top ten but my goal is just to finish like I said why are their cars flying the other way Oh No will you get out of my way Im trying to finish a race here you jerk oh okay this is not good this is not good but I am in sixth place and my car is actually in one piece somehow Ive taken major hits from every angle of my car but Im somehow still in one piece okay not bad Hey look now Im in fourth place I didnt even pass anybody I guess there must have been cars that went the other way okay guys Im actually doing pretty well Im feeling confident although last time I said that I crashed like two seconds later hey buddy okay that was a pretty good little sway look a little good maneuver there oh hang in there hang in there frustrated gamer remember you oh no my dampers are leaking that doesnt sound good that does not sound good okay were gonna try to pin the needle here or thread the needle here not pin the needle went straight through the middle and were in third place guys were actually in third place were still on lap one but thats okay Im actually starting to catch up to the guy that is in second place at least I assume that guys in second place come on these are not the hot wheels that I remember guys I used to have hot wheels as a kid I loved hot wheels as a kid these are not the hot wheels that I remember man these are dangerous there are fires there are crashing there is destruction involved I dont remember that in my Hot Wheels okay lets see if we can catch up to this son of a nutcracker hes in third hes in in place Ivan third place and we have to be almost on lap one we have to be getting close to the end of lap one I think were gonna go down a big jump here so I should gonna take my foot off the gas and it didnt really make much of a difference in my past this guy I might be able to pass this guy oh I was doing like a popper really I was popping a wheelie in a car oh he went the same way as me Im gonna go oh okay I get stuck going left oh hang in there buddy hang in there buddy so now I am in second place I am in second place and I see first place in front of me I see first place in front of me and we are on the second lap now guys the only problem with being on the second lap is I have a feeling were gonna start seeing some of the remnants of the cars that have crashed which is not good I am in first place guys I have made it at the first place oh you guys better stay out of my way you guys got to stay out of my way oh okay that was close that was really close guys I am somehow in first place I have no idea how and somehow my car doesnt have a whole lot of damage on it right now as I say that I go off like a giant cliff hang in there oh no oh no wait wait barrel roll oh just dont wreck just dont wreck give me the R give me the artery set artery set okay Im in second place I lost my first place but thats okay my car is in my car is in awful shape now though hey Im back in first place the guy that was upside down must have been at first okay Im back in first place oh my car is just disintegrating my car is falling apart at the seams with every second I Drive okay Im hoping that I could just not wreck all I want to do is not wreck and get to the finish line guys that is my goal my car looks like someone took it and like smushed it its definitely shorter and more like skew than it was before this is not good this is not good wise I loved Hot Wheels tracks Ive already said it a million times but guys I love Hot Wheels tracks and I am loving this mod Im flying like a little bird a pink bird that runs on gas okay my radiator is blown the hood of my car flew off my brake is failing although I dont need my brakes okay here we go Im no Im going like a hundred miles an hour I should probably go a little bit slower if I want to finish and Im still in first place the guy behind me it looks like its saying like six or five seconds behind me so I a little bit of a cushion here too oh no I just got passed i just got passed by a key a guy named polkan a guy named pumpkin just passed me how can i get passed by a guy named Polkton that reminds me of polka dots oh there is theres pokin all right hey there pumpkin Im gonna whoa okay I just flew over them I just flew over the top of pumpkin and Im back at first place baby I finished oh oh that was a face that was a race to the finish it was a photo finish and I got in first place I had no idea we were at the I had no idea that that was the end of lap 2 coming up I had no idea and I just passed right over the top of polkan look at that I beat him by like look at that point 3 seconds did I beat him by point 3 seconds oh that is awesome all right so Im actually in the garage because I got a few upgrades for the frustrated gamer mobile so lets go here lets go to upgrades I think I was able to get a new engine right so this is the one that I have right now its a three a five point nine a four point four and a four point six if I go here yeah whoa thats a huge upgrade okay so I just put a new supercharged engine in the frustrated gamer mobile lets go back what do we have here an air filter why do I want a better air filter right on now thats not exciting thats not cool although it gives me a little bit better acceleration okay Ill go with the better air filter lets back it up here we go what do we have here what do we have here these are I dont even know what this is what are these at a cooling system okay I guess hey even the frustrated gamer likes a little air conditioning every once in a while I dont think thats what its for but thats okay what do we have right now four point nine five four point nine I dont think thats any better I dont think thats any better were gonna keep the same cooling system what about the intake manifold I dont know what that means ooh this ones a little boost yeah okay that brings my acceleration up a little bit Im just upgrading everything guys and then were gonna do one more race with my souped-up car and the final upgrade is gonna be the Pistons so look at that guys I now have a 5.7 acceleration I was in the threes I was in the I was like 3.8 or something like that now Im at 5.7 my top speed I dont think anything else has really changed other than my acceleration but this is gonna be pretty fun alright so we are now under the lights on the Hot Wheels tracks this looks really really cool actually the way its set up and now I have the brand-new souped up frustrated gamer mobile with more acceleration and more power so here we go guys this is only one lap this is gonna be the final race of the video one lap for the race of champion oh I could feel the extra power I could feel the extra acceleration there okay hey kink ramble is trying to get him oh he tried to crash me Im gonna go right oh oh oh oh oh my goodness gracious theres so much destruction but I actually got out of it I actually got out of it wow I thought I would have been higher than 11th place I feel like I passed half the field okay maybe not whoa its hard to see at night oh my goodness gracious its really hard to see at night I couldnt see anything there okay Im in ninth place now were gonna go off this jump remember it is one left I completely missed it artery set arteries say before I draw oh its gonna put me right here really youre gonna put me right here oh no theres cars coming left and right come on use that acceleration buddy boy artery set what the heck is going on Im still in 11th place I have no idea how come on oh no Im going backwards now wait Im going backwards I dont even know all this is a mess this is an absolute mess guys I think Im on the wrong track now hopefully I can get enough speed artery set where am I going okay okay I think Im back on track so to speak so I whoa wait a silly second hold on a silly second hold the bus hold the phone and hold my hand how did I gain positions I just completely short-circuited there I was going the wrong way I fell off the track I I blew a gasket yelling and screaming and I was in 12th place and alamin eighth place I have no idea how look at the crowd that actually looks pretty cool okay oh I dont wanna hit these little like pinball things I am somehow in eighth place I have no idea how I gained four positions after going backwards dont ask me how I will not complain though okay Im getting the hang of this track this is actually a pretty cool track oh oh oh whoa right as I say Im getting the hang of it I almost why off the edge Im in seventh place now guys its only one lap remember its only one lap so I dont know when its gonna end but I think I probably have maybe like Im more than halfway Im definitely more than halfway lets try to go over this guy Oh No why did I start going this way why did I start going backwards son of a nutcracker i were gonna have to do a little u-turn here okay that was actually not bad now I lost that guy he got ahead of me but that could have been a lot worse I could have wrecked out there although my car looks like its a mess my car I gotta take it to the local mechanic and ask him to buff it out because something is not looking right right now itll buff right out though dont worry dont worry this damage will buff right out a little fresh coat of paint a little elbow grease and itll be looking brand new guys itll be looking brand new indeed okay I dont even think my car goes full speed now I must have damaged something because my car does not go full speed oh no I dont wanna hit this thing winner oh I already didnt win Im already not in first place but I am in sixth place six this a lot better than I thought I was okay try to get around the outside thats not bad if I could pass that guy and get it the fifth place that would be nice but I dont think its gonna happen and look at me Im going off the edge again Im going off the edge again what am i doing man oh I finished okay I finished not in style I was doing flips I was doing cartwheels I was going all over the place I was doing barrel rolls but I did finish alright guys so that was rec fest Hot Wheels edition this was actually really really cool if you guys enjoyed it dont forget to smash that like button if youre new to the channel guys I am the frustrated gamer dont forget to hit that subscribe button guys we have a new video every single day and a live stream every weekend wreck Fest is the name of the game I absolutely love this and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and I will see all of you in the next video Music the witcher 3 steam WRECKFEST HOT WHEELS RACE | Wreckfest Gameplay | Today The Frustrated Gamer is back for more of The Next Car Game 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