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Best multiplayer board games steamsteam deck games not full screen WRECKFEST gameplay uh middle lane okay its still shimmys left and right dude come on were just trying to survive here oh dear pretty sure i just hit the catch fence hello youtube komodogaming here bringing you guys another episode of wreck fest and yes folks we are back once again and today were going to be doing some crazy racing so there have been several mods that have come out that ive missed and were just going to jump right into it with the nascars at the new bristol track and then were going to move on to probably one of the most insane lawn mowers that ive ever seen so if you guys want to see more rickfest on the channel maybe hit that thumbs up button and lets jump into it all right were ready to go and oh this bristol looks much different than the one that used to be in this track packing okay uh lets see what this things got so we are doing the nascars its a class so its a little bit faster than the ones weve been doing and overall i think this is going to be pretty insane oh what the heck come on dude squeezing me into the wall and you know what they actually havent crashed yet and oh never mind theyre bouncing off each other like crazy oh geez all right this is gonna be a survival race and what the heck is even happening right now all right do we really have to do 20 laps of this so they also do have another version of bristol its the uh dirt track so yeah they cover it in dirt and which they did that once to the real bristol i think in like 2001 they did it for the sprint cars and it was kind of insane and i dont think theyve done it since and dude really im not gonna make it 20 laps here is that the leader no jeez we might be restarting here folks by the way this car upgraded to a class has so much will spin all right komodo is running in a cool 22nd place one lap down uh i cant get a hold of this track its actually quite a bit different the other bristol version they had had a ton of banking it kind of looked like dover uh opposed to bristol and oh dear okay were gonna do this were gonna get our lap back here we might have to take out the leader again but were gonna do it oh you serious all right i got critical damage you know what were gonna do it and Laughter really man we didnt even come close to finishing there all right ive got to restart that one more time then well go check out the uh the dirt one all right buddies were off were ready to go im cutting the course here this is fine okay just get to the inside you know that transition from the uh the apron to the banking is pretty brutal and oops my bad i just taken out some of the competition all right lets get into rhythm here yeah whats happening is you have to let off a little bit more than i would have thought here in wreck fest like you got to get out of it pretty good get a little bit of break let it roll roll and then start getting into it about right there but sometimes the car does a little bit of like a uh a shift or a shimmy up to the top and its uh kind of hard to keep it on the bottom here by the way the damage model theyve been working on this like this thing is fantastic now this is definitely a must-have mod this is the sound of thunder mod so definitely go check it out on the workshop along with the track pack all right fourth place making a move for third place you know surprisingly the ai is pretty clean here yeah theyre having some crashes but theyre not purposely like trying to kill me which is uh actually kind of refreshing it feels like were getting some decent racing in here now if only we can get all the nascar tracks into breakfast thatd be something to make a move here its gonna be second place leaders right there shall we do the old bump and run here we go get in and oh that actually cost me on were gonna get a run off the corner another little nudge here hello oh okay he wasnt happy oh he got turned all right so now its all about survival if i can maintain the lead and make it through lap traffic i have a chance at completing all 20 laps here at bristol all right we got a big group of lap traffic were on lap 11 right now its been pretty uneventful like as soon as i took the lead i guess crashing the other guy im pretty sure he got ran over so ive got a decent lead here of six seconds uh so yeah were going to try to pick through the traffic here now the traffic they seem to not want to go a lap down uh oh we got to get away from this dude all right move out of the way give you the old bumper here and slide you up the track oh this is beautiful all right eight second lead all we got to do is just log some laps here well be fine all right wow the right side of this thing is messed up all right so we got a 10 second lead were coming to two to go here uh here is is this the start finish line yeah there it is all right you know what were gonna get revenge on fatty here because i dont know wait hes gonna oh hes gonna stuff me into the wall no okay i do not need to spin you know what were gonna go down here and teach this guy listen there you go buddy oh and now ive got another one hitting me all right come on its gonna be the one to go ive got it oh no no no no no no dont no no no no no okay thought i was gonna die there okay just avoid the cars roll it roll it and come to the finish oh man that was close i thought we were gonna lose it there so we got a new car here called the grass whacker it is the lawnmower except for its like a what kind of motor is that its like a v8 on there its a massive motor and im pretty sure were gonna die all right here we are the grass whacker versus bristol dirt wait this dirt looks a little bumpy oh this looks really bumpy and oh no okay this is pretty fast wait i wonder if we could upgrade these uh no oh oh no okay this is just pure death no what are we doing this is stupid okay nope yep everybodys gonna die here and i dont know how we havent died yet so that was a thing yeah this is like a whoop section on our motocross track this is some bumpy dirt somebody needs to get a bulldozer out here to start to move some dirt or do something because yeah it is bumpy i dont know okay no were fine oh geez okay yeah this is insane now this is a combination and a half all we need is a big old jump in the track well be good all right has anybody died yet okay so how do you run this track its so bumpy in the lawnmower actually the middle groove seems to be less bumpy in the corners the low lane is bumpy like really bumpy all right so if we uh kind of enter high does that feel decent uh middle lane okay its still shimmys left and right dude come on were just trying to survive here oh dear pretty sure i just hit the catch fence uh yep theres already quite a few mowers that are dead somehow we didnt die there oh somethings wrong wait is the steering broken uh what the heck is going on here okay there it goes yeah its like it just stopped on me and oops uh i might have just launched that guy dude we totally got to try these on a figure eight with the jump okay come on get it off the wall you know i actually kind of wonder what kind of speed does this thing have like im thinking maybe we should take it like pocono or something like a really really big track and just see what its got and yeah this is just a bunch of death and up yep were gonna die nope i havent died yet yo is my right front supposed to be vibrating like that thats probably not a good sign oh dear okay get through here okay thats the uh was that the leader that was leader yeah all right all we got to do is log some laps and we might be able to get the uh the win here at dirt bristol i definitely want to try this with full size cars like i feel like itd be perfect that maybe some pinball mode and okay get out of my way oh oh okay actually i didnt realize were this close to death no okay my mower is on fire should i be worried no well get on hit me dont hit me okay dead all right so its time to see how fast does this lawnmower go were at pocono and it has really really long straightaways is this fine look at this everybodys being really nice and polite to each other nope oh okay nope yep rec avoidance so im gonna do three laps of this all right can i draft somebody like how they have an added drafting into the game this would be the perfect track for it draft down these huge straightaways which by the way i dont think were letting off like i think we can go wide open in all the corners so we just gotta hope that somebody screws up uh you know what they should also add i want to see those uh carts like those little uh carts with the basket i feel like a high-powered one of those would be kind of fun all right we gotta figure out a way to make up time here hey what if i were to take the access road is this is this legal this is legal its a shortcut i could probably mow some of the grass as i go by too hold on this is working i found the ultimate hacks for pocono okay now we just got to do that a couple more times is there a road down in turn one not really sure if there is or isnt im hoping there is because i feel like i can win doing this this is the ultimate strategy do we have an access road yes we do uh were gonna go down here no its just an apron but you know what we can ride it now if we get in the grass im pretty sure its going to slow us down and why is the grass on fire oh that was a mower okay lets just cut it this way there we go okay so were coming up to the tunnel turn and you know what were going down to the access road actually theres no access road so lets just try to cut the apron and whats that guy doing oh oh the leaders have been taken out by a lap cart go figure all right so we are in second place first place is right there so i think maybe well just take the apron or the excess road over here and uh up and the leaders dying oh there he goes i think were gonna win this race man i tell you what that was a really really nice drive it was really easy wide open i dont think i ever lift it once in this race maybe for one of the crashes and uh yeah im gonna come home and get the victory here and there it is oh boy all right for our last race here weve got to do a figure eight with the jump yeah this isnt going to last long all right five laps here we go and i think i did not get going there okay the jumps feel really really janky in a lawn mower lets go up here avoid all the chaos uh yeah these lawn mowers bounce a lot no dear what are you doing okay here we go ah loses okay watch out up hit the concrete oh i almost just killed somebody that was close all right were good all right everythings fine now this is perfectly acceptable and here we go again and okay uh still in fourth where the heck is first at actually six seconds ahead how the heck did that even happen all right he must be getting lucky in the jump here no dont do it dont do it dont dont do it are you serious you know theres not as much death and i really just think its because were not like killing each other here in the jump theyre missing each other theyre not fast enough to launch all the way across and cross paths so this was actually a lot easier than i thought it was going to be like i dont think anybodys dead do we see any dead lawnmowers okay here we go again any death oh and okay i had a couple go over me what the heck and were gonna finish third yeah that was a lot cleaner you know it wouldnt have been clean if we were to use the pinball mode no look finally collisions at the end we have been crossing the whole time and nothing happened until then but anyways thats going to wrap it up for this episode of rec fest if you guys want to see more let me know down in the comment section below also let me know what we should do next in this series and well see you guys next time games to blow off steam Wrecking the Worlds Fastest Lawnmowers at Bristol! - Wreckfest GameplayToday Camodo gaming is back with Wreckfest and we are checking out the new track update & NASCAR Mod. 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