THE REAL CRASH WHEELS! (Next Car Game: Wreckfest Gameplay) Car Crashes and Realistic Vehicle Damage!

Steamed hams albanywhy does my steam game keep crashing WRECKFEST gameplay want to keep up with the latest beautiful OB videos make sure to subscribe and bring that Bell strong here o come o to welcome to breakfast a game that you probably arent very good at as opposed to buy a play is the bet what you act like I dont play this game I play this game almost every week yeah but you play it badly huh seriously if were gonna do this today alright first birthday first race I find you youre going through a wall youre going through the ground okay whats on so I guess today were back with more mould to play rec fest here with OB who cant drive here with a ocupado game and who drives worse than me cant what I was like it was its all Im insulting you that was a good one uh let us know down in the comments section below if you want to see more of this or potential other games and maybe hit the thumbs up button if youre enjoying rec fest and while theyre down here yeah ready all right lets do this I know me you ready to go kick your butt here I think were all gonna get our butts kicked here this is a terrible track for where are you at what will place you in white why is it telling me Im going the wrong way dont you call it backwards no tell me whos gone through it still telling me Im going the wrong way like comodo already thought oh geez stop ahead illusion wait I know this track goes in turns around but why does it tell me Im backwards Oh looks like youre decided to get up a driver I am a suppose do I get my bus here Im going to find my way around theres a book travel wall here so youre not getting a sign with the red arrow there it not that Im aware of no but the fathers theres a bustle all over the place Im getting murdered by every bus this is off to a grand start okay now Im going to know it still tells me Im going the wrong way you know come on I think you should us have fun and accept the loss to will be honest yeah Im gonna accept this Im gonna accept whatever is happening so youre coming away their way Im drying pile of crash cars over here I hate what place you in later Im actually doing pretty well myself critical Im going to die dont die homes I dont that buddy I just get somebody pulled out in front of me oh jeez thats not good what place are you in Im dead oh Im gonna watch you oh jeez Im not trying to crash Im actually trying to do pretty decent here Im in third place valets whats up still going strong here alive come on if you if you see a dentist guy hes the one that killed me run it up okay yes like an old person Danis where are you old person am I supposed like anybody Ill be the newcomer on a great second place yeah obviously comodo message in here so um thanks eh here are the new king of breakfast has arrived with the bride Ellis yeah yeah yeah they want to tell the people out there how youre feeling right now its your chance express your emotions you sound sad yeah he said Ave I think were supposed to pick war wagons but you know what Im in a war I was just I was crying holiday oh my goodness precious before long I were just getting murdered Im probably get murder for not being in a war wagon people now maybe I just want to get clear doesnt wanna win bro yeah buddy Im in fight its Im in first but Im probably gonna get murdered on one of these corners I see just getting it away I see Im just trying to get away from everybody yeah thats a good idea these noobs these plebs up here okay Im okay Im okay Im okay Im okay not gonna be in there long as I just hit these like really big bums all I hear is crashing behind me yes its chaotic back here and over back lets get that one place in place yet hey wait it feels good because of linen Oh down the highway well hes done pretty sure hes getting real life - thats not a tree and I got okay I rolled back was I gotta reset oh jeez gonna kill my time Oh No Oh first drill that myself its bad Im having a race Im winning still obey geez youre doing a fantastic you prolly cuz Im gonna a class yeah where am I in a bit klutz I think so here see Im not sure Im gonna be no I just slammed a wall we just slammed a good person in a TV crew okay Im gonna lose this way is that your first place has gone up yep its gone lets get nailed in the rear you know what but ah eat dad what are you doing are you go with that what I ran into somebody okay I crashed it the one I finished like six because of it oh well I finished 11 so dont feel too bad I know me were yet a place University bus start even sabe imma let him okay ladies Harvester front of me and stuff we are getting murdered by a bus on the start okay I actually have boarded a bus not gonna see him he must be Oh the harvester just killed everyone what really yeah except for me Im good okay yeah I never want to find me to everybody at all well place you in fifth now I see you dont talk to me dude dont touch me I know what you yeah what is it dirty intro intro knees mad at me just completely mister quartered and raining okay okay I have a coat over this Im only ten place lot of people gonna crash here so its fine oh yeah theres a theres a bad bad chicane up there hello mister no no no dont you dont cut me off dont come with the harvesters upside down oh geez okay okay oh I dont like whos in this uh this SUV Im afraid to pass him youre not battling back here this is a full-on battle back here never Im over right now hes gonna run whoevers in front me over there we go I gotta clear oh Im late Im okay Im okay Im okay yes thats fantastic what place en 14th but Im very close I bet that old leg over take like six people Im ready to a box-office star you remember what he called me a loser and now whos in front of you I just say that yeah now the bus is up here oh okay so spreadsheet failure up still going hey bus my best guess without this I got this sub 13 hold this rod will be holding strong and just smurfy by looking for you looking for you turkey right now dude somebody just flip the bus I saw that see I see you McGinnis took wait I overlapped that guy what Im gonna get a place up he must be super gentle ystem were yet I am over here its Derby time Im gonna go hide everybodys rolling Im looking for Toby I just wanna hit you look I did Billy hit me hard Oh try to find you on the crowd somewhere so just miss me buy it in dude Im so lucky okay where are you come on Im gonna look for you - Im looking for you you want a wall thats not you let me hit him anyways oh no were you hit looking for you um trying to get some okay I guess oh youre already a critical yeah yeah advocate a beating on me okay Im really low I got one monster wait so people running the trick ya know I saw that bother you bro okay oh no Im gonna contact timer I got a contact timer no no no no part of it thank you okay wait why did they got reset I got hit oh my cosmic timer is gonna go off technically that was contact maybe you got a hit big Pam how does a game know who hit who its contact I dont know oh theres a beautiful rainbow in a distance thats beautiful and of course thats what youre looking at opposed to the actual death and destruction thats about to happen oh oh I got hit a little bang oh wow theyre pounding that bus crunch right down alright the bus is running he better get a contact timer youre making the oval okay this purple cars chasing this guy down you see this this is gonna be oh theyre gonna meet oh no were all gonna meet no the bus turned into the infield course Oh interesting over here we have a little battle between the teal and purple theyre doing the circles around the harvester oh here we go here we go purple bus boom like this dick oh they flipped a bus got purple cause not looking good the bus is almost dead hang on their bus Im going for purple cuz hes aggressive yeah other guys just running around Purples the only one playing its red purple is about to take the bus out here we go Im following it oh hes coming Im gonna window going oh oh is he great hes going go purple gosh come on purple you could do it purple come on barb oh there you go yeah it was awesome the purple win yep yeah yeah whos in front of you I bet thats the purple guy who tried to vote kick you in the lobby for some reason oh yeah get on them okay oh this is gonna be bad okay different ways we just accomplished nothing there oh yeah I did Im trying to figure out which way Im going dont kill me dont kill like hey okay okay okay Im panicking Im panicking it up doing decent Im panicking Billie you talking to a person or a cat no theres so much chaos in front of me right now Music oh no youre about to come up to the hairpin so youre like yeah I just completely missed a corner oh okay this guys well hey ami hi buddy this guy has moose in his name he must be a spy kicks fan a moose fan Im taking about no Billy Im 48 now happy face with a boost buddy Yankees going you I appreciate you you cut me off I dont mean to I promise Im not your car its like a little flat my car what are you gonna do there that was a good move like that one hes probably gonna come through and kill you in the next corner though Ill biggie Ken a lot of speed often I wonder if he is trying oh hes really sure I thought I lost the fight now this corner killed me last time I completely missed it as a tough quarter sure yep I just used the SUV as briefs thats the way to do it honestly hes probably gonna come back for me thats fine Pam will be your doing no were gonna cross here okay okay come on man I might make for three if I dont crash the very last second well Obie I think we just proved who the the better racer Ryan yeah anything you wanna say I would like to apologize to everyone out there for what I have said but I also want to point out that what I said was in the spirit of opposite day so taking this into context you can see that in reality come o to bully Dobie and what thats sort of yeah thats what we do I hate you once the race knows too you know nope note that here if anybody you ran over me no not you bully me and I think everybody out there knows that so I dont think they do then disagree with Dean how I think youre gonna leave a like in this video and agree with me uh-huh and then maybe to tell us if they want to see more yeah and maybe check out come over gamers channel and let me go check out Obies channel mm-hmm and no hes a bully and tomorrow fold me first and thank you for watching and subscribing and remember Abbys a motorboat Music more steam THE REAL CRASH WHEELS! 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