THE TALLADEGA GAUNTLET | Wreckfest Episode #250

Steam vegetables in a potskyrim game of the year steam WRECKFEST whats going on everybody can you believe it were finally back here on the soundhead entertainment Channel once again as always Im Eddie soundhead and Im here today in front of all You Beautiful People to celebrate September 30th 2014 the very date I started this year YouTube channel eight years ago today and on this channel today we also celebrate this being our 250th wreck fest video and wouldnt you know the universe has aligned magnificently to drop both of these on a Talladega race weekend which is where we will run a mini dega Gauntlet today with a fresh set of soundhead entertainment paint schemes from our friend drive-through we are going to be looking fresh all the way to our death which will likely come rather quickly because we have to win using the standard game physics then we have to run it back and use the pinball physics then we have to run it back and use pinball and moon gravity then were gonna switch cars and run it all back and do it again so lets go ahead and get to it and we are off I just gotta remember to stay calm here is not a Sprint its a marathon its a guaranteed beating so might as well take it theyre getting a little racy up here we got them in the wall still into the wall bubble walls is getting hooked Im getting my damn bumper ripped off by the fifth youre gonna have to pay for that man you paying everything theres gonna be a hell of a bill to pay for too and this is all said done that is not gonna be pretty gonna have to paint an a Carver cow here pretty soon if he doesnt annihilate himself before I get the chance or just give me a run so I can get dumped by Chris Bush or Chris Christopher how could you do this to me Chrissy oh Kyle oh my God no Trout the breaks my guy he just ate the wall Im gonna go try to eat the field all right anything a busher do me a favor its payback get involved in this wreck for me because Im just gonna lay out front and get annihilated immediately oh my God I think you missed it well Ill consider that mission accomplished for Noah Gregson and the center car was the original victim and then I became the victim as I get hit by seemingly everybody and then carried all the way into the first corner oh there they go Chick Hicks is keeping the turn one meme alive thats very odd brand taking some guys out tied down behind the wheel maybe a Terminator behind the wheel oh excuse me Kurt excuse me Tom sorry Kurt damn bro oh damn bro Im sorry damn that shallow hang on my Karmas coming no no Im just gonna cause an even bigger wreck still and I took out Brad oh they just got a little paged up here in front of us so there goes Kyle Busch damn he cant even catch a break in the video game its not bad here to be a bush oh papa smoke people getting hooked who done it who is it the other Ty Ty Gibbs JJ yaley spin it right in front of me well it was JG Haley literally hes gone out of the race wrecked out there goes my windshield there goes everybody running into me I got a shot back on Chris Bush released now BJ McLeods trying to get between us now BJ Im gonna have to ask you to leave my friend thank you very much youre no damn referee oh yeah come on oh yeah there you go Ty did you just wrecked five seconds ago if not were about to start another one oh we might really how did you get damn I thought he slowed down I thought I could block him I could not block him this is the worst tandem draft of all time oh see a branch it shades of Chicago land 2014 damn they have knocked the shrimpiness out of my car and Ive lost to know Gregson at least thats somewhat believable theyre really fighting for that spot up there Ty Gibbs Brad Keselowski side by side of the line and they stole my top ten so who cares I need a push please please give me the push Im in a block now is that still worth thats a Joey Logano block right there everybody take notes that is not quite how you do it and its over we got cars in the fence we got cars on cars Hot Wheels are being manufactured I dont know that I necessarily want to see this again but we have the tools we might as well watch the replay of me absolutely blowing the block and causing a seven to eight car pileup and my death and we even got a little side action on the 45 car careful there dudes thats going well nice three wide tie on tie violence and there goes Ty Gibbs oh my God hes dead no prayers are gonna help you now I feel like I just witnessed a murder and we may have just witnessed another failed block attempt Id to be totally honest I dont even know what I just witnessed other than the worlds longest slide on the side of my head I think we know where this is going somebody come finish me off please Im begging you come on Brad this is your shot at the worlds slowest retribution and you couldnt even finish the job what are you doing Brayden hes lighting himself up next to me Brad has no will to live either you should youre a winning owner now your things are going good were about to get cleaned up were about to get clapped it does not matter oh my God an explosion of metal and meat going everywhere oh well here you go in memoriam of tigers AI get your Psalms and your verses out for this one he is gonna need them Kos the caution light flipping end over and and slowly but surely well come to arrest on the same for barrier now Ty Gibbs has been making Rivals left right and Center what are the odds someone does this to him for real Id say hi then Brad and I decided to drink the Kool-Aid and lay down and wait for the comet to come and it did in the form of the Wrangler jeans machine and a couple other ones after the fact here we go come on give me another push but well mess it up this time Greg stick with the Biff thats what they always say now you stick with me were gonna be okay come on its gonna oh Garrett smithley okay bud Ill be seeing you then well Im thats just not gonna stand that just cannot be I simply cannot allow that theres no way anybody see a moose Im gonna move Son I see his ass targeted quiet here we go that is a strike right in his face the bomb has been dropped to great effect this is a story as old as time right here this is one of the finest examples of Revenge that you will ever find throughout history this is just cold-blooded assassination of a moose bet you didnt think youd see that recfest did you like a squeeze a lime behind him oh yeah nice and gentle just the way I like it now theyre wrecking I got the Moose back on me moose man we got bigger problems we got a wreck around us now we are the wreck around us and the wreck on us as Scott bush is right in my grill please take a few steps back thank you let me ride the train tracks in peace holy crap my trunk is gone well its right there but its its gone well now its gone now Im gone and There Goes My Head that was right on the damn Dome youre gonna have to pull me if hey guys this is the next gen you dont even want to know what would happen to you after one of these I dont even really know what the hell just happened I have to watch this replay to figure it out because I was too preoccupied with the damn moose mans return and then we just wound up on this rack and yeah its already ran into the back of Chase so you got turned around and then mounted all the way up the wall and onto the safer barrier by Chase Briscoe I dont know how I feel about that right there I know how I felt about this not good because it didnt feel good were gonna have to be in protocol for a little bit after this one like I love why would you ever put him back on the field Miami what are you doing look who it is my old buddy the bip do what you do best buddy give me a push give me another oh he got a push and he used it to hang me out I cant believe it oh Biff the Walls not gonna help you Im not gonna help you nobodys helping you anymore you want to hang me out hows the wall feel Im sorry I didnt mean it Christopher Bell tomorrow lets get the hell out of here oh oh Christopher no hes gonna get wrecked Im not even gonna look back Im just gonna assume something bad happened Im looking at the map and its looking like something bad happens its looking like something real bad happened going pretty wide when you have like five Lanes to work with shouldnt be so scary but it is I dont trust these buffoons you know what they shouldnt trust me oh yeah look at this huh bet you didnt expect that did you how do you feel now I must harness the chaotic energy to propel me to Victory Somethings Gotta Do It everybody Wrecking in front of me is it gonna do it and thats exactly what theyre gonna try isnt it yeah something this thats like three accidents or one right now I dont even know what just happened I think the 48 hit the leaders and now Im passing literally everybody on the last lap what the actual hell just happened right there please someone somebody warm up my golf cart because we are going to the replay booth for this but I can tell you that we are going to secure our first victory of the day I dont even really understand how the hell we did it so there is definitely some tomfoolery of put with the 48 car and I Im now slowly realizing that that wreck I wasnt willing to look back at is probably going to be what set off the chain reaction that led to my victory first of all this 48 car gets absolutely destroyed and I dont think hes quite done yet because the two car with half a brain cell doesnt know whether to switch lanes or just plow to the man so he plows into the man and then everybody else just follows soon and Now ladies and gentlemen is how you win a race in a gauntlet in a video game or maybe an arter race all right so were gonna have to praise the pinball gods and hope they shine down upon us to get the second dub of the day theyre not shining down upon anything they are not helping us at all oh my God they killed everybody hello there my wreck to that car Landing Im gonna count one two three four five six seven eight nine damn I gotta see the wreck that caused almost 10 seconds of hang time without moon gravity this is just pinball we havent even gotten to moon gravity yet some of these guys look at the regular car geez we got moonshot space Force Cadets all over the place shout out to the game for starting Ty Gibbs right next to me these times too lets see how that works out for him or me baby oh no oh my car what the hell what just happened my car I didnt even think we hit that hard never mind the fact that I just got launched a football field down the racetrack but you know these things have to happen sometimes back to the matter at hand oh its dead it is absolutely dead all right well whos finishing me off right here Boris said show me what the said heads are all about you did not do anything at all you hit like a small child you had done that to Greg Biffle after Watkins Glenn he would have been in perfect health and dude for me here here yeah there you go now the pushes are going to be effective or at least effective at pushing me into this big one right here which we might do on our own a.m were going to collect the night car we almost did a sick Willian drum out of that we still might drive out of this as everyone is ragging around us literally everywhere around us and especially when youre least expecting it apparently ah we just crumpled the ass in a little bit were good were fine we could be doing a lot worse lets just keep it moving look at this its a literal junkyard off of four cars parts arvix crappy ass parts for less thats actually where NASCAR gets their pieces of the next gen car right there oh and thats what I get thats a missile strike from Nascar telling me to shut the hell up now this did seem to be a rather large incident maybe the static caves will help us decipher exactly who crashed and where but I think the answer is everyone crashed everywhere save for like the top three the rest of us all took a steamy big fat piping hot hell as were accustomed to but I imagine theres some paramedic somewhere in Alabama that gets assigned to Talladega on Race weekend and I can just imagine them sitting in the front of this ambulance right here I have no idea what the hell theyre looking at and this just being what theyd see thats the reality I want to live in right there one where Im pretty sure the 48 actually hit the ambulance and this is when NASCAR determined I had made actions detrimental to stock car racing and just hit me with a missile strike out of nowhere to shove you the hell up now Im dead looking crash test dummy here to get into NASCARs good graces Im gonna erect Ty Gibbs Public Enemy Number One always coming back stay gone I took out the trash put him down for hitting people under yellow nobodys ever done that before somebody screwing it up theres a wheel missing off of somebodys car Larsons going around in front of the field hes actually in his own car and Im actually on my side and Im not even sure why a lot just happened right there at once and I a flash appeared on screen one minute I was driving normally the next time was on my side sliding and Im not getting out of this one am I theres another case of me needing the replay was Chick Hicks responsible for that it sure looked like it and I think I just barely got clipped by the nine actually that might have been what sent me over on my side from the static cam the 48 could have been the one too but I think it was the nine because I once again go for another record slide and the 48 has to give me one last little tap which might be what kept me on my roof oh there we go we got some spontaneous bumper cars and they are out of here hold the wheels straight thats like when the rain hits at Daytona out of nowhere oh looks like we got another one six car Brads going around oh hes going up and over and hes not the only one gradson and him tumbling looks like he had a Talladega Nights and the hood just hit me in the damn face can we please have peace Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle wow whats just absolute unhinged behavior from the wreckfest AI as usual and theres more Cole Custer up on the barrier just grinding it were gonna shot past Jacques we have a top three we have a top two scenario here at the end of this one white flag is in the air what in Gods name Rockys gonna die back here I already know it Im just getting ready for it its gonna happen early its gonna happen right there oh no not again Ricky the rickster strikes again on Chick Hicks Im definitely detecting the theme of survival over racing here today especially with idiots backing up across the damn racetrack Here There and Everywhere but we are gonna do it but not without one more Atomic ass packing theyre never gonna walk the same again well well look at how we paved the road to dub number two and it started here on the exit of two with cars just flipping and flying everywhere around us and us just being super duper cool driving right through the middle like the freaking professionals that we are and not everybody else could do it like that you know that 90 of these replays are me just minding my damn business and everybody in front of me losing their ever loving Minds just had to drive past that one that was a pretty cute wreck though Im not gonna lie and this I still want answers to this you guys think I throw races away sometimes what the hell was that cow then off of four and stradamus Strikes Again Ricky and his natural habitat is gonna do what he does the roadblock appears naturally and he has no choice but to just Ram straight through it like a fugitive of the law we get our double we move on so low gravity is loaded up and ready to strike and where better than turn one who could have predicted that and Ive got nowhere to go again just bouncing off the Harrison burning out of the park we go all right so there you go low gravity making its presence felt nice and early because Im not the only one out here too whos that Alex Bowman oh my gosh what do you know lets Chase Elliott what are you doing oh what a fat what a fantastic attempt to try to get back inside the track that was here let me let me show you how its done if I can do such a thing and I definitely cannot get oh theres just a little trouble Id run the damn track out here no reset challenge no damn problem as long as it doesnt DQ me for doing this or give me the turnaround Im out come on oh careful not careful and dead damn all right gonna have to slow it down a little bit next time can I please land on the wheel so I can have a next time please please pretty please thank you thank you breakfast Gods I will appear between the two trees and rise up stronger than ever thanks to you give me the hell up here geez I look like I just went through a damn mud bog I went through the concession area on accident what are you people doing down there we can come back I believe never mind Die games wins damn I am a full lap behind too and he damn Im on can we beat NASCAR Legend Daniel kiviak to the line yes we can snipe forth right out of his hands what a calm peaceful drive oh my goodness how things can change and Ill see you guys later I got space force you get to do forgive me I want to see what the hell happened to all the people that stayed in the park thats probably more interesting they all just got put in a little blender well they call it like a little Beyblade arena with everybody just blasting around here like a bunch of jackasses they just went and wrecked all the way down the racetrack good going so far so good a little bit of wall popping and bumping up Chick Hicks is getting turned Jesus Christ my cars dead my legs have to be snapped into pieces or maybe theyre just gone after that oh my hang on to your life because it is fading quickly its coming to a close after this one my friend 91 Health points My Ass by the way press X to doubt on that one we are uh were dead as far as Im concerned if I was in charge of the hell points on this calculation what a damn shame to hell with this chick Hicks card too this guys been causing a lot of today I feel like its been a while since weve been blasted into something at Mock speed like this too and then to still have the wheels and enough momentum to carry me just into the path of the Wrangler car and then thats just thats insult to injury right there thats unnecessary if there this was the NFL there would be eight penalty Flags laying on the ground right now but single file stupidity has struck someone got voted off the island up there were gonna have a wreck right here in front of us for the nine is launched and now everybodys wrecking all around us literally everywhere where the hell do I go hold the wheel straight another masterful evasion right through the big one come on NASCAR Legend Kimmy ranking and give me some draft heres we got the leaders getting the pinch put on them Im getting hit in the cheeks I dont even know whats going on behind me I got all eyes more in here somehow were in second with the leader directly in front of us were splitting cars flying through other dimensions right now what the hell kind of race is this look out thats it its over done K own the victory is gonna be ours that is gonna do it my friends the NASCAR Legend segment should we make it to this line has come to a close we are halfway through the gauntlet we have done it well now we can soak in some replays with a little more Ease on the mind as we have finally reigned in the NASCAR Legends and completed the first half of this mini Gauntlet but we are by no means done but we need to see how we got there right from the seat of the pants of Edward sound Edward watching guys do spinner rooties on their heads right in front of us man it all came down to a couple cars putting the pinch on the leaders laying in the middle of the road that let me get to kligerman up here in the one then I get to absolutely laugh at Parker clickermans face I hate to do a great guy tremendous person absolutely blew it what a stooge now look at how the eyeballs of Eddie sound heady one more time we took that shot in the cheeks and kept on Truckin its not the first time it wont be the last looking at the disaster behind us as it unfolds and his flying cars fly between me and the competition we have no other choice and to look at our windshield and see how the five car decided we would be the victors here today but were not done we got three more to go things are about to get a lot more expensive out here on the racetrack Talladega is being taken over the back half of this Gauntlet gets us in an F1 car once again masterfully and magnificently crafted by my boy drive through design hes done it again ladies and gentlemen look at this beautiful shrimp mobile were gonna wheel it right to Victory Lane because all we need is three more dubs away we go against the F1 field and there were a few open spots went through the commentators in so hi crofty how you doing hope you have a good one here today hope we have a good one here today because Im already getting my gearbox packed in off the line and now were gonna adjust a whole new field of freaks and theyre wasting no time demonstrating their behavior and crafty gonna body me out of the way he just took a bullet for me like the Secret Service I forgot how on edge this car is here at dang it does not exactly like staying in a straight line or when verstappen pulls out in front of me when Im doing 300 miles a freaking hour and Im causing the barrel roll now Im dead I dont even know how I want from shock what just killed me right there I thought I was doing all right got a Ferrari claim to the fence over here and then hit me right in the dome no Halo thats easy brain drama Im powering through it like a champ the holy Joe we gotta have a talk what the we got a cyclone developing up here in front of us give me that top 10 right through the middle of it my God just stay straight please how hard is it to just not try to kill me every time challenge impossible apparently and beautiful take my wheel I didnt want it anyway turn one particularly nasty to me throwing a Ferrari at my face to get this race started and then everybody behind me decided that it was a fine time for a big one which I guess had Talladega when youre an AI it always is then here I have no excuse for this other than the fact that the car just decides to try to kill you like three quarters of the way through the corner and sometimes you can do it sometimes you get turned into three quarters of a car youd have thought these guys are gonna learn something from Sanborn in the little Bank section they have there but apparently not were getting fence shots and side pod shots every time we try to go through turn one without fail and Im walking it off unlike some people there they go look at him getting ready to give it to me right here until we drive through the middle of it of course we can like Days of Thunder that was fantastic go tasty get out of the way my wheel damn it are you my I do believe I started this off by saying its important to stay calm because it is a marathon not a Sprint definitely seems kind of important to mention that at times like this when go TV just decides to park it right in the middle of the racetrack when I cant steer worth the damn anyway and I just made a Days of Thunder move that was so sick not bad we got the annual turn one turmoil getting kicked off oh my God the military GeForce test is out here Indie Car style and were up and over in the air and soundhead style is pretty much what Id call that at this point because we do it all the damn time something about this kaholi sick wheelie dude something about trying to drive this car all the way to the bottom of the track at the bank Corners just does not work its like oh you want to go straight to the wall what in the world is going on around us here somebody up here in this blue car the way that they spun looked like an old Indy car I think it was Kenny brick however you say his name that looked pretty accurate to me other than that you just have a bunch of General destruction that were pretty much used to at this point what if thats what this Gauntlet does to us what if it numbs us and desensitizes us to talladegas destructive rat here that were getting a little bit too used to when we dump a whole bunch here at once and that blue car right there just rivaled Alex Bowman from earlier when it hit the caution like hey hes the guy that did the wheelie oh my God all right well that guy gets extra solid points thats about the coolest thing I think Ive ever seen a shout out to everybody wrecking 20 years later time for our regularly scheduled turn one try to not die segment lets see a lot of people are oh my God that was beautiful get off of me right through the middle middle finest recordings Ive ever seen and now we got these bozos and George Russells gonna do me in after all of that are you kidding me and now the caution light gonna get his hits into everybody take a shot while you can why dont you come on Ferrari I know you want to do it you punk getting passed by Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari what a timeline that is what a scene this is I love getting roadblocked to death and heavy into the wall Im super dead now remember what I said a little while ago about feeling like I had 40 of these shots right here because it keeps happening well it keeps happening and Im going to keep looking at it because its truly marvelous every single time it happens look at how the back of this is especially hilarious because that forehead just keeps flipping and theres gonna just theres not a break in the world down here ladies and gentlemen if you can figure out how to make these cars stop youll be a rich individual now back into the eyeballs of Ed boy we have to see this one from the cockpit view oh we followed the McLaren clean through it out the back town head entertainment brand destruction and some perfectly on brand irony too we can survive that huge wreck and drive right through the middle of it but its two-car Calamity down here takes us out into the fence and has a horrible crash that would have killed me my entire bodys crunched now nice and then I try to carry on no resets in this household what do I get for that killed murdered in Cold Blood and Im not the only one dont forget about the barrels I think doing this on normal physics is probably harder than doing it with all the mods on because when they crash with the mods on everybody just go flying out of the way and this they all gather up in a pack right in the middle of the road just like that and then I get some stupid damage points taken off of me but now I guess the Fields thinned down oh my god there they go again oh drive by it drive by it cross your fingers Drive bite and take the lead drive by everybody all right I dont like the way latifis stalking me for the lead here Ill never mind go TV strikes again hey give it then he taketh away well with that through the trial for our fourth successful dub collection of the day as long as an asteroid didnt come out of the sky and strike us down they handed us another one there for four dubs down two left to go in the first one in the F1 car out of the way and it wasnt exactly easy or pretty as you can see out the back of it sounded entertainment brand destruction that was probably the harder of the combinations that were gonna do today so Im glad to have that one out of the way although Im not selling you know pinball moon gravity short at all I realize we still have a battle on our hands but were able to get by everybody on this one get it behind us and now we have two more to do I think we could do a time to buckle down Im sitting in my room Im sweating Im getting hot Im getting thirsty this is actually taking a toll on me physically at this point Im dying and again May the pinball Gods please shine I couldnt even get my damn prayer out first the pinball gods are not having me today the recfest gods are tired of it they said youre on your own in this one which is fair this seems like a pretty Godless combination to being Kevin Magnuson what are you doing what are you literally doing literally what are you doing what brain compartment do you have thats pumping out thoughts that say lets drive out in front of speeding cars in the middle of this racetrack that is the best thing we can do at this point in time I need to know that would be great information to possess it really would be there it is tremendous my day is going so well I am losing to the F1 commentators now this is a hot start to this combination Ill tell you that nothing really makes me feel good inside like getting mugged right at the start of these races that really just that really does it for me speaking of things that do it for me how about another shot of the 800th big one in turn one two goddamn day no shortage of those if we could make these wrecks generate energy we could literally power a small village with all the stupidity that you see here before you I mean its truly incredible dont mind me coming through the shot thats not the stupidity Im talking about but forget it never mind if you absolutely must just be gentle do we have to do this every time every single time you guys are stupid oh what is that could that be the Harvard graduating class oh wait no its just the same group of morons and I have to raise every single time and there we go dead stop dead end again Watch How harshly I come to a stop on this thats the only reason Im even bothering to come look at the replays again because Im Im fed up Im Im at my boiling point weve still got a little ways to go I didnt think it would hit me this fast it is set on quickly much like I quickly came to a stop and probably a death right there ladies and gentlemen I can feel it though oh a pop from Danny Rick keep your wheels on the ground son it works better that way everybodys wrecking around me Im just gonna hold it straight that looks great I can feel it I am hitting the recfest wall it is it is hitting me big time right now this has been going on for too long croftys riding the train tracks here and we got Magnuson once again life is good ladies and gentlemen if I ever see Magnuson again Im gonna punt him just like that just exactly like that that couldnt be more accurate but what Im gonna do I wanna die Im not gonna let this game break you throw it all at me throw this huge one at me throw every single one of these guys happy I dare you couldnt even hit me you couldnt even hit me right past all of it strong Wills Will Survive come here karate I think I owe you a couple of them at this point Im not even gonna get that chance you took yourself out your waste come on well weve done it I dont know how we did it but we did I feel like I have entered a level of recfest delusion that I have not seen in a long long time I cant even spin myself out across the line right without almost killing myself give me my dub I gotta use this time in the replay Booth here to decompress a little bit because recfest is twisting the knife in me like how that car just Twisted in front of the whole field and now theyre all gonna go flying off into whatever respective Galaxy theyll land in eventually will come through here and just drive by all of them because we are literally the only thing out here with a brain cell attached to it it would seem Im quickly finding out none of these AI are capable of conquering Talladega like we are almost at Daytona thats how I know Im cracking Im crumbling like a little cookie it is getting bad where are we Bill Talladega now if we wanted this to actually accurately portray the real ad soundhead experience being behind the wheel right now there needs to be way more brain trauma way more vision problems sweat theyre putting me to the test here today thats what I know my own creation is coming back to bite me and Im doing it for all you Champions out there for eight years please if you havent already like And subscribe just one more to go could we please not rear end me oh my good Lord in heaven above I really this this is a religious experience right here not a good one Im about to make it a real bad one James I just did 400 miles an hour right there you cannot tell me otherwise you wanna know how I know recfest is really on one today because even the cameraman cant catch a break we just killed him dead right through him right through his body smoked him hes gone and then we turn rackfest just into a pure Bloodsport at this point look at the speed thats definitely a land speed record and a space force record too just dont do it this guy literally cant help himself oh my God yeah good you know what Grand meat spectacular ran a cycle and this was I gotta run 40 right now if I really wanted to but I dont have the brain power its all going to mush Im too busy thinking about how you could set a watch to how I get ass packed at the start of every one of these things every single time and I even landed on the wheel so I gotta keep going I just gotta remind myself I love breakfast I love breakfast I love breakfast I would really love it if I could get past whatever this is up in front of me please Croft day unbelievable hey remember how five hours ago with the Legends cars we counted the hang time lets do it again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven all right eleven the one from earlier was nine with no low gravity so I think that one from earlier kind of still wins damn why that land on the wheels car looks pretty cool with the nose gone Im not gonna lie definitely not so functional but cool yes crafty not cool because he killed me definitely not cool crafty lets hypothesize about whats gonna happen right here well the F1 pace car come out of the sky and fly right into me and take me out of the start no of course not no of course absolutely not that would never be the case would it now the same thing would just happen for the 30th time in a row thats whats gonna happen here Hernando you are testing your luck right now everybodys testing their luck right now Im testing my luck right now maybe this will be easier to do with everybody else spread out and me starting at the absolute asset of the bag oh my God see I almost wrecked Music jeans come on you guys gotta stop please I just want to get through this without having heart palpitations Music this might actually worked too this is the leader isnt it yeah see you later Nick DeVry more like Nick giving me the lead stupid let me see you later bye well leave me alone well go away damn the apron with this car that was my shot that was my chance right there oh Nicks dead Nick is dead hes flying into space if I land on the wheels I win if I land on the wheels I win if I laid on the wheels I win Laughter everybody is dead but me take that take that you Savages every single one of them fell on their sword but me give me that six give me that final double of the day we have done it its over ladies and gentlemen I sound like Kenny Smith its over but we have done it after three hours and 30 plus minutes of recording between races replays pretty much no breaks at all we have completed all six tasks in this mini Talladega super Gauntlet to celebrate 250 episodes of wreck Fest here on the channel hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as I did even if it sounded like I was getting a little crazy in there which I very much was havent been that deep in a hole on breakfast in a while but we crawled right out of it with the dub in hand and thats all you gotta do what a way for it to come to an end too all I had to do was land on the wheels to win everybody else wrecked and it just came down to fate and today was our day so we can celebrate thank you everybody so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this I know its been over over two months I think since the last time I uploaded a video I apologize for that hopefully this makes up for it a little bit here as weve got a big old meaty episode that Im gonna have to sift through and edit and shoot up on the channel here later tonight so if you hear this I want to say thank you for helping this channel go strong for eight years now hopefully we can keep it going for another 80 years because I aint going anywhere as long as you guys are here I hope you all enjoyed it thank you all so much for watching you know what to do hit that like button subscribe for more well be back with more soon talladegas this weekend enjoy all the racing action this weekend hopefully your drivers win hopefully Brad keslowski wins and with that Ill see you all in the next one peace skinact steamer AT LONG LAST..... Wreckfest returns with Ed Soundhead for an extra special episode #250 on a even more special 8 year anniversary of the Soundhead Entertainment channel. Watch Ed try to survive a 3+ hour Wreckfest marathon with the NASCAR Legends and 90s F1 cars at everyones favorite track, Talladega!Follow our socials for more! (Press Show More!)Twitter: Twitch: TikTok: Instagram: Official Discord: Subscribe and click the bell icon and turn on notifications for updates on every video! co op steam game how to transfer files from steam to epic games steam this library is not currently available best magic the gathering game on steam can you gift steam games to non friends